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Duma Tower

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Duma Tower

Cm fe02 duma tower exterior.png
The exterior of Duma Tower in Gaiden.




Duma Tower (Japanese: ドーマの塔 Doma's Tower) is a Valentian monument of worship to the fell god Duma, situated in the northernmost reaches of Rigel. It is the final dungeon of Fire Emblem Gaiden, and the final destination for both Alm and Celica on their different journeys. In the remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, it is the penultimate dungeon.


In her quest to locate the missing Earth Mother Mila, Celica ultimately arrived at Duma Tower, where after confronting waves of Duma's servants she encountered the dark priest Jedah at the tower's peak. Jedah offered Celica the opportunity to save Alm from being trapped in the Dragon's Maw by a landslide, by offering herself up as a sacrifice to Duma in exchange for Jedah clearing Alm's path.[1] As a result, Celica was trapped in the tower's altar basement, beset by hordes of Mogalls and other servants led by Duma himself.

Later, after conquering Rigel and killing Emperor Rudolf, Alm learned of a path to Duma's altar directly from the basement of Rigel Castle[2] and followed it, obtaining Falchion and emerging at the altar to aid Celica's struggling party. Together, the armies of the two defeated Jedah and Duma himself, ending the war and ridding Valentia of the influence of both gods as the culmination of Rudolf's plan.


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Fire Emblem Gaiden

Celica's route

In Celica's route, Duma Tower is accessed in late Act 4 as her final destination. Celica must scale the tower by fighting her way through three rooms containing skirmishes, before being trapped by Jedah to allow Alm's route to continue past the Dragon's Maw. There are also three sets of lion heads present across the four intermediary floors: the entrance floor holds two, the second and third floor hold one each which are counted as the same pair in terms of uses, and the top floor contains another two.

Skirmish enemies and allied units fielded
# Units Skirmish enemies
Skirmish 1 6* Dread Fighter ×3 • Fiend ×1 • Arcanist ×2
Skirmish 2 4* Bow Knight ×1 • Necrodragon ×3
Skirmish 3 4* Bow Knight ×1 • Necrodragon ×3

Alm's route

Alm accesses the basement dungeon of Duma Tower in Act 5, comprising the chapter's entirety; unlike Celica's straightforward path through the main tower, Alm's path involves navigating a convoluted puzzle-like layout.

The first goal is to have Alm navigate a series of pits and fall into the right places, fighting through three skirmishes with his army as he proceeds, to reach the stairway leading back up to the treasury. Once he enters the treasury, Alm must fight three more skirmishes, except these times he fights alone with no allies. After clearing all three, Alm receives Falchion from a treasure chest, then must backtrack and navigate the pits again to find another stairway leading to the door where Celica's army is trapped. On entering the doorway, the final battle against Duma begins, with Alm and Celica's armies fighting together.

While Alm explores Duma Tower, the player may be notified of the status of Celica's army while they are held captive. There is a random chance that one or two of Celica's units take small amounts of damage every time Alm enters a room in the dungeon, and once Alm reaches the final battle himself, all of Celica's units will still have the damage they took when Alm was exploring.

Skirmish enemies and allied units fielded
# Units Skirmish enemies
Skirmish 1, basement 2 10* Cantor ×1 • Witch ×4 • Dread Fighter ×2 • Fiend ×3
Skirmish 2, basement 3 10* Mogall ×1*Dread Fighter ×6 • Hades ×1 • Cerberus ×1 • Naberius ×1
Skirmish 3, basement 4 10* Mogall ×2 • Dread Fighter ×2 • Witch ×4 • Fiend ×6
Skirmish 4, stairway to treasure room 1* Lich ×10
Skirmish 5, stairway to treasure room 1* Deathgoyle ×10
Skirmish 6, stairway to treasure room 1* White Dragon ×2
Final battle 20* DumaJedahMarlaHestiaGharnAurum ×2 • Hades ×1 • Cerberus ×1 • Naberius ×1 • Mogall ×9
Maps of Duma Tower (basements)
Floor Map Insert map
Basement 1 Cm fe02 duma tower b1.png Cm fe02 duma tower b1a.png
Basement 2 Cm fe02 duma tower b2.png --
Basement 3 Cm fe02 duma tower b3.png --
Basement 4 Cm fe02 duma tower b4.png --
Basement 5 Cm fe02 duma tower b5.png --

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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In Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, like in the original Gaiden, Duma Tower is a major dungeon encountered at the end of Celica's route of Act 4, and comprising all of Act 5 for Alm's route.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Duma Tower



Tower of Doma

Used in the Gaiden fan translation.



Officially romanized as Doma; literally "Doma's Tower" or "Tower of Doma". In Gaiden, it is spelled with hiragana as ドーマのとう.


Torre de Duma

Tower of Duma


Tour de Duma

Tower of Duma


Turm des Duma

Tower of Duma


Torre di Duma

tower of Duma



Duma Tower

Simplified Chinese


Tower of Duoma

Traditional Chinese


Tower of Duoma



  1. "Heheh... Celica. Alm's trapped in Dragon Mountain. Follow me if you want to save him. If you sacrifice yourselves to Lord Duma, Alm's path shall again open up!" — Jedah, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  2. "If you go down these stairs you should get to Duma's Altar. It's said that there's no return once you've entered. Your Highness, please take care!" — A man at Rigel Castle, Fire Emblem Gaiden
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