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Sound Test of Fire Emblem Gaiden

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Sound Test Mode in use.

The Sound Test Mode of Fire Emblem Gaiden plays sound effects and music of the game. It can be accessed by pressing the following button combination on the title screen: "↑ ↓ ← → ↑". It is visually identical to the sound test in Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light.

After entering the screen use up and down to navigate the sounds and music. To play a sound or song, press A, sound effects generally play once, while songs will loop. To silence a song, press B (the song does not need to be selected). Sound effects can be played at the same time as songs.

Sounds appearing in the Sound Test Mode

Blank entries are omitted.
The sound test mode of Fire Emblem Gaiden
Sound No. Description and uses
1 Sound effect
2 Sound effect
3 Attack hit sound effect
4 Sound effect
5 Sound effect
6 Sound effect
7 Sound effect
8 Sound effect when selecting a unit or something in a menu.
9 Sound effect when backing out of a menu.
10 Sound effect when moving the cursor on the world map or battle map.
11 Sound effect
13 Sound effect
14 Sound effect used when Alm or Celica falls down a hole in a dungeon. Also used for throwing ranged weapons.
15 Plays when Alm tries move off of Draco Zombie mountain to indicate he cannot move.
17 Sound effect used for Excalibur.
18 Plays when opening a door in a dungeon.
19 Sound effect
21 Beeps that play when dialogue is being shown.
22 Sound effect that plays when Duma attacks with tentacles.
23 Sound Effect
25 Sound Effect
26 Monster unit, Revenant, Entombed, Bonewalker, and Lich, movement sound effect.
27 Flying unit movement sound effect.
30 Horseback unit movement sound effect.
31 On-foot unit movement sound effect.
32 Sound effect used for spells
33 Sound effect
34 Sound effect, sounds like a higher pitched version of sound effect 33.
35 "Attack miss" sound effect.
36 "No damage" sound effect from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light; this is unused, as all attacks in Gaiden do at least one point of damage.
37 Sound effect
38 Sound effect
39 Sound effect used for the Miasma spell.
40 Sound effect
41 Sound effect
42 Sound effect
43 "Shaking" sound effect, plays during some map changes, like when the room floods with lava in Act 5.
44 Sound effect
45 Sound effect
48 Plays when walking down stairs in a dungeon.
49 Plays when walking up stairs in a dungeon.
56 Enemy phase theme for Alm's maps.
57 Title screen music.
58 Credits music.
59 Music that plays when walking around in a castle.
62 Boss music.
63 Enemy phase theme for Celica's maps.
64 Plays during battle animations on the enemy phase.
65 Level up sound effect. Called "Fanfare 1 (Level Up)" in Fire Emblem The Best Vol. 1.[1]
66 Sound effect for getting item from a chest followed by the last music played.
67 World map music that plays during Act 5.
68 Plays when issuing an Auto-Battle command.
69 Music that plays in Lost Treescape and some other dungeons.
70 Player phase battle animation music. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones as the battle theme that plays in arenas. Appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, simply dubbed "Fight 1".
71 Music that plays in Mila Shrines.
72 Short tune that plays during a player unit's death quote.
73 Game over music.
75 Music
76 World map music that plays during Act 3.
77 Dungeon music.
78 World map music that plays during Act 4.
80 World map music that plays during Act 1.
81 Player phase music for Alm's maps. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade as "FE Gaiden Player Map".
82 Music that plays when white magic is being used.
83 Music that plays when Alm is near victory; when few enemy units remain.
84 Player phase music for Celica's maps. Dubbed "With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1)" in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
85 Duma's battle theme, also plays in some dialogue scenes featuring Jedah.
86 Music that plays when Alm or Celica are walking around a village.
87 Music that plays when Celica is near victory; when few enemy units remain.
88 Battle animation music that only plays in the final map. Is a slightly higher pitched version of music 70.
90 Music that plays when walking around in a castle.
91 Music that plays in some towns.
92 Music that plays on the player phase of the final map; also plays during some dialogue scenes.
93 Music that plays on the enemy phase of the final map and when Alm is exploring Rigel castle's dungeon.
94 Sound effect for getting an item from a chest, then plays the song last played.
95 World map music that plays during Act 2.


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