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Mycen, Kliff, Lukas, Alm, Gray, and Tobin.


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Deliverance Hideout

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Liberate Zofia from Rigel and Desaix.

As expected of General Mycen's grandson, you're a brave one. Well, Alm. I've got a favor to ask of you. From today on, won't you act as our leader?
— Clive

The Deliverance (Japanese: かいほうぐん Liberation Army) is an army in Fire Emblem Gaiden. It is first lead by Clive, though after his failure he seeks out a new leader, a role that Alm takes the mantle of.[1] The Liberation army started as a small force that grew in number during the events of Gaiden.


In the Valentian calendar year 399, Desaix initiated his plan to take over Zofia. With the royal family dead, from his doing, he easily claimed Zofia castle and the northern portion of the country. It is presumed that some time around these events the Deliverance was formed.

While the events are not described in detail, the Deliverance ends up facing dire straits, and a single soldier, Lukas, travels to Ram village to seek the aid of the great hero Mycen. However, after Mycen's refusal of the role Alm takes up the title instead, and is approved by the now former leader Clive.[2] Alm, along with Lukas, Kliff, Gray, and Tobin begin their journey to meet up with the remaining Deliverance forces. Alm rescues Clair, another Deliverance member, and Clive's sister, from the clutches of Desaix's army along the way.

After meeting up with the other members, and now fully under the command of its new leader, Alm learns the shocking fact that Desaix has been requesting aid from Rigel.[3] The Liberation army marches to Zofia castle and clears it of Desaix's soldiers, however, Desaix himself flees before he is in any true danger, leaving a double and his underling Slayde behind to distract Alm.[4]

After the successful liberation of Zofia castle Alm pushes towards Rigel and the fleeing Desaix. After facing many battles the Deliverance once again encounters Desaix, and this time, he is not a double. Desaix has a Paladin, Mathilda, captured, but it does not deter the Deliverance, and Alm is able to kill Desaix and rescue Mathilda.

Afterwards, Alm pushes towards Rigel and crosses the floodgate. For a time the Deliverance is trapped by hordes of necrodragons within the Dragon Crater in the southwestern reaches of Rigel. After Celica's intervention elsewhere the Deliverance is able to escape from the mountain and proceed. The army successfully launches an attack on Rigel's emperor, Rudolf. It is here that Alm finds out that said man had been his father, after a brief period of grieving Alm enters the basement of Rigel castle with his army to rescue Celica, recover Falchion, and stop Duma.


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Lukas Clair Forsyth Python Mathilda Fernand* Gray
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Tobin Kliff Faye Silque Luthier Delthea Tatiana Zeke Mycen

Additionally, during the Battle of Zofia Harbor, Clive and Fernand were accompanied by a small force of three generic Deliverance members. This group consists of two Cavaliers and a Soldier.

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As of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Deliverance is the action of rescuing or setting free something, presumably in this context it is in reference to freeing Zofia from Desaix's rule.

  • Liberation Army
  • Liberation
  • Used in the Gaiden fan-translation.
  • Shortened term also used to refer to the group.


Liberation Army








Der Freien

The Free









Liberators; used in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Liberation army


  1. "We formed a liberation force to fight against Desaix, but unfortunately, it's not going too well. Because of that, we came to ask General Mycen to lend us his strength." — Lukas, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  2. "Ah, so you're Alm? Thanks for taking care of my little sister. As expected of General Mycen's grandson, you're a brave one. Well, Alm. I've got a favor to ask of you. From today on, won't you act as our leader? There's no one we can depend on now that the royal family of Zofia's been destroyed." — Clive, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  3. "It seems that Desaix's requested aid from the northern power Rigel. Zofia's forces can't compare to the might of the knights of Rigel. If the Kingdom of Rigel makes a move, we won't stand a chance." — Forsyth, Fire Emblem Gaiden
  4. "Hehehe... Foolish bastards. What you just defeated was Lord Desaix's double. Lord Desaix has already returned to his own lands." — Slayde, upon the fake Desaix's death, Fire Emblem Gaiden
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