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Secret Shrine

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Secret Shrine

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Act 4: Land of Sorrow




Gaiden, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

The Secret Shrine (Japanese: 秘密のほこら Secret Shrine) is a temple and dungeon located in Rigel's Fear Mountain range. It appears in Fire Emblem Gaiden and is first accessed during Act 4: Land of Sorrow.


As with Gaiden in general, there is little explicit clarification on the exact purpose of the Secret Shrine. It is possibly related to the worship of Duma in some way, as it is crawling with monsters and features statues representing individuals equipped with an helmet similar to the Duma's Helm. However, the presence of a Mila Shrine within the temple may imply otherwise.


Main article: Land of Sorrow (Gaiden)/Secret Shrine

This dungeon can only be accessed with Alm's party.


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Skirmish enemies and allied units fielded
# Units Skirmish enemies
Skirmish 10* Entombed ×8 • Revenant ×7


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Mila Shrines

Mila shrines stats
Location Uses Lion statue
Secret Shrine 3 Defense
Behind the Mila Shrine 3 Revival


Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds03 mana herbs.png Mana Herbs Examine in the Mila Shrine
Is 3ds03 nectar.png Nectar In the left chest in the revival spring room
Is 3ds03 gold mark.png Gold Mark In the right chest in the revival spring room

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Secret Shrine




Secret Shrine


Santuario ignoto

Unknown Sanctuary


Sanctuaire secret

Secret Sanctuary


Versteckter Schrein

Hidden Shrine


Santuario segreto

Secret sanctuary


Verborgen kapel

Hidden chapel

Simplified Chinese


Secret shrine

Traditional Chinese


Secret shrine


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