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The love system is a game mechanic that appeared in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War which is similar to the support system as it is featured in games starting from The Binding Blade.


In both generations of Genealogy of the Holy War, most playable characters can fall in love with another character of the opposite gender. There are certain exceptions:

  • Sigurd and Deirdre will automatically fall for each other upon Deirdre's recruitment, and thus have no love growths with any other characters.
  • Quan and Ethlyn start as lovers and cannot fall in love with anyone else.
  • Finn, Hannibal, and Altena cannot fall in love during the second generation.

Characters will fall in love when they accumulate a total of 500 love points with each other. Certain pairs have a base number of love points. Love points are retained upon death and are not lost if revived with Valkyrie, but do not accumulate with units who are dead or have not been recruited. Love points can be earned by the following methods:

  • Most characters will gain a certain amount of love points with each other at the end of each turn. This ends after the fiftieth turn of each chapter.
  • Love points will accumulate faster if the characters end their turns adjacent to each other. The jealousy system also affects this type of love growth. This ends after the fiftieth turn of each chapter.
  • Certain pairs have conversations that may boost their love points by a large amount, e.g. Lewyn and Erinys in Chapter 4.

A character can visit any allied castle and speak to the fortune teller there, who will judge the character's feelings for another character. His message will change depending on how many love points that character has accumulated with another character (<character> will refer to whomever that character has the most love points with):

  • 0–199: "You've yet to find one to capture your heart."
  • 200–299: "You've had <character> dwelling on your mind as of late."
  • 300–399: "<character> has taken your fancy as of late."
  • 400–499: "You're well and truly in love with <character>."
  • 500: "You and <character> are bound in holy matrimony!"

Once a couple reaches 500 love points, they receive the ability to give all of their gold to their lover, and also receive a combination bonus if they enter battle while standing next to each other. Couples in the first generation who fall in love will have two children, who will become playable in the second generation, inheriting certain attributes from their parents. If the female characters (other than Deirdre and Ethlyn) do not fall in love before the end of Chapter 5, or are killed, their children will be replaced by substitute characters.


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