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The jealousy system is a bug that appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, affecting the love growth from the love system. It is the system by which love points between a pair of adjacent units are "stolen" for a different pair. It exists because in the game's coding, a pointer is not properly set.


In Genealogy of the Holy War, when one male unit and one female unit that could fall in love end their turns in adjacent spaces, they gain 5 love points between them. The jealousy system takes effect when another female unit is adjacent to the first; if the second female unit has a higher priority with the male, then that second female will "steal" the 5 adjacency love points from the first female, gaining 5 love points between her and the male unit while the initial female gains no bonus; if the first female has higher priority with the male unit, she will gain points with the male as normal.

If more than one additional female unit is adjacent to the initial one, only the highest-priority female will gain the bonus points with the male unit; the initial female will gain no bonus points and the other female units adjacent to her will gain no bonus, as there are no points left to steal. Additionally, it is possible for a female unit to steal points from more than one unit, potentially gaining up to ten points with one male—more than is normally possible to gain in one turn—by being adjacent to multiple females who are themselves adjacent to at least one male unit the the first female has higher priority with. However, points that are stolen cannot be stolen for someone else; e.g. if Ced is adjacent to Patty and Patty is adjacent to Lana, Lana will take the 5 points from Patty—if Lene were additionally adjacent to Lana, she will not gain the 5 points from Patty despite having a higher priority with Ced than Patty or Lana.

Female units who cannot fall in love with a male unit—such as a sibling, a unit that is already married, or a unit like Altena that cannot fall in love with anyone—can still contribute to jealousy, providing points for units of higher priority than themselves.

Character priority

To determine which characters benefit from the jealousy system, males characters are given priorities to the females ones. Units are listed from left to right in decreasing order of priority.

First Generation

No reset

Male Priority
Lex, Azelle, Jamke, and Chulainn Ayra > Lachesis > Brigid > Other females
Midir Ethlyn > Edain > Erinys > Ayra > Lachesis > Brigid > Other females
Finn, Dew, Beowolf, and Lewyn Edain > Erinys > Ayra > Lachesis > Brigid > Other females
Claud Tailtiu > Silvia > Deirdre > Ethlyn > Edain > Erinys > Ayra > Lachesis > Brigid
Others No priorities

One reset or more

If the game is reset at least once, the priorities of every characters will change according to the following tables:

Male Priority
Dew and Jamke Edain > Ayra > Ethlyn > Other females
Midir Ethlyn > Other females
Chulainn, Beowolf, and Lewyn Lachesis > Deirdre > Edain > Ayra > Ethlyn > Other females
Claud Tailtiu > Brigid > Erinys > Silvia > Lachesis > Deirdre > Edain > Ayra > Ethlyn
Others No priorities

Second Generation

Male Priority
Scáthach Fee > Tine > Lene > Lana > Patty > Altena > Other females
Oifey and Iucharba Nanna > Larcei > Fee > Tine > Lene > Lana > Patty > Altena
Diarmuid Larcei > Fee > Tine > Lene > Lana > Patty > Altena
Lester Patty > Altena > Other females
Arthur Lene > Lana > Fee > Patty > Other females
Shannan and Ares Julia > Nanna > Larcei > Fee > Tine > Lene > Lana > Patty > Altena
Febail Altena > Other females
Ced Tine > Lene > Lana > Patty > Other females
Coirpre Lana > Patty > Altena > Other females
Seliph and Leif No priorities


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