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The Jealousy system is a hidden game mechanic that appeared in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, affecting the love growth from the love system.


Jealousy applies in the case when, at least, a second female is adjacent to the female character in a male-female pair and if the second female have a higher priority to the male character than the female in the pairing. This will results in the snatching of the love points by the second female in detriment to the female involved in the pairing.

Cases involving a third female character can result in differents outcomes:

  • If the third female is adjacent to the female in the male-female pairing, the female having the highest priority to the male will gain the love points of the female involved in the pairing while the third one won't gain anything due to the female in the pairing no longer having bonus points remaining to snatch.
  • If the third female is adjacent to both the male (who is already involved in a pairing) and the female who is not involved in any pairing, the latter one will snatch the love points of both the females involved in a pairing if her priority is higher than the others. This setting will result with a female gaining 10 love points in a single turn rather than the 5 usual ones.

Character priority

To determinate which character benefit from the jealousy system, males characters are given priorities to the females ones

First Generation

No reset

Male Priority
Lex/Azel/Jamke/Holyn Ayra>Lachesis>Brigid>Other females
Midayle Ethlyn>Edain>Erinys>Ayra>Lachesis>Brigid>Other females
Finn/Dew/Beowolf/Lewyn Edain>Erinys>Ayra>Lachesis>Brigid>Other females
Claud Tailtiu>Silvia>Deirdre>Ethlyn>Edain>Erinys>Ayra>Lachesis>Brigid
Others No priorities

If you reset the game (closing the game and loading a save file) at least once, the priorities of every characters will change according to the follwing tables (if playing on emulator, loading a savestate don't count as a reset) :

One reset or more

Male Priority
Dew/Jamke Edain>Ayra>Ethlyn>Other females
Midayle Ethlyn>Other females
Holyn/Beowolf/Lewyn Lachesis>Deirdre>Edain>Ayra>Ethlyn>Other females
Claud Tailtiu>Brigid>Erinys>Silvia>Lachesis>Deirdre>Edain>Ayra>Ethlyn
Others No priorities

Second Generation

Male Priority
Scáthach Fee>Teeny>Lene>Lana>Patty>Altena>Other females
Oifey/Johalva Nanna>Larcei>Fee>Teeny>Lene>Lana>Patty>Altena
Delmud Larcei>Fee>Teeny>Lene>Lana>Patty>Altena
Lester Patty>Altena>Other females
Arthur Lene>Lana>Fee>Patty>Other females
Shannan/Ares Julia>Nanna>Larcei>Fee>Teeny>Lene>Lana>Patty>Altena
Faval Altena>Other females
Ced Teeny>Lene>Lana>Patty>Other females
Corpul Lana>Patty>Altena>Other females
Seliph/Leif No priorities


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