Bond units

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An example of a bond unit, in this case a pair-six male created between two Revelation players with its default name Theo. Note the distinguishing brand on the portrait, the Nobility skill in the personal skill slot, and skills inherited from the source players.
A soldier born of the bond between two people.
— The help text associated with a bond unit's name.

Bond units are a type of guest unit introduced in Fire Emblem Fates.



Bond units are created when two players register each others' calling cards and exchange accessories in their My Castles; starting from the point of both players' acceptance of the calling cards, a mutual alternating exchange of two accessories each should result in the creation a bond unit, after which a brief cutscene plays at the time of the accessory exchange which triggers it. Most bond units tend to resemble the avatars of the players who created the bond unit aside from a special distinguishing brand on their faces; some bond units instead resemble the hooded man.


The combinations

Each bond unit is assigned a default name, gender, and personal skill linked to one another at random from one of six predetermined pools, each based on the campaigns of the source avatars. Bond units can be renamed upon their creation, and hence are not limited to the defaults.

Each of the six pools contains nine pairs of these combinations, each pair containing one male and one female, for a total of 18 name-gender-skill combinations per pool. When the bond unit becomes eligible to be created, a combination configuration is chosen to be applied to the campaigns of both the player's castle and their partner's. For example, if the combination configuration chosen is pair-three female, a Birthright player with a Birthright partner will get a unit with Himawari as her default name and Divine Retribution as her personal skill, while a Conquest player with a Revelation partner will get a unit with Pepper as her default name and Fortunate Son as her personal skill.

The combination configurations are set up in a cycle, and is determined for each player pairing at a point prior to the creation of the pairing's first bond units. The cycle is the same for both the player and their partner; for example, if the first unit in the cycle is designated to be a pair 7 male, both the player and their partner will each receive a pair 7 male for their first bond unit, both with the same appearance. All eighteen combinations will be used in each cycle, and each successive cycle will play out the same way each time. For example, if the first three units of a pairing's cycle result in pair 7 male, pair 7 female, pair 2 female for the first three units, those same combinations will dictate the units obtained as the first three units of each subsequent cycle; if the player consistently uses Birthright and their partner consistently uses Revelation, the resulting combinations will result in Katsuo, Ayu, and Yuzu each time, whereas if both the player and their partner consistently use Conquest, the resulting combinations will result in Sterling, Ruby, and Coral each time.

The class trees

Bond units will always have the Nohr Prince or Nohr Princess class tree (depending on the bond unit's gender) for their first Partner Seal reclassing option, while tending to have randomized class trees for both their initial class tree and their second Partner Seal reclassing option. These classes are determined at the point when the bond unit becomes eligible to be created, and are the same for both the player and their partner at the designated point in a cycle; for example, if a pair 4 female in a cycle has Dark Mage for their initial tree and Ninja for their secondary tree, both the player and their partner will get a bond unit of this combination.

Due to a presumable oversight, a bond unit cannot use a Partner Seal to reclass to a class in their initial tree, hence a bond unit cannot get all of the skills from their initial tree and should not be reclassed out of that tree until level 15 advanced at earliest (for example, if a bond unit's inital class is Dark Mage, this means that bond unit will have to do without, at minimum, either Vengeance and Bowbreaker or Seal Magic and Lifetaker, provided these skills aren't inherited).

The class skills

Bond units, like child units, also inherit the last eligible equipped skill from each of the avatars, which are determined upon entering the other person's castle (that is, changing around the player's avatar's skills while in the target castle will not manipulate the results, but doing so before entering the target castle will manipulate the results); apart from the use of different campaign combinations between them, this is the only trait that can vary between the bond unit created by the player and their partner at a given point in the cycle. An additional inheritance quirk specific to bond units involves an otherwise-eligible class skill being the target bond unit's personal skill, in which case a different class skill gets inherited instead (example: A Revelation player sets Nobility in their avatar's fifth slot when about to bond with another Revelation player with Dragon Fang in the fourth slot, but the target bond unit is the pair-six male Theo, who has Nobility for his personal skill, in which case Dragon Fang will be the player's contribution to Theo's skills). In the event both players are set to contribute the same class skill, the skill in question will be considered the partner's contribution, with the player's contribution falling back to the next eligible skill.

Other bond unit traits

Much like their class trees, a bond unit's base stats and modifiers are also random, and are also determined when the bond unit becomes eligible to be created; as with the class trees, these will be the same for both the player and their partner at the designated point in the cycle.

Like other guest units, bond units have a section of the Avatar Logbook where their data is registered; data is registered automatically upon a bond unit's creation. This allows players to update their bond units in the Avatar Logbook. In addition, this also allows players to return bond units to the party should their data remain in the Avatar Logbook but the unit itself is removed from the party (either manually or via death), as well as cross bond units over to other save files, even to a campaign that does not support its creation combination (example: A player can take their registered Birthright-Revelation pair-eight female, Mizuna, and her personal skill Camaraderie, and pay a fee to import her into their Conquest file).

Also like other guest units, bond units are also incapable of supporting, and count toward the 20 unit limit within the player's party and 99 unit limit within the Avatar Logbook.

Lists of bond unit combinations

Birthright and Birthright

Bond units in this pool are created when both partners use Birthright castles.

Males Females
Default name Personal skill Default name Personal skill
Gin Is 3ds02 rallying cry.png Rallying Cry Azuki Is 3ds02 quiet strength.png Quiet Strength
Hakuto Is 3ds02 fearsome blow.png Fearsome Blow Kureha Is 3ds02 perfectionist.png Perfectionist
Sango Is 3ds02 pyrotechnics.png Pyrotechnics Himawari Is 3ds02 divine retribution.png Divine Retribution
Kogane Is 3ds02 optimistic.png Optimistic Ai Is 3ds02 pride.png Pride
Tetsu Is 3ds02 nohr enmity.png Nohr Enmity Tokiwa Is 3ds02 triple threat.png Triple Threat
Suzaku Is 3ds02 shuriken mastery.png Shuriken Mastery Chigusa Is 3ds02 reciprocity.png Reciprocity
Renga Is 3ds02 bushido.png Bushido Moegi Is 3ds02 competitive.png Competitive
Kohaku Is 3ds02 skill +2.png Skill +2 Murasaki Is 3ds02 future sight.png Future Sight
Momotaro Is 3ds02 swordbreaker.png Swordbreaker Sumire Is 3ds02 astra.png Astra

Birthright and Conquest

Bond units in this pool are created when one partner uses a Birthright castle while the other partner uses a Conquest castle.

Males Females
Default name Personal skill Default name Personal skill
Naoki Is 3ds02 miraculous save.png Miraculous Save Shizuku Is 3ds02 vow of friendship.png Vow of Friendship
Kaito Is 3ds02 forager.png Forager Wakaba Is 3ds02 peacebringer.png Peacebringer
Yukio Is 3ds02 hp +5.png HP +5 Ibuki Is 3ds02 strength +2.png Strength +2
Riku Is 3ds02 magic +2.png Magic +2 Hibari Is 3ds02 defense +2.png Defense +2
Minato Is 3ds02 resistance +2.png Resistance +2 Aspen Is 3ds02 rally luck.png Rally Luck
Cypress Is 3ds02 quick salve.png Quick Salve Daisy Is 3ds02 underdog.png Underdog
Thorn Is 3ds02 gentilhomme.png Gentilhomme Primrose Is 3ds02 demoiselle.png Demoiselle
Quill Is 3ds02 potent potion.png Potent Potion Willow Is 3ds02 heartseeker.png Heartseeker
Flint Is 3ds02 bowbreaker.png Bowbreaker Sequoia Is 3ds02 rend heaven.png Rend Heaven

Birthright and Revelation

Bond units in this pool are created when one partner uses a Birthright castle while the other partner uses a Revelation castle.

Males Females
Default name Personal skill Default name Personal skill
Shoga Is 3ds02 lucky charm.png Lucky Charm Anzu Is 3ds02 noble cause.png Noble Cause
Inaho Is 3ds02 optimist.png Optimist Yuzu Is 3ds02 sweet tooth.png Sweet Tooth
Mugi Is 3ds02 playthings.png Playthings Umeko Is 3ds02 calm.png Calm
Nori Is 3ds02 haiku.png Haiku Kurumi Is 3ds02 prodigy.png Prodigy
Naruto Is 3ds02 wind disciple.png Wind Disciple Ringo Is 3ds02 fiery blood.png Fiery Blood
Shoya Is 3ds02 morbid celebration.png Morbid Celebration Kiku Is 3ds02 natural cover.png Natural Cover
Katsuo Is 3ds02 evenhanded.png Evenhanded Ayu Is 3ds02 quick draw.png Quick Draw
Takeshi Is 3ds02 duelist's blow.png Duelist's Blow Mizuna Is 3ds02 camaraderie.png Camaraderie
Koumei Is 3ds02 shurikenbreaker.png Shurikenbreaker Shiori Is 3ds02 lethality.png Lethality

Conquest and Conquest

Bond units in this pool are created when both partners use Conquest castles.

Males Females
Default name Personal skill Default name Personal skill
Rusty Is 3ds02 lily's poise.png Lily's Poise Amber Is 3ds02 rose's thorns.png Rose's Thorns
Auburn Is 3ds02 misfortunate.png Misfortunate Coral Is 3ds02 puissance.png Puissance
Hunter Is 3ds02 aching blood.png Aching Blood Hazel Is 3ds02 countercurse.png Countercurse
Cyan Is 3ds02 fierce rival.png Fierce Rival Fuchsia Is 3ds02 opportunist.png Opportunist
Jett Is 3ds02 fancy footwork.png Fancy Footwork Olive Is 3ds02 bloodthirst.png Bloodthirst
Slate Is 3ds02 fierce mien.png Fierce Mien Violet Is 3ds02 pragmatic.png Pragmatic
Sterling Is 3ds02 collector.png Collector Ruby Is 3ds02 chivalry.png Chivalry
Tanner Is 3ds02 luck +4.png Luck +4 Kelly Is 3ds02 gamble.png Gamble
Teale Is 3ds02 axebreaker.png Axebreaker Magenta Is 3ds02 luna.png Luna

Conquest and Revelation

Bond units in this pool are created when one partner uses a Conquest castle while the other partner uses a Revelation castle.

Males Females
Default name Personal skill Default name Personal skill
Sorrel Is 3ds02 highwayman.png Highwayman Rosemary Is 3ds02 born steward.png Born Steward
Bay Is 3ds02 guarded bravery.png Guarded Bravery Anise Is 3ds02 fierce counter.png Fierce Counter
Saffron Is 3ds02 goody basket.png Goody Basket Pepper Is 3ds02 fortunate son.png Fortunate Son
Basil Is 3ds02 sisterhood.png Sisterhood Ginger Is 3ds02 daydream.png Daydream
Clove Is 3ds02 mischievous.png Mischievous Mint Is 3ds02 icy blood.png Icy Blood
Caraway Is 3ds02 in extremis.png In Extremis Thyme Is 3ds02 elbow room.png Elbow Room
Sage Is 3ds02 odd shaped.png Odd Shaped Cassia Is 3ds02 malefic aura.png Malefic Aura
Dillan Is 3ds02 good fortune.png Good Fortune Lavender Is 3ds02 locktouch.png Locktouch
Fenn Is 3ds02 tomebreaker.png Tomebreaker Perilla Is 3ds02 vengeance.png Vengeance

Revelation and Revelation

Bond units in this pool are created when both partners use Revelation castles.

Males Females
Default name Personal skill Default name Personal skill
Dimitri Is 3ds02 healing descant.png Healing Descant Alexa Is 3ds02 perfect pitch.png Perfect Pitch
Galen Is 3ds02 swap.png Swap Althaea Is 3ds02 shove.png Shove
Damien Is 3ds02 movement +1.png Movement +1 Jacynth Is 3ds02 shelter.png Shelter
Orion Is 3ds02 lunge.png Lunge Sophia Is 3ds02 seal defense.png Seal Defense
George Is 3ds02 seal resistance.png Seal Resistance Eva Is 3ds02 aptitude.png Aptitude
Theo Is 3ds02 nobility.png Nobility Helene Is 3ds02 vantage.png Vantage
Spiro Is 3ds02 poison strike.png Poison Strike Odele Is 3ds02 strong riposte.png Strong Riposte
Peter Is 3ds02 darting blow.png Darting Blow Rhoda Is 3ds02 miracle.png Miracle
Lukas Is 3ds02 lancebreaker.png Lancebreaker Charis Is 3ds02 sol.png Sol


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Bond unit


Unité liange



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