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FEPR Tomahawk concept.png
Concept art of the Tomahawk from Tellius Recollection: Volume 1.

A powerful throwing axe used for indirect attacks.



First game

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

The Tomahawk (Japanese: トマホーク Tomahawk) is a rare axe which was introduced in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It is the most powerful of the ordinary throwing axes, able to attack at both close and distant range. However, it is conversely much rarer than the two lesser ranged axes, the Hand Axe and Short Axe, and is entirely unavailable to the player in The Binding Blade and New Mystery of the Emblem. Unusually for an axe, the Fates version of the Tomahawk is capable of attack at only 2 range.


Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
The Binding Blade Is gba tomahawk.png Axe A 13 14 55 0 1-2 15 3,000 1 --
The Blazing Blade Is gba tomahawk.png Axe A 13 14 65 0 1-2 15 3,000 1 --
The Sacred Stones Is gba tomahawk.png Axe A 13 14 65 0 1-2 15 3,000 1 --
Path of Radiance Is gcn tomahawk.png GCNRankAxe.gif B 13 17 65 0 1-2 15 5,550 2 --
Radiant Dawn Is wii tomahawk.png WiiRankAxe.png S 15 17 65 5 1-2 15 6,000 5 --
New Mystery of the Emblem Is ds tomahawk.png FE12RankAxe.png B 11 -- 80 0 1-2 20 1,600 2 --
Awakening Is 3ds01 tomahawk.png Axes B 10 -- 60 0 1-2 25 2,550 2 --
Fates Is 3ds02 axe.png Axes/Clubs B 14 -- 55 0 2 -- 4,500 ? -10 avoid when equipped.
Cannot double attack.
+5 to enemy's ability to double attack.
Sells for 1,500 gold.
Three Houses Is ns01 axe.png Axes B 12 14 60 0 1-2 20 2,500 ? --

Forged stats

Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Three Houses Is ns01 axe+.png Axes B 13 14 60 0 1-2 30 3,824 ? --


The Binding Blade

Unobtainable Enemy only in the main story mode.
Inventory Trial Map mode: Murdock

The Blazing Blade

Dropped by Eliwood's Tale: Chapter 28, enemy Georg
Hector's Tale: Chapter 30, enemy Kaim

The Sacred Stones

Inventory Caellach
Dropped by
Treasure Chapter 16, chest

Path of Radiance

Dropped by Chapter 20, enemy Shiharam
Treasure Chapter 22, chest

Radiant Dawn

Dropped by Part 2: Endgame, enemy Ludveck
Disarm and steal* Part 4: Endgame-1, enemy Axe General (×2) (Normal/Hard only)
Event Part 3: Chapter 12, base conversation "Nolan"

New Mystery of the Emblem

Unobtainable Exclusive to enemy units.


Inventory Priam
Dropped by Chapter 24, enemy Wyvern Lord
The Demon's IngleValm Castle


This list may be incomplete.
Dropped by Revelation: Chapter 16, enemy Hans
Armory Dusk Armory: Level 2 (limit 1) • Level 3 (limit 2)
Rank rewards Battle Rank: 1600 (limit 1)

Three Houses


Dropped by The Sleeping Sand Legend, enemy Wyvern Lord
Treasure Chapter 21 MissionAzure Moon, chest
Forge Short Axe (4 Wootz Steels, 1,020G, B+ Professor Level).


Forging Tomahawk (4 Wootz Steels, 1,530G, C+ Professor Level)

Flavor text

Game Text
The Binding Blade ?? 扱いやすく間接攻撃可能な投げ斧
The Blazing Blade Doubles as ranged attack. 扱いやすく間接攻撃可能な投げ斧
The Sacred Stones Doubles as ranged attack. 扱いやすく間接攻撃可能な投げ斧
Path of Radiance A well-designed axe of great power. It can
be thrown at distant enemies.
Radiant Dawn A well-designed axe of great power. It can be
thrown at distant enemies.
New Mystery of the Emblem ?? ??
Awakening A powerful throwing axe used
for indirect attacks.
Fates Weak to follow-up attacks (-5 eff. Spd).
Cannot make follow-up attacks.
Three Houses
The wielder of this brutal ranged axe can hurl it
at enemies for deep impact.
Three Houses
A reinforced tomahawk with impressive power
used for close- or long-range combat.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Tomahawk A tomahawk (derived from the Powhatan tamahaac, "axe") is a one-handed axe of Native American origin, used as both a general-purpose tool and a throwing weapon.
Japanese トマホーク Romanized as TOMAHAWK in its internal file name in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn; as above.
Spanish Tomahawk As above.
French Tomahawk As above.
German Tomahawk As above.
Italian Tomahawk As above.
Korean 토마호크 Tomahawk
Simplified Chinese 投斧 Throwing axe
Traditional Chinese 投斧 Throwing axe



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