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Steel Sword

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Steel Sword

FESK Steel Sword.png
Artwork of a steel sword from the TCG.

A weighty but more powerful sword.



First game

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

The Steel Sword is a fairly common sword-type weapon in the Fire Emblem series, having appeared in every game of the series. It is stronger, but heavier and less accurate than the basic iron sword. Usually, it is wielded by units with some experience in battle, except in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, where it could be used by anyone due to its very low weapon level.


Game Icon Rank Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light Is nes01 sword.png 2 8 4 80 0 1 38 500 -- --
Gaiden Is nes02 sword.png -- 4 1 80 0 1 -- -- -- --
Mystery of the Emblem Is snes01 steel sword.png 2 8 4 80 0 1 38 760 -- --
Genealogy of the Holy War Is snes02 steel sword.png B 10 3 80 0 1 50 3,000 -- --
Thracia 776 Is snes03 steel sword.png D 9 11 65 0 1 30 2,900 1 --
The Binding Blade Is gba steel sword.png D 8 10 70 0 1 30 600 1 --
Blazing Sword Is gba steel sword.png D 8 10 75 0 1 30 600 1 --
The Sacred Stones Is gba steel sword.png D 8 10 75 0 1 30 600 1 --
Path of Radiance Is gcn steel sword.png D 8 12 75 0 1 35 700 2 --
Radiant Dawn Is wii steel sword.png C 9 11 85 0 1 40 800 3 --
Shadow Dragon Is ds steel sword.png D 8 8 90 0 1 35 875 2 --
New Mystery of the Emblem Is ds steel sword.png D 8 -- 90 0 1 35 875 2 --
Awakening Is 3ds steel sword.png C 8 -- 90 0 1 35 840  ? --


Fates Is 3ds02 sword.png C 9 -- 85 0 1 -- 2000  ? Avoid -5
Ability to double attack -3
Sells for 750 gold


Heroes Is feh skill offense.png -- 8 -- -- -- 1 -- -- -- --


Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Inventory HardinCaesar
Dropped by Chapter 2, enemy Gomer
Armory Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 18Chapter 21Chapter 22Chapter 24


Treasure Celica's party: Chapter 2, Pirate Fort, chest

Mystery of the Emblem

Inventory Book 1: HardinCaesar
Book 2: ArranOgma
Dropped by Book 1: Chapter 2, enemy Gomer
Book 2: Chapter 7, enemy Thief
Armory Book 1: Chapter 4Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 17
Book 2: Chapter 3Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 15

Genealogy of the Holy War

Inventory First Generation: SigurdNoishBeowolf
Vendor Second Generation: Chapter 7*Chapter 8*Chapter 9*

Thracia 776

Inventory Brighton
Armory Chapter 10

The Binding Blade

Inventory ZelotsNoahOgierDayan
Armory Chapter 7Chapter 9Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 17 (Sacae route)Chapter 19 (Sacae route)Chapter 20 (Ilia route)Chapter 23

Fire Emblem

Inventory Eliwood's tale: MarcusKent*RavenLegault
Hector's tale: Kent*RavenLegault
Armory Eliwood's tale: Chapter 15Chapter 17Chapter 20 • Chapter 23 (both versions) • Chapter 29x
Hector's tale: Chapter 16Chapter 18Chapter 21 • Chapter 24 (both versions)] • Chapter 25Chapter 31x

The Sacred Stones

Inventory SethFordeRennac
Dropped by
Treasure Tower of Valni Floor 6, north chest*
Armory Chapter 5Chapter 9 (Eirika's route)Chapter 10 (Ephraim's route)Chapter 17SerafewPort KirisBethroenNarube River

Path of Radiance

Inventory ZiharkMakalov
Treasure Chapter 1, village
Shop Chapter 9Chapter 10*Chapter 11Chapter 12*Chapter 13*Chapter 14*Chapter 15*Chapter 16*Chapter 17*Chapter 18*Chapter 19*Chapter 20*Chapter 21Chapter 22Chapter 23Chapter 24*Chapter 25Chapter 26*Chapter 27Chapter 28Final Chapter

Radiant Dawn

Inventory MegMakalovMia
Dropped by Part 1: Chapter 1, enemy IsaiyaChapter 6-1, enemy Armor Sword*
Shop Part 1: Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Final Chapter
Part 2: Chapter 3Final Chapter
Part 3: Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Final Chapter
Part 4: PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Final Chapter

Shadow Dragon

Inventory OgmaHardinCaesar
Dropped by Chapter 2, enemy GomerChapter 23, enemy Gharnef (×2)
Armory Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 15Chapter 18Chapter 20Chapter 24Online Shop*

New Mystery of the Emblem

Inventory Cecil (Up to ×2) • Ogma*CainMarthCaesarRaddRoberto*Belf*Leiden*XaneMidia*Wolf*Roshea*Navarre*Malice*
Dropped by Chapter 3, enemy ThiefChapter 9, enemy ThiefChapter 15, enemy Paladin
Armory Chapter 3Chapter 5Chapter 7Chapter 9Chapter 15Chapter 19Online Shop*


Inventory GregorAnnaOwainSeveraMorgan*
Dropped by Chapter 7, enemy ThiefChapter 15, enemy ??? • Chapter 16, enemy Bow Knight
Armory Plegia Castle CourtyardValm HarborThe Twins' HideoutSage's Hamlet
Merchant (Anna)* Arena FeroxBorder PassYlisstolBreakneck PassBorder SandsThe FarfortThe Twins' TurfPeaceful Village
Merchant (SpotPass) AthenaBoeyCaedaCatriaEirikaEthlynLarceiLindeLughMarisaMatthewMiaOlwenRaighSalemSanakiSerraUlsterZihark


This list may be incomplete.
Inventory Hoshido campaign only: Silas
Nohr and neutral campaigns only: Laslow
Dropped by Neutral: Chapter 17, enemy Great KnightChapter 19, enemy Dark Knight
Armory Nohr: Level 1 (limit 1) • Levels 2 and 3 (no limit)

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Steel Sword --
Japanese はがねのつるぎ
Steel sword
Spanish E de acero Steel sword
French Épée acier --
German Stahlschwert --
Italian Spada acciaio --



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