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Ss fe14 automaton.png
An enemy Automaton in Fates.

An automaton controlled by a mechanist. It uses yumi and saws.

Unit type(s)



Yumi, Saw



The Automaton (Japanese: 絡繰人形 Karakuri Ningyou) is a non-human class exclusive to Fire Emblem Fates. They are a type of mechanical puppet which is used by the armies of Hoshido. They are adept in wielding both yumi and their own special saws.


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Base stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weight Experience Class Strength Weapon Level
Fates 16 5 0 8 7 0 4 6 5 -- -- -- -- Bows/Yumi E Puppets E

Maximum stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weapon Level
Fates 60 28 25 34 33 20 29 33 7 -- Bows/Yumi B Puppets A

Class growth rates

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Charm Constitution* Movement* Weapon Level*
Fates 80% 40% 0% 60% 55% 0% 35% 55% -- -- -- --
Click here for more details on the mechanics of class growths in each game.

Class skills


Class change

Special class
Ma 3ds02 automaton enemy.gif

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

A generic Automaton is currently featured on one card in Fire Emblem Cipher.

The below card's epithet is still in raw, untranslated Japanese; it needs translation.
Fire Emblem Cipher data for Automaton
TCGCipher B20-042HN.png 絡繰仕掛の童子, Automaton


"Should you ever find yourself in need of an automaton, then by all means, come to me at any time."
Attack: 40 Support: 20 Range: 2 Deploy Cost: 2
Class: Hoshidan Soldier Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Clapper Alarm Mechanism: [Trigger] [Once per turn] When an enemy with a Deployment Cost of 1 is deployed, you may tap that enemy.
A Soldier Born in a Workshop: [Special] You may deploy this card even if you already have an allied "Automaton", and you may have 2 or more allied "Automaton" at once.
Anti-Fliers: [Always] If this unit is attacking a Flight, this unit gains +30 attack.
Card #B20-042HN • Artist: Tobi
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Automaton .

Flavor text

Game Text
Fates An automaton controlled by a mechanist.
It uses yumi and saws.


  • In Birthright and Revelation, NPC Automata may be purchased with Dragon Vein points to help defend My Castle during invasions.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Automaton --
Japanese 絡繰人形 Officially romanized as Karakuri Ningyou; literally "mechanical doll". Karakuri puppets are a type of traditional Japanese clockwork puppet which originated in the 17th century.
Spanish Autómata Automaton
French Marionnette Marionette
German Automat Automaton
Italian Automa Automaton



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