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Ss fe13 lodestar.png
Marth as a Lodestar in Awakening.

An otherworldly class. Tales abound of this great hero-king. Uses swords.

Unit type(s)





Dancing Blade, Charm, Dual Guardsman, Speedtaker (Fates)

The Lodestar (Japanese: スターロード Star Lord) is a special Lord-like class debuting in Fire Emblem Awakening. It is a personal class exclusive to all bonus-character versions of Marth: both SpotPass versions and the downloadable content version in Awakening, and the amiibo version in Fates. In Awakening, it is capable of wielding the Rapier, Noble Rapier and all three Falchion variations, like the game's actual Lord characters; in Fates, it loses access to the Parallel Falchion, which is instead locked to Lucina.


Base stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weight Experience Weapon Level
Awakening 21 9 1 10 10 0 8 4 6 -- -- -- Swords E
Fates 19 7 0 10 9 7 7 2 6 -- -- -- Swords/Katanas E
166 29 3 34 33 36 26 25 5 -- -- -- Swords/Katanas E

Max stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weapon Level
Awakening 80 41 30 43 43 45 41 40 8 -- Swords A
Fates 60 29 26 35 33 40 30 29 8 -- Swords/Katanas S
999 125 12 147 141 153 114 109 5 -- Swords/Katanas S

Class growth rates

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Charm Constitution* Movement* Weapon Level*
Awakening 40/80% 20/45% 0% 20/45% 20/45% 0/50% 10/30% 5/30% -- -- -- --
Fates 15% 10% 0% 20% 10% 25% 5% 5% -- -- -- --
Click here for more details on the mechanics of class growths in each game.

Class skills

Game Skill Learning conditions
Fates +10 hit rate, +5 critical rate, +10 avoid Innate.
Fates Dancing Blade Learned from Level 1 and up.
Fates Charm Learned from Level 10 and up.
Fates Dual Guardsman Learned from Level 25 and up.
Fates Speedtaker Learned from Level 35 and up.

Class change


Special class
Ma 3ds01 lodestar playable.gif


Any class Promotion method Special class
Any male unit
Using a Hero's Brand. Ma 3ds02 lodestar marth playable.gif


Base class Promotion method Advanced class

Using a Master Seal after reaching Level 15.

Playable Lodestars

Playable Characters
Name Game
Pr. Marth Awakening (DLC version)
Pr. Marth Awakening (Shadow Dragon SpotPass version)
King Marth Awakening (New Mystery of the Emblem SpotPass version)
Marth Fates (amiibo and DLC versions)
Playable Lodestar units in the Fire Emblem series.

Flavor text

Game Text
Awakening The Hero-King from the sagas
said to have saved the world.
Fates An otherworldly class. Tales abound of
this great hero-king. Uses swords.


  • In Awakening, the Lodestar shares its battle model and map sprite with Lucina's version of the Lord class, which itself is meant to be dressed as Marth in the first place.
  • The card game Fire Emblem Cipher and Fire Emblem Warriors both use the Lodestar as Marth's promoted class, since he was unable to to promote in his own games but the mechanics of Cipher and Warriors require that he is able to promote.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Lodestar Literally speaking, a lodestar is an actual star used as a navigational reference. Metaphorically speaking, a lodestar is a guiding principle, like Marth's influence on the future of Archanea. Additionally, "lodestar" is phonetically similar to an inversion of the syllables of "Star Lord", the class's Japanese name.
Japanese スターロード Star Lord. From "Star Lord", an affectionate title given to Marth by the people of Altea; prior to Awakening, the closest English equivalent to this term was "star and savior", the English translation of the term "Star Lord Marth" in Shadow Dragon.
Spanish Polaris From Polaris, the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor, which was historically used as a literal lodestar in world navigation.
French Guide Guide
German Sternenlord Starlord
Italian Lord supremo Supreme lord



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