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Outrealm Class

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Outrealm Class

Ss fe13 outrealm class.png
The Outrealm Class's stat display in Awakening.

A mysterious warrior who appeared from the Dragon's Gate.

Unit type(s)

Same as the actual class


Same as the actual class


Same as the actual class

The Outrealm Class (Japanese: 異界の兵種 Otherworld Class) is a class in Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates whose sole function is to serve as placeholder data for classes available through downloadable content. It is utilized by the game to substitute for downloadable content classes in two circumstances:

  • If a copy of the game has not purchased the relevant downloadable content and interacts—through StreetPass or online multiplayer—with a player whose selected units are in that DLC class, then the game uses the Outrealm Class placeholder data to represent classes which it does not recognize. This is because the DLC data cannot be feasibly transmitted through these multiplayer functions in a timely manner.
  • If a physical cartridge copy of the game has purchased the relevant DLC packages, but the Nintendo 3DS console's SD card is not currently inserted in the console, any current DLC classes in any of its save files will be represented with the Outrealm Class. This is because the DLC class's data is located on the SD card and is not accessible without the card.

In Awakening, the Outrealm Class uses the battle and map graphics of the Tactician, while in Fates, it uses the hooded-man appearance used by the boss of Chapter 5. The stats, skills and available weapons are identical to the actual class, or rather to the unit in question; as such, the Outrealm Class is technically capable of using all six weapon types and, even though the Tactician can only use two, has battle animations for all six. Once the player purchases the relevant DLC package or reloads the console with the matching SD card properly inserted, the unit will then appear as its actual class.

There are two classes in Awakening which can appear as Outrealm Classes: the Dread Fighter and Bride. No downloadable content package in Fates implements entirely new classes for use in the main campaign which did not already exist on DLC-less copies of the game, so Outrealm Classes cannot legitimately appear.


The Outrealm Class's base and maximum stats, class growth rates and skills are the same as the actual class of the unit in question.

"Class change"


Special class Promotion method Special class

Any DLC-exclusive class
Be transmitted through StreetPass to a copy of Awakening which has not purchased the matching DLC package /
Load a save file with DLC purchased without the Nintendo 3DS's SD card in its slot
Ma 3ds01 tactician robin f playable.gif
Outrealm Class


Special class Promotion method Special class

Any DLC-exclusive class
Be transmitted through StreetPass to a copy of Fates which has not purchased the matching DLC package /
Load a save file with DLC purchased without the Nintendo 3DS's SD card in its slot
Ma 3ds02 outrealm class playable.gif
Outrealm Class

Flavor text

Game Text
This class is obtained at the
Outrealm Gate.
A mysterious warrior who appeared
from the Dragon's Gate.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Outrealm Class




Otherworld Class


Clase alóctona

Allochthonous class; a class originating from a location other than where it is being seen.





• Dimensionsklasse
• Fremde Klasse

• Dimension's class. This name is used in Awakening.
• Alien class, or stranger class. This name is used in Fates.



Loosely translates as "othernaut"; a compound word describing an individual who explores other worlds.



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