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Quill Pen

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Quill Pen

Is 3ds02 dagger.png
Icon of the Quill Pen from Fates.

Ddg+10. Not actually mightier than the sword.



First game

Fire Emblem Fates

The Quill Pen (Japanese: 羽ペン Feather Pen) is a dagger-type weapon that debuted in Fire Emblem Fates. It is a joke item distributed by random chance alongside more powerful items. It has minimal might and inflicts only minimal stat reductions on enemies, and is virtually useless in battle.


Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Fates Is 3ds02 dagger.png Daggers/Shuriken E 1 -- 110 0 1-2 Infinite 0 ? +10 avoid, +10 dodge when equipped.
Inflicts -1 defense, -1 resistance debuff on the target on contact.



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Treasure My Castle, obtained at random from a pool of possible items.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Quill Pen A quill is a pen made from the molted flight feather from a large bird. They were widely used in Europe from the sixth to nineteenth centuries. Its English help text is a mockery of the idiom, "The pen is mightier than the sword", referencing its minimal might compared to most other weapons in the game; ironically, as a dagger, this item has the weapon triangle advantage over swords.
Japanese 羽ペン Feather Pen
Spanish Pluma Feather
French Plume d'oie Goose quill
German Federkiel Quill
Italian Penna d'oca Quill



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