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Is 3ds aegis.png
Icon of the Aegis skill in Awakening and Fates.

Halve bow/tome/dragonstone/breath/rock/shuriken damage. Trigger % = (Skill stat)


Class (Awakening and Fates)
Unknown (Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)
Special (Heroes)


Aegis (Japanese: 聖盾 Holy Shield) is a combat skill which debuted in Fire Emblem Awakening. It is a direct counterpart to Pavise as it functions in Awakening and Fates, shielding the user from the full force of attacks from weapon types which are able to attack indirectly, including bows, magic, dragonstones and, in Fates, daggers, breath, and ballistae. Heroes gives Aegis an effect of halving damage dealt by ranged attacks, which continues into Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but in Echoes it a not direct counterpart to Pavise this time around; unlike most other non-passive skills in Echoes, it is not currently known to be linked to anything.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
Awakening Is 3ds aegis.png It halves the damage dealt by enemy attacks using bows, tomes, and dragonstones. (Skill)% -- Will not activate against a Dual Strike.
Fates Is 3ds aegis.png It halves the damage dealt by enemy attacks using bows, tomes, daggers, dragonstones, breath, and ballistae. (Skill)% -- Will not activate against a Dual Strike.
Echoes: Shadows of Valentia -- Halves damage dealt to user by a ranged attack. Command
(Cost: 3 HP)
-- Requires 20 SP to learn.
Heroes Is feh skill special.png Reduces damage inflicted by attacks from foes 2 spaces away by 50%. When Special counter hits 0 -- Requires Holy Vestments.



Units Alm (SpotPass version)CamusCelica (DLC version)EliwoodGeoffreyMarth ("King Marth" SpotPass version)PercevalRaydrikRoy (both versions)SethSigurd
Classes Paladin (Learned at Level 15)


Classes Paladin (Learned from Level 15 and up)

Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Unknown Not currently known to be assigned to any character or equipment


Units AbelJagen (★★★★, 200 SP)

Other appearances

TCG Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)

Aegis is present as a skill on two cards in TCG Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher), both of which feature members of the Paladin class: B01-064HN Red-Eyed Bull, Sully and B01-064HN Green-Eyed Panther, Stahl. It is a Class Change Skill which can only become active if its user has changed class from a base-class card instead of being deployed as these advanced-class cards. If this criteria is fulfilled, then the user cannot be attacked with bow, tome, or dragonstone attacks from enemy units situated in the enemy's Rearguard.



Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Aegis In Greek mythology, the aegis was an object carried by the gods Zeus and Hera which is commonly believed to be a shield or some other defensive item, and is a symbol of protection and defense. In modern English, "aegis" is used as a poetic term for protection or patronage.
Japanese 聖盾 Holy Shield
Spanish Égida Aegis
French Égide Aegis
German Aegis As above.
Italian Egida Aegis


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