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Aytolis castle.









Aytolis (Japanese: アイトリス Aytolis) is the homeland of Lianna and Rowan, appearing in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Aytolis features a somewhat unusual history with its ascensions; it is possible for more than one person to share the power of the crown, though Lianna states it hasn't happened in hundreds of years when discussing it with Ryoma.[1] At the end of Warriors it appears that Lianna and Rowan take this option. After defeating Velezark Yelena crowns both of them in the ruins of the castle.


The Divine Dragon and the kingdom.

Long ago the Chaos Dragon, Velezark, attacked a kingdom guarded by a Divine Dragon. While not explicitly stated, Aytolis holds the Shield of Flames the Divine Dragon used to seal away Velezark in one of its major temples, so Aytolis is either the same kingdom the Divine Dragon guarded or heavily descended from it.[2]

According to Darios, Aytolis and Gristonne had negative relations towards each other some time in the past. In the modern day, the two countries have had harmonious relations until Gristonne invaded due to king Oskar's want for power.

During the events of Warriors, Aytolis is invaded and overrun by Outrealm Fiends and Gristonne forces. Much of the kingdom is destroyed by the war, though Lianna and Rowan are eventually able to recover it and defeat Velezark.

Notable locations in Aytolis

Aytolis Castle

The home of Lianna, Rowan, and Yelena. Darios visits the twins often to train and study; during the events of warriors it is overrun by monsters and Gristonne's forces. Oskar, Darios's father and the source of the conflict, tried to use the castle as the site to sacrifice Yelena and revive Velezark.

Aytolis City

A city located a short distance southwest of Aytolis Castle. Much of it is reduced to ruins by the invasion though some of it is repaired with Dragon Veins when Lianna and Rowan return to free the city.

Dragon Valley

A valley with a great Aytolisian temple. Said temple is where the legend of the Shield of Flames has been preserved since the death of the Divine Dragon that protected the realm. Also present is a Dragon's Table-like altar.

World Tree

A great tree growing from the remains of a Divine Dragon. It is very similar to the Mila Tree appearing on Valentia. It is here that the twin dragon fang swords, Facinna and Enliron, are enshrined.

Characters from Aytolis

Character Description Appears in
Portrait yelena fewa.png
The queen of Aytolis. Warriors
Portrait lianna fewa.png
Twin princess of Aytolis. Warriors
Portrait rowan fewa.png
Twin prince of Aytolis Warriors


  • The Aytolisian Dragon's Table in the Dragon Valley (Japanese: 竜の谷 Dragon Valley); is presumably a reference to the Dragon's Table on Archanea, which is located in the Wyvern's Dale (Japanese: 飛竜の谷 Wyvern Valley).

Etymology and other languages

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The -olis ending is presumably derived from Polis, a Greek word meaning city or a group of citizens.[3]






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  1. "Ryoma: You and your brother would both make good, yet very different, leaders. In an ideal world you could share the crown, but that's impossible.
    Lianna: Actually…it wouldn't be the first time something like that happened in Aytolis.
    Ryoma: Interesting… Ha! That sounds like the perfect solution for you two. Such an arrangement would be out of the question in Hoshido or Nohr!
    " — Ryoma to Lianna in a support conversation, Fire Emblem Warriors
  2. "Priest: So Lady Yelena is... Very well, then you must listen to me carefully. This is the Aytolis legend of the Shield of Flames and the Chaos Dragon, Velezark. Long, long ago, this world faced a dire threat. Velezark appeared, opening Outrealm Portals to other worlds. Monsters--Outrealm Fiends--surged forth and attacked the people.
    Lianna: And that's exactly what's happening now.
    Priest: Indeed. It's also said that people from the connected worlds emerged.[...] Legend says the world was saved when the Shield of Flames sealed (Velezark) away. But with Outrealm Portals reappearing, the Chaos Dragon may be free again." — Aytolisian Priest to the group, Fire Emblem Warriors
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