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Wind Sword

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Wind Sword

FESK Wind Sword.png
Artwork of a Wind Sword from the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game.

Capable of indrect attacks.



First game

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

The Wind Sword (Japanese: かぜの剣 Wind Sword) is a sword introduced in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. It is one of a number of magic swords present in the series: it functions as a normal sword, fuelled by the wielder's strength and targeting the enemy's defense, when attacking directly at 1 range, but can also be used to cast wind spells to attack enemies at 2 range. When used to attack from afar, the Wind Sword targets the enemy's resistance stat, and in the case of Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776, is fuelled by the wielder's magic stat.


Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Genealogy of the Holy War Is snes02 wind sword.png SNESRankSword.png C 12 5 70 -- 1-2 50 10,000 -- At 2 range, casts Elwind and works as magical damage.
Thracia 776 Is snes03 wind sword.png SNESRankSword.png B 9 9 70 0 1-2 40 8,200 1 +5 speed when equipped. At 2 range, casts Wind and works as magical damage.
The Blazing Blade Is gba wind sword.png GBARankSword.gif B 9 9 70 0 1-2 40 8,000 1 At 2 range, targets enemy's resistance. Deals bonus damage to Is gba pegasus.png flying units.
The Sacred Stones Is gba wind sword.png GBARankSword.gif B 9 9 70 0 1-2 40 8,000 1 At 2 range, targets enemy's resistance. Deals bonus damage to Is gba pegasus.png flying units.


Genealogy of the Holy War

Event First Generation: Chapter 3, Dew waits at Bragi Tower
Armory Second Generation: Chapter 10 *

Thracia 776

Inventory Misha
Capture and steal Chapter 16B, enemy Mercenary

The Blazing Blade

Transfer data After receiving the data from the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus discUS or from a VJump demo machine at an unknown dateJP,[1] transfer it into a savefile through the Transfer Data menu. Only one can be transferred per save file, and the transfer can only be done from Chapter 12 onward.

The Sacred Stones

Inventory Ismaire (Creature Campaign only)
Dropped by

Flavor text

Game Text
The Blazing Blade
A magic sword capable of
striking at a distance.
The Blazing Blade
A long-range magic sword. ??
The Sacred Stones Capable of indrect attacks. ??


  • In Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, the Wind Sword's help text string ("A magic sword capable of striking at a distance.") is actually formatted to have a line break halfway through it and thus take up two lines, like an item description, but as a weapon description only one line is displayed, so all is readable is "A magical sword capable of" before it cuts off; even if the line break wasn't there, however, the string would still be too long to fit in the box. This may suggest that the Wind Sword may have been intended to be left unused in international versions of Fire Emblem, and so the extra-length text string was left uncorrected without anticipating the Wind Sword's inclusion in the Double Dash!! distribution. The description is fixed in the PAL English release ("A long-range magic sword."), even though the absence of a similar distribution event in Europe leaves it actually unused in the PAL release.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Wind Sword --
Japanese かぜの剣 Wind Sword
Spanish Espada de viento Wind sword
French Eolame From the French éolien, "wind" + lame, "blade".
German Windschwert Wind sword
Italian Spada di vento Wind sword



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