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Downloadable content in Fire Emblem Warriors

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This is a list and summary of downloadable content (colloquially abbreviated as DLC) available in Fire Emblem Warriors.


Warriors's downloadable content is available in three packs, each themed by one of the three games featured in the base release of Warriors: Fates, Shadow Dragon, and Awakening. All three packs can be purchased at once at a discount by buying the season pass.

The bride Lucina costume is only available to those who purchase the season pass, and isn't available in any single pack.

Niles, Oboro, Navarre, and Owain appear in the base game as NPCs but are not playable unless their respective DLC pack is purchased.

While most of the armor break costumes are exclusive to their respective content pack, armor break costumes for Lianna and Rowan were added in a free update prior to the release of the Fates pack.

DLC packs

Pack Contents Release Price
Season Pass Fire Emblem Fates Pack, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Pack, Fire Emblem Awakening Pack, and Bride Lucina costume September 28, 2017JP
October 20, 2017NAEU
Fire Emblem Fates Pack Characters: Azura, Oboro, Niles
Costumes: Maid Camilla, Butler Takumi, Nohr Noble Male Corrin, Hoshido Noble Female Corrin, armor break models for all playable Fates characters.
History Maps: Grief, Land of Gods, Cold Reception
Items/Weapons: Bond Charm, Blessed Lance, Oboro's Spear, Niles's Bow
December 21, 2017JPNAEU 1400¥JP
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Pack Characters: Minerva, Linde, Navarre
Costumes: Bridegroom Marth, Bride Caeda, Vibrant Dress Tiki, Swordmaster Lyn, armor break models for all playable Shadow Dragon characters plus Lyn, Celica, and Anna
History Maps: A Brush in the Teeth, Princess Minerva, Knorda Market
Items/Weapons: Bond Charm, Wing Spear, Divinestone, Anna's Bow, Wo Dao, Aura, Hauteclere
February 14, 2018JPNA
February 15, 2018EU
Fire Emblem Awakening Pack Characters: Tharja, Olivia, Owain
Costumes: Exalt Chrom, Sage Lissa, Dark Flier Cordelia, armor break models for all playable Awakening characters
History Maps: Scion of Legend, Emmeryn, Caravan Dancer
Items/Weapons: Bond Charm, Thoron, Lissa's Axe, Frederick's Axe, Cordelia's Lance, Missiletainn, Tharja's Hex, Olivia's Sword
March 28, 2018JPNA
March 29, 2018EU


  • The developers considered adding free DLC that would make Darios playable; wherein the player could rescue him from the chasm that he fell into during the story. The developers were unable to further develop this idea due to deciding to focus their limited development time and resources the other Fire Emblem characters instead.[1]



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Fates pack images

Shadow Dragon pack images

Awakening pack images


  1. "ND: Why did you not make Darios a playable character?
    Usuda: When we were writing the game's main story, we were planning for Darios to be rescued via DLC... Originally, we considered removing a character from the main game to add Darios.
    Hayashi: While we were trying to add all the characters we needed, we couldn't find an opportunity to add Darios.
    Usuda: It's not so simple to make a playable character even if they already exist as a NPC in the main game. There's a lot more dialogue and animations that we need to create."
    — Jedi, Fire Emblem Warriors: Final Interview with Nintendo Dream,, Published: May 3 2018, Retrieved: May 4 2018

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