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Velezark appearing in Warriors

The evil Chaos Dragon of legend from the world of Fire Emblem Warriors. He lives to consume dimensions. The Divine Dragon used the Shield of Flames to seal him away, but Velezark crept into Darios's heart and manipulated the prince into resurrecting him.




Fell Dragon


Chaos Dragon



If he is his at full strength, you won't be able to kill him. He's simply too strong... However, if you awakened the Shield of Flames, you could seal him away again.
— Dragon Valley Temple Bishop

Velezark (Japanese: イビルザーグ Evilzarg), known as the Chaos Dragon (Japanese: 邪竜 Evil Dragon), is a character originating from Fire Emblem Warriors. Velezark is an immensely powerful dragon that possesses Darios and turns him against Lianna and Rowan.

Velezark has the power to open portals to other worlds and summon Outrealm Fiends.

Fire Emblem Warriors


Velezark attacks the Divine Dragon protecting the kingdom.

Long before the events of Warriors there lived an unnamed Divine Dragon who favored and protected a kingdom. One day another dragon, Velezark, attacked her and her kingdom unprovoked. The Divine Dragon was not able to defeat Velezark outright, and instead resorted to sealing him away with the Shield of Flames. After this the Divine Dragon crafted two blades, Enliron and Facinna, from her fangs and passed away from the battle at the World Tree.

In Warriors, Velezark first appears as a shadowy apparition during Chapter 14 and possesses Darios as Lianna and Rowan are forced to leave him behind at a Gristonne fortress.

When Lianna and Rowan eventually return to rescue Darios, Velezark, in Darios's body, plays along and helps them conquer the fortress. Upon their recovery of the Shield of Flames, Velezark takes the shield for himself and returns with it to Aytolis.

At Aytolis, Velezark begins preparations with King Oskar to sacrifice Yelena to unseal Velezark's power fully. Lianna and Rowan are able to rescue Yelena before the ritual is complete, however. Velezark then takes alternate measures and uses Oskar as a sacrifice instead, to Oskar's disbelief.

After this, Lianna and Rowan have a window of time where Darios holds back Velezark and begs for death, saying that killing him now will stop the Resurrection. The twins refuse to kill their friend. Velezark appears in his true form, kills Darios and destroys the castle. Lianna and Rowan flee with the Shield of Flames while Velezark begins moving towards the World Tree to destroy the remaining power of the Divine Dragon resting there. Velezark is unsuccessful, as Lianna and Rowan use the Shield of Flames, Enliron, and Facinna to defeat Velezark.


Endgame, Easy Endgame, Normal Endgame, Hard Endgame, Lunatic

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Ma fewa velezark enemy.gif Velezark
Level 40
Weapon Item
Expiration --
Swords Lances Axes Bows
Tomes Stones Staves Claws Breath


Velezark's only dialogue is during Darios's possession. During this time Darios is smug, confident, and sarcastic towards Rowan and Lianna. When revived in dragon form Velezark does not speak, but is very violent.

Flavor text

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Game Text
The evil Chaos Dragon of legend from
the world of Fire Emblem Warriors. He
lives to consume dimensions.

The Divine Dragon used the Shield of
Flames to seal him away, but Velezark
crept into Darios's heart and manipulated
the prince into resurrecting him.


  • Velezark's title, Chaos Dragon, is the same in Japanese as Grima's title of Fell Dragon (both are 邪竜, which means "evil dragon").
    • In the English localization, 邪竜 is translated as "an evil dragon" instead of "the Chaos Dragon" in some places.

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