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Sieging the Citadel

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Sieging the Citadel


Fortified Citadel

New units

Marth, Caeda, Tiki


Outrealm Fiend

I am Marth... The prince of Altea. We've come here to save you!
— Marth

Sieging the Citadel (Japanese: 要塞の罠 Fortress Trap) is the fourteenth chapter of Fire Emblem Warriors. During this chapter, Darios leads the Aytolisian army to attack a secret stronghold that is preparing Gristonne troops to invade Aytolis.


Main article: Sieging the Citadel/Script

Darios asks all the allies to gather for an important announcement: he just received a report that a secret Gristonne stronghold he has been keeping an eye on had a sudden increase of troops with the intention to invade and conquer Aytolis. Lianna voices concern for the people of Aytolis while Takumi is skeptical about Darios because he is the prince of Gristonne. Ryoma scolds his brother but admits he shares the same concerns. Darios elaborates that he hasn't turned against Gristonne but his father for refusing to help their allied kingdom when they needed it. Both Rowan and Lianna share their faith in Darios, so Ryoma agrees they should form a plan. Robin states they should quietly approach the gates, while Corrin suggests they form a unit for the plan. Both Rowan and Lianna declare they will partake in the unit, but Darios argues that both of them and the Shield of Flames shouldn't be put at risk. Misunderstanding his meaning, Rowan suggests Darios takes the shield instead, to which a disappointed Darios agrees to do.

During the battle, the group battles Gristonne troops interlaced with Outrealm Fiends. They gradually make their way through the outer defenses, with Darios taking the charge into the citadel. Once inside, Darios is cut off from the rest of the party and is suddenly attacked by an off-screen enemy.

Outside, there is a sudden large reinforcement of monsters, surrounding the Aytolisian twins and their allies. Just then two swordsmen are seen cutting through the monsters, with one of them introducing himself as Marth. Caeda and Tiki arrive on the back of a pegasus, with the former suggesting they team up and get out of there. Despite not wanting to leave their friend behind, Rowan and Lianna decide to follow their newest allies to safety. Chrom is in awe of being in the presense the legendary Hero-King, to which Marth states he never held such a title. Lissa is confused by this but Frederick elaborates that perhaps this Marth was from a time before he became legend. Rowan and Lianna thank Marth for rescuing them, but Marth regrets not being able to save Darios as well. Rowan declares they can still save him and asks for Marth's help, who agrees but points out that the monsters are pouring out of some Outrealm portals. Caeda helps elaborate on this while Navarre points out an attempted rescue will only get them surrounded again. Lianna suggests closing the portals with the Shield of Flames, only to remember Darios had it so now it is with the enemy. Tiki mentions she can feel the power of the shield and can feel another similar power "far away...and high up". She adds that she can sense these as they feel like the Divine Dragon's power. While Rowan is confused, Lianna is suddenly reminded of a story their mother once told and wonders if it actually happened.

A long time ago, as Lianna recounted, there was a sacred dragon who guarded a small kingdom. One day an evil dragon attacked, so in order to defeat it, the sacred dragon used all her might to create the Shield of Flames and seal the evil dragon away. Mortally wounded from the battle, the sacred dragon retreated to the World Tree where she died. Many years has past since then, but it is said that two of her sharpest fangs are still there to this day. Once the story is finished, Rowan asks if they should head to the World Tree, with Tiki agreeing as she can feel the dragon's power. Marth declares they should be able to find a way of rescuing Darios and should head there, to which everyone agrees.


The Hoshidan and Nohrian armies establish a shaky peace, if only until they can return home. With just a single Gleamstone remaining, Darios gathers everyone to tell of a secret stronghold.

Chapter data

Story Free Play

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Darios reaches the Castle Tower. Player Other Enemy
Defeat: Rowan or Lianna or Darios falls. 8 1 39+20

Character data

New Units
Portrait marth fewa.png
Automatically at chapter's end
Portrait caeda fewa.png
Pegasus Knight
Automatically at chapter's end
Portrait tiki fewa.png
Automatically at chapter's end
Returning Characters

Portrait rowan fewa.pngPortrait lianna fewa.pngPortrait chrom fewa.pngPortrait lissa fewa.pngPortrait frederick fewa.pngPortrait cordelia fewa.pngPortrait robin m fewa.pngPortrait lucina fewa.pngPortrait hinoka fewa.pngPortrait sakura fewa.pngPortrait takumi fewa.pngPortrait camilla fewa.pngPortrait elise fewa.pngPortrait leo fewa.pngPortrait corrin m fewa.pngPortrait ryoma fewa.pngPortrait xander fewa.png

Note: This list does not represent Free Play mode, as it can be used with any unit the player has obtained at that point. This list also does not include any downloadable content characters the player may have.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
File:Is fewa rod.png Sun Festal Chest in south-west corner of map (first time only)
Will contain a random weapon matching the difficulty afterwards
File:Is fewa key.png Chest Key Defeat Soldier
File:Is fewa stone.png Ironstone Defeat Vanguard Fort Captain
File:Is fewa stone.png Steelstone Defeat N Hold Entry Captain
File:Is fewa healing.png Concoction Defeat Castle Tower Captain (first time only)


Mission Objective Rewards
Seize the two forts! Seize N Hold Entry and S Hold Entry
Seize the Vanguard Fort and lower the drawbridge! Seize Vanguard Fort and have Darios reach it
Seize the Castle Tower so Darios can advance! Seize Castle Tower and have Darios reach it
Sub Missions
Defeat the Myrmidon! Defeat the Myrmidon Support points with Ryoma
Defeat the Sage calling enemy reinforcements! Quickly defeat the Sage Support points with Xander
Seize all forts! Seize every fort except Castle Tower Raised morale for Aytolisian Forces.

Anna's Mementos

Anna's Mementos
Objective Location Notes
Defeat 1,000 enemies. West of S Hold Entry
Seize control of all the forts on the way to the Castle Tower without Darios's HP falling below 80%. North-west corner of the map Must complete story once and play on either Hard or Lunatic difficulty.

Fort data

Easy Normal Hard Lunatic

Name Initial state Level Fort Captain Notes
N Hold Entry Gristonne 13 Fighter
North Battery Gristonne 13 Myrmidon Ballista targeting area left of it. Locked at the start. Seize to have it firing at enemy forces.
Vanguard Fort Gristonne 3 Halberdier Locked at the start.
Castle Tower Gristonne 3 Outrealm Fiend East and west entrances are initially locked.
S Hold Entry Gristonne 13 Archer Ballista targeting area left of it. Seize to have it firing at enemy forces.

South Battery Gristonne 13 Archer Ballista targeting area left of it. Locked at the start. Seize to have it firing at enemy forces.

Enemy data

This list only covers commanding units.

Easy Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif
Fort Captain Fighter 13 1 Iron AxeSteelstoneThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.* Captain of N Hold Entry
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Fort Captain Myrmidon 13 1 Iron Sword Captain of North Battery
Ma fewa halberdier enemy.gif
Fort Captain Halberdier 3 1 Iron LanceIronstoneThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.* Captain of Vanguard Fort
Ma fewa archer enemy.gif
Fort Captain Archer 13 2 Iron Bow Captains of S Hold Entry and South Battery
Ma fewa sage enemy.gif
Sage Sage 8 1 Iron Tome Summons Outrealm Fiends
Ma fewa pegasus knight enemy.gif
Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight 13 5 Iron Lance --
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif
Soldier Soldier 13 1 Iron LanceChest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif
Soldier Soldier 13 4 Iron Lance --
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif
Fighter Fighter 13 4 Iron Axe --
Ma fewa wyvern rider enemy.gif
Wyvern Rider Wyvern Rider 13 3 Iron Axe --
Ma fewa knight enemy.gif
Knight Knight 13 2 Iron Lance --
Ma fewa outrealm fiend enemy.gif
Monster Outrealm Fiend 13 7 Iron Claw --
Ma fewa cavalier enemy.gif
Cavalier Cavalier 13 2 Iron Sword --
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Myrmidon Myrmidon 13 4 Iron Sword --
Ma fewa halberdier enemy.gif
Halberdier Halberdier 18 1 Iron Lance --
Ma fewa manakete enemy.gif
Manakete Manakete 13 1 Ironstone --
Ma fewa cavalier enemy.gif
Gatekeeper Cavalier 13 2 Iron Sword Guard entrances to North Battery; will retreat if fort is captured
Ma fewa halberdier enemy.gif
Gatekeeper Halberdier 13 2 Iron Lance Guard entrances to South Battery; will retreat if fort is captured
Ma fewa outrealm fiend yellow enemy.gif
Monster Outrealm Fiend 3 1 Iron ClawConcoctionThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.* Captain of Castle Tower
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Myrmidon Myrmidon 13 1 Iron Sword --
Ma fewa knight enemy.gif
Knight Knight 13 2 Iron Lance --
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif
Soldier Soldier 13 2 Iron Lance --
Ma fewa wyvern rider enemy.gif
Wyvern Rider Wyvern Rider 13 2 Iron Axe --
Ma fewa sage enemy.gif
Sage Sage 8 2 Iron Tome --
Ma fewa outrealm fiend enemy.gif
Monster Outrealm Fiend 13 11 Iron Claw --


  • Shortly into the battle:
    • A Myrmidon will appear in the south-west corner of the map. They will head to the north-west corner for reinforcements.
  • If you fail the mission "Defeat the Myrmidon!"
  • After clearing the mission "Seize the two forts!"
    • The gates to Vanguard Fort will open.
  • If Vanguard Fort is not seized shortly after the start of "Seize the Vanguard Fort and lower the drawbridge!"
    • 2 Soldiers will appear west of N Hold Entry.
    • 2 Wyvern Riders will appear west of S Hold Entry.
    • 2 Sages will appear west of Vanguard Fort.
  • After clearing the mission "Seize the Vanguard Fort and lower the drawbridge!"
    • The three drawbridges will lower.
    • After some dialogue, a Sage will summon five Outrealm Fiends across the map.
  • While the Sage is still alive after the start of the mission "Defeat the Sage calling enemy reinforcements!":
    • An Outrealm Fiend will appear on a random spot.
    • After less than a minute, another Outrealm Fiend will appear on another random spot.
    • After that, 4 Outrealm Fiends will appear around Vanguard Fort.

NPC data

Unlike enemies, NPCs do not scale with difficulty.

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma fewa lord darios other.gif
Darios Lord 18 1 Iron Sword Death results in a Game Over.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

Boss data

Main article: Outrealm Fiend

Easy Normal Hard Lunatic


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

Most enemies on this map will target and relentlessly attack Darios. It is best to make sure there is at least one healer and/or player-controllable character guarding him.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Sieging the Citadel
Japanese 要塞の罠 Fortress Trap
Spanish Asedio al Alcázar Sieging the Citadel
French Le siège de la citadelle The siege of the citadel
German Belagerung der Zitadelle Sieging the Citadel
Italian Assedio alla cittadella Sieging the Citadel


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