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Is ds dragonpike.png
Icon of the Dragonpike from Shadow Dragon.

A lance effective against dragons.



First game

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

The Dragonpike (Japanese: ドラゴンランス Dragon Lance), known as the Dragonspear (Japanese: ドラゴンスピア Dragon Spear) in The Sacred Stones, is a lance appearing in the Fire Emblem series. It originated in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 as a personal weapon of Dean's and serves as a brave weapon as well as granting Dean access to the Vantage skill. In The Sacred Stones it is instead effective against dragon units. In Shadow Dragon, its effect was narrowed to include only Manaketes and not dracoknights, but this was reverted in New Mystery of the Emblem.


In the main Fire Emblem series

Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Thracia 776 Is snes03 dragonpike.png Prf* 16 12 65 0 1 60 - ? Grants Vantage when equipped. Brave weapon.
The Sacred Stones Is gba dragonspear.png GBARankLance.gif C 10 8 70 0 1 30 4,500 1 Deals bonus damage to Is gba wyvern.pngdragon units.
Shadow Dragon Is ds dragonpike.png DSRankLance.png C 8 10 70 0 1 15 1,350 2 Deals bonus damage to Is ds manakete.png dragon units.
New Mystery of the Emblem Is ds dragonpike.png FE12RankLance.png C 8 -- 70 0 1 15 1,350 2 Deals bonus damage to Is ds manakete.pngIs ds dragon.png dragon units.

In other Fire Emblem series titles

Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Warriors -- D 24 -- -- -- -- Infinite 7,000 -- Deals bonus damage to dragon units.


Thracia 776

Treasure Chapter 14, village*

The Sacred Stones

Dropped by Chapter 13 (Ephraim's route), enemy Cavalier
Dropped by (Skirmish)* Bonewalker*Wight*Gargoyle*Deathgoyle*
Treasure Chapter 14 (Eirika's route), chestLagdou Ruins Floor 4, southwest chest*Lagdou Ruins Floor 8, chest*

Shadow Dragon

Inventory Palla
Dropped by Endgame, enemy Dracoknight
Treasure Chapter 12, chest
Armory Chapter 24 (×3) • Online shop*
Secret shop Chapter 17 (×3)

New Mystery of the Emblem

Inventory Minerva
Treasure Chapter 13, chestChapter 22, chestDownloadable episode 1, chest
Armory Online shop*
Secret shop Chapter 11 (×3)


Chest Chapter 7

Other appearances


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English • Dragonpike
• Dragonspear
• This name is used in Shadow Dragon and Warriors.
• This name is used in The Sacred Stones.
Japanese ドラゴンランス
• Dragon Lance; this name is used in Thracia 776, Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, and Warriors.
• Dragon Spear; this name is used in The Sacred Stones.
Spanish L dragón Dragon lance
French Dracopique Dracopike. Draco is Latin for dragon.
German Drachenlnz. Dragonlance
Italian Lc. draghi Dragons lance


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