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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

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Warriors: Three Hopes

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Hayato Iwata

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WWJune 24, 2022


PEGI: 12
USK: 12
GRAC: 12


Nintendo Switch



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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム無双 風花雪月 Fire Emblem Unrivaled: Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon) is a Fire Emblem series game announced in the February 2022 Nintendo Direct, and released worldwide on June 24, 2022. Three Hopes is a crossover between the Fire Emblem series and the Dynasty Warriors series; it is a successor to Fire Emblem Warriors—the previous crossover with Dynasty Warriors—and is based in the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


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Three Hopes takes place in an alternate continuity in relation to Three Houses, where Byleth has never joined the Academy and this time has an antagonistic role, called solely as the "Ashen Demon" by most characters.

Prior to the game's story, Shez is defeated by Byleth in combat and nearly killed, only to be saved by Arval. Shez then wanders the continent to train for a rematch. They eventually run into some students in the forest. They help the students to defeat the bandits they were chased by, and are offered to visit the students' camp. There, Alois asks them to return to Garreg Mach Monastery alongside him and the students and faculty members. At the monastery, Shez is allowed to join one of the academy's three houses. The house Shez chooses determines how the story will continue:

Black Eagles and Scarlet Blaze

After Shez chooses the Black Eagles, Jeritza is assigned their professor. In a cutscene, Edelgard is seen talking to Jeritza, and shortly after, the class departs for their next mission. Their mission is to hunt down the remains of the bandit group Kostas was leading. Upon inspecting the bandits' hideout, they find Monica locked in a cell in the basement, and free her. Shez and their classmates then have to protect Monica against Kronya's forces who attempt to stop them from leaving. After the mission is concluded, Monica reveals that she has been kidnapped by the librarian Tomas. Because of this, the Knights of Seiros attempt to capture Solon, but Tomas shapeshifts, reveals himself to be Solon, and escapes. Shez, who has witnessed the events, questions whether their own powers are the result of the same magic Solon was using.

In response to Tomas's disappearance, Edelgard and Hubert decide to use the opportunity and seize control of the Adrestian Empire by persuading archbishop Rhea to send the Knights of Seiros to aid them in their cause by revealing that regent Arundel is in truth also a part of the same group Solon was a part of. With the aid of the Knights of Seiros as well as the imperial ministers Count Bergliez and Count Hevring, they can defeat Arundel who then shapeshifts into Thales and disappears, just like Solon did before.

The game then skips two years ahead. In these two years, Rhea was forced to close the Officer's Academy due to all three nations of Fódlan being involved in their own political problems, and the three former house leaders have assumed the leadership of their respective countries.

Edelgard declares war on the Church of Seiros, claiming it to be the reason for the struggles of her Empire. With the support of Houses Gloucester and Phlegethon of the Leicester Alliance, they march to Garreg Mach Monastery and force the archbishop and her knights to escape to the Holy Kingdom of Fearghus.


Like its predecessor the game features feature hack and slash gameplay of a single player against many enemy units at once in real time, as is typical of Dynasty Warriors crossovers. Generally, routing the enemy is not the goal, and win conditions are often things like capturing a number of enemy fortresses or defeating one or more enemy commanders, among other objectives.


Main article: List of characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Unlike the previous Warriors title, Three Hopes primarily features one game, Three Houses, in its roster. All of the original Three Houses student roster are playable, as well as many non-students. Four characters are added in playable roles in the main story: Monica, Rodrigue, Holst, and Jeralt. The Ashen Wolves DLC house also appear as playable characters. Certain other characters who were playable in Three Houses are no longer playable in Three Hopes: these characters are Cyril, Alois, Hanneman, Gilbert, and Anna (though she was DLC only in Three Houses), though they appear as NPCs throughout the game's events.

Additionally, four playable characters are added exclusively in subsequent playthroughs of the game. These characters and their requirements are outlined in the table below:

Portrait Name Class First appears in Joins in
Small portrait gatekeeper fewa2.png Gatekeeper Soldier Chapter 4 Scarlet Blaze
Chapter 5 Azure Gleam
Chapter 5 Golden Wildfire
Chapter 4 Scarlet Blaze/Chapter 5 Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire while using a New Game+ save file for a third route run
Small portrait sothis fewa2.png Sothis Gremory Chapter 7 Scarlet Blaze
Chapter 6 Azure Gleam
Chapter 7 Golden Wildfire
Purchase with 60 renown after beating the game once
Small portrait rhea 02 fewa2.png Rhea Saint Chapter 0 Purchase with 60 renown after beating the game once
Small portrait arval fewa2.png Arval Dark Bishop*
Chapter 0 Purchase with 60 renown after beating the game once with Byleth recruited
There are 4 playable characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes that are avaliable in New Game+.

Three Hopes also features a new playable character Shez, who appears as the avatar and protagonist. Byleth appears as well, instead in an antagonistic role. The player can select the genders of both Shez and Byleth at the start of the game.


Main article: List of chapters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes



Main article: Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes pre-release information

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Unlike the Japanese version, the subtitles are not shared between the mainline title and this game; both, however, have the initials "TH".


ファイアーエムブレム無双 風花雪月

Fire Emblem Unrivaled: Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon; the second subtitle is identical to the Japanese subtitle of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes



Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes



Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes



Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes




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