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Noble Lady of Caelin (Warriors)

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Noble Lady of Caelin


Castle Caelin and its surroundings (The Blazing Blade)

New units

Lyn, Anna*



Previous chapter(s)

The Dark Pontifex

Next chapter(s)

Together to the End

Chrom! Marth! I just received word that Castle Caelin fell to an attack from Marquess Laus! We've no word on Lord Hausen or his granddaughter, the lady Lyndis.
— Robin

Noble Lady of Caelin (Japanese: キアランの公女 Noble Lady of Ciaran) is a History Mode map in Fire Emblem Warriors. It is inspired by Chapter 15E/16H of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. It is unlocked after clearing the Endgame of the main story.


Main article: Noble Lady of Caelin (Warriors)/Script

Robin arrives to report that Castle Caelin fell to an attack and that there is no word on the Lord Hausen or his granddaughter. Marth and Chrom decide to head to the castle to quickly rescue them. Meanwhile outside the castle, Lyn hears from her scouts that the Lycian army is nearby. Caeda offers to go contact them on since she has a pegasus and Lyn agrees despite worrying for her safety. Caeda is able to reach Marth and tells him that Lyn needs their help, with Marth saying he will rendezvous with Lyn. They reach Lyn, who tries tell something to Chrom before he rushes off, and together they reclaim the castle. Afterwards Marth introduces Lyn to Chrom, with Lyn commenting on Chrom's fighting style. Chrom tells her that he received no formal training but Marth assures Lyn of his full trust in him. Later Lyn approaches Robin, mistaking him for Mark, but Robin tells her he is also a tactician and will help her in whatever way he can.


Receiving word that Castle Caelin has fallen to a surprise attack from Marquess Laus, the party rushes to help. Lord Hausen's granddaughter is eager to retake the castle and save the marquess.

Chapter data

Character data

New units
Portrait lyn fewa.png
Bronze Sword
Automatically after beating the Noble Lady of Caelin mission.
Portrait anna fewa.png
Bronze Bow
Automatically after beating the Distant Light mission*
Available characters
Rowan ​Lianna ​Chrom ​Lissa ​Frederick ​Cordelia ​Robin f ​Lucina ​Hinoka ​Sakura ​Takumi ​Camilla ​Elise ​Leo ​Corrin m ​Ryoma ​Xander ​Marth ​Caeda ​Tiki ​

Note: This list represents the minimum characters obtained upon unlocking this particular History Mode map. Any character the player has obtained can be used during any mission outside of Deploy Limits. This list also does not include any downloadable content characters the player may have.


Pincer Escape Lv. 63 Fort Defense Lv. 29
Targeted Elimination Lv. 50
Shadow Elimination Lv. 34 Distant Light Lv. 80 Fort Siege Lv. 26 Pincer Escape Lv. 41 Noble Lady of Caelin Lv. 45
Targeted Elimination Lv. 61 Ally Rescue Lv. 22
Pincer Escape Lv. 50 Timed Onslaught Lv. 25 Shadow Elimination Lv. 41
Pincer Escape Lv. 22 Shadow Elimination Lv. 26 Timed Attack Lv. 33 Ally Rescue Lv. 41 Shadow Elimination Lv. 37
Arena Lv. 42 Arena Lv. 33
Shadow Elimination Lv. 50 Fort Defense Lv. 60
Timed Attack Lv. 21 Timed Attack Lv. 61 Pincer Escape Lv. 50

Hover your mouse above the units to see their mission and level.

Anna's Mementos

Anna's Mementos
Mission Objective Location
Shadow Elimination Lv. 50
Defeat 1,000 enemies. East Ballista
Defeat 75 enemies with Dual Specials. East Hold
Fort Siege Lv. 26
Pegasus Knight
Defeat 1,000 enemies. NE Ruins
Defeat 1,200 enemies. SW Ruins
Shadow Elimination Lv. 37
Defeat 1,000 enemies. NW Tower
Defeat 75 enemies with Dual Specials. South Hall
Targeted Elimination Lv. 50
Defeat 1,000 enemies. SW Field Fort
Defeat 1,200 enemies. Upstream Fort
Fort Defense Lv. 29
Defeat 1,000 enemies. Central Hall
Defeat 1,200 enemies. Hidden Fort
Shadow Elimination Lv. 34
Defeat 1,000 enemies. E Town Fort
Take five enemy forts. N Square Fort
Ally Rescue Lv. 41
Defeat 1,000 enemies. Ruined Fort
Take five enemy forts. N Lava Fort
Shadow Elimination Lv. 41
Wyvern Rider
Defeat 1,000 enemies. W Stream Fort
Defeat 75 enemies with Dual Specials. S Sandbar Fort
Noble Lady of Caelin Lv. 45
Defeat 1,000 enemies. W Wastes Fort
Defeat 1,200 enemies. Grotto Fort

Mission data

Icon Challenge Lv Restrictions Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Reward
Ma fewa cavalier enemy.gif Timed Attack 21 Fortified Citadel Steel Bow
Ma fewa pegasus knight enemy.gif Pincer Escape 22 Time Constrained Desolate Gorge Steel Lance Master Seal
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Timed Onslaught 25 Aytolis Castle Steel Tome
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Shadow Elimination 26 Unmounted Dragon Valley Steel Sword Master Seal
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Arena 33 The World Tree Steel Bow
Ma fewa archer enemy.gif Timed Attack 33 Aytolis Castle Steelstone
Ma fewa pegasus knight enemy.gif Pincer Escape 50 Triangle Amplification Desert Arena Steel Lance Brave Lance
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif Shadow Elimination 50 Swords Castle Sol Steel Axe Brave Sword
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Ally Rescue 22 Aytolis Castle Steel Sword Master Seal
Ma fewa pegasus knight enemy.gif Fort Siege 26 The Interspace Steel Lance Master Seal
Ma fewa lord lyn playable.gif Shadow Elimination 37 Aytolis Castle Steel Tome Recover
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Pincer Escape 50 Ebony Volcano Steel Sword Bravestone
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Targeted Elimination 50 Reduced Healing Kingswood Steel Axe Brave Bow
Ma fewa pegasus knight caeda playable.gif Fort Defense 29 Aytolis Castle Steel Bow
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Shadow Elimination 34 Aytolis City Steelstone Elixir
Ma fewa manakete enemy.gif Ally Rescue 41 Ebony Volcano Steelstone Swordreaver
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Pincer Escape 41 Reduced Healing The World Tree Steel Axe Lancereaver
Ma fewa wyvern rider enemy.gif Shadow Elimination 41 Great Plain Steelstone Axereaver
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Arena 42 Aytolis Castle Steel Bow Elixir
Ma fewa sorcerer validar enemy.gif Noble Lady of Caelin 45 Desolate Gorge Lyn's Cord Belt
Sol Katti
Ma fewa time space distortion.gif Two Blessings
(Pincer Escape)
63 Fates Heroes Kingswood Lyn's Cord Belt Raijinto's Scroll
Ma fewa time space distortion.gif Enter a Hero
(Targeted Elimination)
61 Fates Heroes Aytolis Castle Steel Tome Spellbane Yumi's Scroll
Ma fewa time space distortion.gif Elise and Iago
(Fort Defense)
60 Fates Heroes Fortified Citadel Lyn's Cord Belt Moonlight's Scroll
Ma fewa time space distortion.gif A Plain Assault
(Timed Attack)
61 Bows The World Tree Tiki's Hairpin Sol Katti's Scroll
Ma fewa trickster anna enemy.gif Distant Light 80 Distant Light Fortified Citadel Anna's Purse

Mission deployment


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

After clearing one mission, Lyn will appear on the map while Caeda will appear after clearing a second mission. Reach and complete both their missions to access Validar, and clearing his mission will complete the map's story. Even if you were to reach Lyn first, you will still need to clear Caeda's mission before Validar's can be challenged.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Noble Lady of Caelin



Noble Lady of Ciaran


Mujer noble de Caelin

Noble Woman of Caelin


Lady de Caelin

Lady of Caelin


Edeldame von Caelin

Noble Lady of Caelin


La nobildonna di Caelin

Noble Lady of Caelin


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