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Cold Reception (Warriors)

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Cold Reception


Ice Tribe Village (Fates)



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A Brush in the Teeth

So, your true motives have been revealed. It's just as I feared. You monsters tricked me into helping you in order to infiltrate and harm this village.
— Ryoma

Cold Reception (Japanese: 氷の村 Ice Village) is a History Mode map in Fire Emblem Warriors. It is inspired by Chapter 8 Conquest of Fire Emblem Fates. It is unlocked after clearing Chapter 5 of the main story after purchasing the Fates downloadable content pack.


Main article: Cold Reception (Warriors)/Script

Lissa announces that the group can't return until the Ice Tribe rebellion is suppressed, who is scolded by Leo for not understanding the gravity of the mission. Ryoma, angered that Corrin has apparently tricked him, declares that he will protect the village from Nohrian rule. Owain and Niles then arrive, with Niles saying he was order to serve Corrin while Owain theatrically claims he will defeat any enemy. Upon confrontation, Ryoma declares that Corrin is no longer his sister despite her pleads and regrets seeing Sakura siding against him. After the battle, Corrin asks Ryoma is he is willing to stop the rebellion, to which a surprised Ryoma agrees to. Afterwards Corrin asks Niles and Owain if they are willing to halt their bloodshed, with both agreeing to follow her orders.


Sent to suppress the Ice Tribe rebellion, Corrin aims to take a passive approach—but after a sudden revelation, hostilities with the Ice Tribe become unavoidable. Then, a strange pair appears.

Chapter data

Character data

New units


Available characters
Rowan ​Lianna ​Chrom ​Lissa ​Frederick ​Cordelia ​Robin f ​Lucina ​Azura ​Oboro ​Niles ​

Note: This list represents the minimum characters obtained upon unlocking this particular History Mode map. Any character the player has obtained can be used during any mission outside of Deploy Limits. This list also does not include any downloadable content characters the player may have.


Cold Reception Lv. 65 Timed Onslaught Lv. 82
Recruitment Battle Lv. 79 Shadow Elimination Lv. 55 Timed Attack Lv. 48
Gold Rush Lv. 67 Rendezvous Disruption Lv. 65 Gold Rush Lv. 19
Fort Defense Lv. 54 Targeted Elimination Lv. 34
Pincer Escape Lv. 75 Targeted Elimination Lv. 69 Shadow Elimination Lv. 53 Fort Siege Lv. 10
Arena Lv. 28
Recruitment Battle Lv. 44 Gold Rush Lv. 51 Timed Attack Lv. 33
Ally Rescue Lv. 71 Recruitment Battle Lv. 42 Recruitment Battle Lv. 16 Timed Onslaught Lv. 18
Pincer Escape Lv. 26 Ally Rescue Lv. 46

Hover your mouse above the units to see their mission and level.

Anna's Mementos

Anna's Mementos
Mission Objective Location
Ally Rescue Lv. 46
Pegasus Knight
Defeat 1,000 enemies. E Wood Fort
Defeat 1,200 enemies. Downstream Fort
Rendezvous Disruption Lv. 65
Defeat 1,000 enemies. Tunnel Entry
Take five enemy forts. W Stream Fort
Pincer Escape Lv. 75
Space-Time Distortion
Defeat 1,000 enemies. Main Street
Defeat 75 enemies with Dual Specials. Square

Mission data

Icon Challenge Lv Restrictions Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Reward
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Fort Siege 10 Desert Arena Niles's Eye Patch Iron Tome
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif Recruitment Battle 16 Aytolis City Azura's Pendant Ironstone
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif Timed Onslaught 18 Bows Castle Sol Swordbane Axe
Ma fewa archer enemy.gif Arena 28 Nohrian Heroes Aytolis Castle Bowbane Bow
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif Targeted Elimination 34 Dragon Valley Niles's Bow's Scroll
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif Recruitment Battle 42 Castle Sol Tomebane Lance
Ma fewa pegasus knight enemy.gif Ally Rescue 46 Kingswood Lancebane Bow
Ma fewa wyvern rider enemy.gif Fort Defense 54 Dusk Castle Lancebane Axe
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Shadow Elimination 55 Male Fortified Citadel Clawbane Sword
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif Rendezvous Disruption 65 Timed Constrained Great Palin Clawbane Bow
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif Gold Rush 19 Desert Arena Master Seal
Ma fewa outlaw niles playable.gif Pincer Escape 26 Dragon Valley Swordbane Bow Niles's Bow
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Timed Attack 33 Neutralized Effectiveness Aytolis Castle Bowbanestone
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Recruitment Battle 44 Kingswood Tomebanestone
Ma fewa myrmidon owain playable.gif Timed Attack 48 Desolate Gorge Leo's Collar Elixir
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif Gold Rush 51 Desolate Gorge Axebane Sword
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif Shadow Elimination 53 Hoshidan Heroes Dusk Castle Axebane Lance
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif Gold Rush 67 The World Tree Dragonbanestone
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif Targeted Elimination 69 Fates Heroes The Interspace Dragonbane Sword
Ma fewa swordmaster ryoma enemy.gif Cold Reception 65 Great Plain Elise's Ribbon
Hoshido Noble costume
Niles's Bow's Opus
Ma fewa time space distortion.gif Crying
(Ally Rescue)
71 Unmounted Fortified Citadel Ryoma's Battle Coat Recover
Ma fewa time space distortion.gif Sweet Robin
(Pincer Escape)
75 Mounted Advantage Aytolis City Navarre's Sword Strap Camilla's Axe's Opus
Ma fewa time space distortion.gif Desire
(Recruitment Battle)
79 Ebony Volcano Celica's Circlet Moonlight's Opus
Ma fewa time space distortion.gif My Robes!
(Timed Onslaught)
82 Female The Interspace Lyn's Cord Belt Siegfried's Opus

Mission deployment


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

Ryoma will be the clear target at the beginning but he would currently be inaccessable. After clearing one mission, Owain and Niles will both appear on the map. Reach Owain and clear his mission to allow access to Niles, and clearing Niles's mission will allow the same for Ryoma. Reach and clear Ryoma's mission to complete the map's story.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Cold Reception



Ice Village


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