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Crests (Warriors)

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Crests (Japanese: 紋章 Emblem) are a type of ability in Fire Emblem Warriors that grants additional effects to characters. There are three crest trees for characters to make use of, Attack, Defense, and Boost; the Boost tree is further subdivided into Boost Crests and Skills.

Basic crests can be acquired at the Crest Market in exchange for gold and materials; apart from the Skills designation, each character has their own list of materials required in order to learn a crest. Crests other than those in the Skills category and the Surge Crest can also be upgraded into further advanced forms, which require previous forms of the crest, additional gold, additional materials (which vary per character), and in some cases may also require a Surge Crest.

Attack Crests

Crest Tiers Effect
Combo Crest 4 Enables sixth and seventh regular attacks, and fifth and sixth strong attacks, in a combo
Fang Crest 3 Deals damage against guarding enemies
War God Crest 3 Increases the time the Stun Gauge is displayed
Serenity Crest 3 Increases the speed the Awakening Gauge fills
Awaken Crest 3 Increases the duration of an Awakening
Fury Crest 3 Increases the speed the Warrior Gauge fills
Special Crest 2 Increases the number of Warrior Gauges

Defense Crests

Crest Tiers Effect
Medicinal Crest 3 Increases the number of times a single Vulnerary, Concoction, or Elixir may be used
Remedy Crest 3 Increases recovery from staves, medicines, and tonics
Relief Crest 3 Increases the amount of HP recovery while in allied forts
Prayer Crest 3 Increases the number of mortal blows a character can survive with 1 HP remaning
Blade Crest 5 Decreases damage dealt to user by swords
Lance Crest 5 Decreases damage dealt to user by lances
Axe Crest 5 Decreases damage dealt to user by axes
Bow Crest 5 Decreases damage dealt to user by bows
Tome Crest 5 Decreases damage dealt to user by tomes
Dragon Crest 5 Decreases damage dealt to user by stones
Claw Crest 5 Decreases damage dealt to user by claws

Boost Crests

Crest Tiers Effect
Surge Crest 1 Marks user as having used a Master Seal and is now in an advanced class
Skill Crest 5 Increases the highest rank of weapons user can wield
Mastery Crest 1 Allows user to use the true power of their personal weapon
Sanctuary Crest 1 Allows user to further power up their personal weapon
Talent Crest 3 Increases number of skill slots


Skills work a little differently from other types of crests, in that each character is primarily associated with one skill of their own, which can be learned with three of a certain type of common material linked to the character in question. Other characters can learn these skills, but they require one each of an essence and a rarer material also themed to the character who originated the skill.

Crest Character Effect
Potent Potion Rowan Usage of a recovery item also heals nearby allies for the same amount
Live to Serve Lianna Usage of a staff also heals user for the same amount
Luna Chrom Reduces target's Defense and Resistance upon a successful hit; odds increase with user's Luck
Awakening Lucina Increases damage dealt while in Awakening mode
Solidarity Robin Increases a vanguard's damage while paired up as a support unit
Str +10 Lissa Increases user's Strength by 10
Pavise Frederick Reduces damage dealt to user by swords, axes, and lances; odds increase with user's Luck
Sol Cordelia Restores user's HP upon defeating a strong enemy; odds increase with user's Luck
Dracoshield Corrin Decreases the damage taken by the vanguard while paired up
Astra Ryoma Increases the speed of the user's regular and combo attacks
Def +10 Hinoka Increases user's Defense by 10
Skl +10 Takumi Increases user's Skill by 10
HP +50 Sakura Increases user's maximum HP by 50
Aegis Xander Reduces damage dealt to user by bows, tomes, and stones; odds increase with user's Luck
Trample Camilla Increases damage dealt to foot soldiers
Mag +10 Leo Increases user's Magic by 10
Res +10 Elise Increases user's Resistance by 10
Paragon Marth Increases experience gained by defeating enemies
Sp +10 Caeda Increases user's Speed by 10
Armored Blow Tiki Prevents interruption of user's attacks by enemy attacks
Lck +20 Celica Increases user's Luck by 20
Pass Lyn Prevents interruption of user's movement by enemy attacks
Payday Anna Increases gold yields; odds increase with user's Luck
Amaterasu Azura Slowly restores the partner's HP while paired up
Counter Oboro Blocking powerful attacks may emit shockwaves
Lethality Niles Boosts power of critical hits and combos; odds increase with user's Luck
Lone Wolf Navarre Increases damage dealt while user is not paired up
Iote's Shield Minerva Nullifies bonus damage
Quick Wit Linde Fills Awakening gauge on critical hits regardless of weapon advantage
Resonating Power Owain Increases damage dealt depending on how close the unit's Strength and Magic stats are
Vengeance Tharja Drains unit's HP over time; increases damage dealt based on remaining HP
Galeforce Olivia Fills Awakening and Warrior gauges after defeating a strong enemy


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Crest --
Japanese 紋章 Emblem
Spanish Insignia Emblem
French Emblème Emblem
German Fibel Brooch
Italian Stemmi Crest



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