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Taking the World Tree

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Taking the World Tree


The World Tree



Mwahahaha... They came after all. They must not value their lives! There's no way I'll let you fools reach the power resting in the World Tree... My magic will turn any hope you have to despair!
— Gharnef

Taking the World Tree (Japanese: 世界樹の頂 Top of the World Tree) is the fifteenth chapter of Fire Emblem Warriors. During this chapter, the Aytolisian forces head to the World Tree only to find an adversary from Marth's world waiting for them.


Main article: Taking the World Tree/Script

Lianna and Rowan are amazed to see that the World Tree in their mother's story turns out to be real. Marth however notes the large number of Outrealm Fiends and Gristonne troops, to which Caeda, Navarre, and Tiki voice their support in defeating them. Marth then expresses concern over Caeda's safety to her, who responds that she choose to fight beside him. Nearby, Gharnef see the arrival of Marth and his new allies, declaring that he will make sure they never reach the resting power in the World Tree.

During the battle, the group is seemly able to defeat Gharnef, only for him to reveal that was just a shadow. More shadows of Gharnef began to appear, with the real one hiding among them. However the group is able to track down and defeat the real Gharnef, forcing him to retreat. After doing so, the ivy blocking the way to the top of the tree clears away, allowing the group to access it. There they find the two swords Enliron and Facinna. Rowan and Lianna take each sword respectively and pulls them from their pedestal as all their allies watch and encourage them.


The party arrives at the World Tree only to find it under the control of the Gristonne army. They break through in a push for the Divine Dragon's power but are confronted by strange shadows.

Chapter data

Story Free Play

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Gharnef. Player Other Enemy
Defeat: Rowan or Lianna falls. 8 0 28+20+∞

Character data

New Units
Returning Characters

Portrait rowan fewa.pngPortrait lianna fewa.pngPortrait chrom fewa.pngPortrait lissa fewa.pngPortrait frederick fewa.pngPortrait cordelia fewa.pngPortrait robin m fewa.pngPortrait lucina fewa.pngPortrait hinoka fewa.pngPortrait sakura fewa.pngPortrait takumi fewa.pngPortrait camilla fewa.pngPortrait elise fewa.pngPortrait leo fewa.pngPortrait corrin f fewa.pngPortrait ryoma fewa.pngPortrait xander fewa.pngPortrait marth fewa.pngPortrait caeda fewa.pngPortrait tiki fewa.png

Note: This list does not represent Free Play mode, as it can be used with any unit the player has obtained at that point. This list also does not include any downloadable content characters the player may have.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
File:Is fewa seal.png Master Seal Defeat the first Gharnef (first time only)
File:Is fewa sword.png Enliron End of Chapter (first time only)
File:Is fewa sword.png Facinna End of Chapter (first time only)


Mission Objective Rewards
Defeat Gharnef! Defeat the Gharnef in N Tree Fort
Defeat the real Gharnef! Defeat the Gharnef by Trident Ruins
Defeat the Mages creating Shadows! Defeat 3 Mages
Sub Missions
Defeat the Sages casting lightning! Defeat 2 Sages Support points with Tiki.
Defeat Fafnirs! Defeat 3 Fafnirs Support points with Marth.
Seize all forts! Seize every fort Raised morale for Aytolisian Forces.

Anna's Mementos

Anna's Mementos
Objective Location Notes
Defeat 1,000 enemies. Between W Tree Fort and Great Tree
Find the real Gharnef within five minutes of Shadows appearing. West of Trident Ruins Must complete story once and play on either Hard or Lunatic difficulty. Either defeat all the Mages creating the shadows or reduce the real Gharnef's HP by half.

Fort data

Easy Normal Hard Lunatic

Name Initial state Level Fort Captain Notes
SW Ruins Aytolis 20 Myrmidon
N Branch Fort Gristonne 15 Soldier East entrance is initially locked.
N Tree Fort Gristonne 21 Gharnef South entrance is initially locked. Seize to use Dragon Vein to form a path made of branches.
NE Ruins Gristonne 15 Soldier West entrance is initially locked.
W Tree Fort Gristonne 15 Soldier North entrance is initially locked. Seize to use Dragon Vein to form a path made of branches.
Great Tree Gristonne 15 Myrmidon
E Tree Fort Gristonne 15 Soldier Seize to use Dragon Vein to form a path made of branches.
Trident Ruins Gristonne 15 Fighter North and east entrances are initially locked.
S Tree Fort Gristonne 15 Fighter
SE Ruins Gristonne 15 Outrealm Fiend

Enemy data

This list only covers commanding units.

Easy Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif
Fort Captain Soldier 15 4 Iron Lance Captains of N Branch Fort, NE Ruins, W Tree Fort, and E Tree Fort
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Fort Captain Myrmidon 15 1 Iron Sword Captain of Great Tree
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif
Fort Captain Fighter 15 2 Iron Axe Captains of Trident Ruins and S Tree Fort
Ma fewa outrealm fiend enemy.gif
Monster Outrealm Fiend 15 1 Iron Claw Captain of SE Ruins
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif
Fighter Fighter 15 5 Iron Axe --
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Myrmidon Myrmidon 15 3 Iron Sword --
Ma fewa outrealm fiend enemy.gif
Monster Outrealm Fiend 15 8 Iron Claw --
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif
Mage Mage 15 1 Iron Tome --
Ma fewa manakete enemy.gif
Manakete Manakete 15 5 Ironstone --
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif
Soldier Soldier 15 2 Iron Lance --
Ma fewa wyvern rider enemy.gif
Wyvern Rider Wyvern Rider 15 2 Iron Axe --
Ma fewa archer enemy.gif
Gatekeeper Archer 15 1 Iron Bow Guards entrance to N Tree Fort; will retreat if fort is captured
Ma fewa sorcerer gharnef enemy.gif
Gharnef Sorcerer 21 1 ImhulluMaster SealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.* Captain of N Tree Fort
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma fewa sage enemy.gif
Sage Sage 10 1 Iron Tome Controls the Lightning
Ma fewa sage enemy.gif
Sage Sage 15 1 Iron Tome Controls the Lightning
Ma fewa sorcerer gharnef enemy.gif
Gharnef Sorcerer 25 Imhullu Spawn indefinitely while Mages are around; will disappear at high damage; up to three can exist at once
Ma fewa sorcerer gharnef enemy.gif
Gharnef Sorcerer 25 1 Imhullu Real one is found west of Trident Ruins
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif
Mage Mage 15 3 Iron Tome Summoning the Gharnef shadows
Ma fewa wyvern rider enemy.gif
Wyvern Rider Wyvern Rider 15 2 Iron Axe --
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif
Fighter Fighter 15 3 Iron Axe --
Ma fewa outrealm fiend enemy.gif
Monster Outrealm Fiend 15 2 Iron Claw --
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif
Soldier Soldier 15 2 Iron Lance --
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Myrmidon Myrmidon 15 2 Iron Sword --
Ma fewa fafnir enemy.gif
Fafnir Fafnir 10 3 Ironstone --


  • After seizing W Tree Fort or Trident Fort:
    • 2 Sages in appear south of Great Tree and E Tree Fort respectively, casting lightning across most of the map.
  • After clearing the mission "Defeat Gharnef!"
  • While at least one of the Mages is still alive:
    • Gharnef will indefinitely spawn at N Tree Fort, south of Great Tree, and north-east of SW Ruins. After a Gharnef temporary disappears, he will reappear about a minute later at full health. Up to three can exist at once.
  • After defeating one of the Mages:
    • 3 Fafnirs will appear near the corners of the map.

Boss data

Main article: Gharnef

Easy Normal Hard Lunatic

Portrait gharnef fewa.png
Level 25
Weapon Item
Imhullu --
Swords/Katanas X mark.png Lances/Naginata X mark.png Axes/Clubs X mark.png Bows/Yumi X mark.png
Tomes/Scrolls Yes check.png Dragonstones X mark.png Staves/Rods X mark.png Claws X mark.png FE14RankBreath.png X mark.png


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

After defeating the first Gharnef, shadows of him will appear across the map. The real one will always spawn next to Trident Ruins. You can easily deduce the real one by attacking them: shadows will retreat at critical HP, while the real one will verbally reveal himself if he has less than half his HP. Likewise, all the shadows will disappear if all the Mages are defeated.

After this battle, the History Mode map The Dark Pontifex will become available.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Taking the World Tree
Japanese 世界樹の頂 Top of the World Tree
Spanish Reconquista del árbol Recapture of the World Tree
French Sus à l'arbre du monde Search out the World Tree
German Weltenbaum-Eroberung Taking the World Tree
Italian La presa del'Albero del Mondo Taking the World Tree


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