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Unused content in Fire Emblem Warriors

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Little detailed research has gone into the unused content of Fire Emblem Warriors, though even a cursory look reveals some unused dialogue. The content on this page is taken from the Nintendo Switch release of the game unless otherwise stated.


The Japanese release of the game also contains the game's localized script in all relevant languages.[1] In the Japanese version these are unused as the language of the text cannot be changed, only voices.

Support conversations

Known dialogue files for two unused support conversations have been present in the files since the game's initial Japanese release.

Despite Niles's release as a downloadable character, these conversations remain unused and Niles does not have any accessible support conversations with Sakura or Lianna.[2][3][4]

Niles and Sakura

Niles and Sakura support conversation script

Sakura: *Sniff!* Oh, all those people...
Niles: (Is that Princess Sakura? She's even prettier when she cries...) Princess Sakura? What's the matter?
Sakura: Oh, Niles! I...I was just thinking of all those wounded soldiers today... I tried to help as many as I could, it just still didn't feel like enough.
Niles: No matter how many soldiers get injured, there's still only one of you. It's madness to think you could heal every last one!
Sakura: Maybe...but if only I could soothe them or put their minds at ease. I don't know how much longer I can stand watching my friends get hurt.
Niles: Hmm... Then I guess you don't have a choice, do you? If you don't like seeing people get wounded, stay off the battlefield. What good are you if all you do is stand there and mope about it?
Sakura: You're right. The only solution is to stay home and give it all up. B-but could I really do that? If I'm choosing between being useless and being useful...I choose the latter.
Niles: Don't be a fool!
Sakura: W-what?!
Niles: Oh, Princess Sakura... So naive... Think about it. Every time you heal a soldier, they must return to the fray.
Sakura: I, uh...and?
Niles: And that soldier is bound to get injured again. So what's the point?
Sakura: ...Oh, Niles. You're pretty clever.
Niles: Huh?
Sakura: The point is we all keep fighting, no matter how much it hurts us. Even me. You used a little reverse psychology on me, didn't you? That was nice of you.
Niles: Nice? Heh heh! You know me, always trying to do a good deed.
Sakura: It's so sweet of you to worry about me. But I shouldn't be distracting you with my tears.
Niles: (Ha! If only she knew how much I liked the distraction...) (This plan really backfired, didn't it?) That's right. I just think you need to toughen up a bit. Then next time you cry, it'll make it all the more satisfying.
Sakura: You're right! Wait...what do you mean by satisfying?
Niles: Oh, you'll find out eventually.
Sakura: O-OK...I-I'll look forward to it. See you later!
Niles: Hmm... She sure keeps me on my toes. Let's see where this little relationship takes us, shall we? Maybe one day she'll come crying right into my arms...

Niles and Lianna

Niles and Lianna support conversation script

Niles: Well, well, well... Look who it is!
Lianna: Make it quick, Niles. I'm really not in the mood to deal with you right now. I've already had to put up with all the ghastly jokes you've taught my brother.
Niles: Which jokes are those?
Lianna: I don't know. The ones that aren't particularly funny.
Niles: Maybe you didn't like them because you just didn't understand them.
Lianna: Oh I understood them...understood them to be unbecoming of a royal.
Niles: I can't for the life of me remember what joke you're talking about. Just whisper it to me right here. I promise not to tell anyone...
Lianna: That's enough, Niles!
Niles: How about I whisper it to you then? Perhaps I could even teach you a few jokes your brother doesn't even know.
Lianna: Please stop talking now...
Niles: I see. You'd prefer I'd just write them down for you...
Lianna: Honestly!
Niles: My dear princess, how can I possibly correct my behavior if--
Lianna: Just STOP telling the jokes! And STOP teaching...the..knock...I...I...ugh!
Niles: Princess? Are you alright?! Your face is all red--Princess! Can you hear me!? What's going on? ...What?... Did I... I annoyed you so much, you passed out. That might be a record for me!
Lianna: Oh, I'm sorry.
Niles: No, no. I should be the one apologizing. I've never seen you so emotional. I was pretty amusing actually. Until it wasn't.
Lianna: So you're done now?
Niles: I am. Prince Leo would be pretty upset if something happened to you.
Lianna: Oh. So you ARE capable of respect! Then are we agreed that you'll leave my brother alone from now on?
Niles: Hmm... I don't know about that. Prince Shion;[sic] really does love my jokes.
Lianna: Enough about the jokes! Who thinks knock-knock jokes are THAT funny?
Niles: Obviously not you.
Lianna: Do you want me to pass out again? Listen... Could you at least throw in a one-liner or riddle every now and then?
Niles: It's a deal, Princess.
Lianna: Good! And you know I'm going to hold you to it.


In addition to the unused graphics here it may be notable that enemy characters like Gharnef,[5] Iago,[6] and Validar[7] do not have player palettes for their map sprites, while NPC characters made playable through DLC, Oboro,[8] Niles,[9] Navarre,[10] and Owain,[11] do have player palettes in the base game though they never appear using their player palettes unless the DLC making them playable has been purchased. This may imply that the NPC characters were intended to be eventually playable from the start of development while the villains were not planned to be playable from the start and remain unplayable as of writing. The villains do have yellow colored other affiliation palettes in the base game, which are used in some DLC missions.

Ma fewa darios sheet playable.png Player palette map sprites for Darios exist in the game files; however he only ever appears as an allied NPC or enemy unit. The developers have said in an interview that they had intended to make him playable in a free downloadable scenario but ended up not having the development time to do so.[12]
Portrait tiki dragon fewa.png A portrait graphic for Tiki's dragon form exists though isn't used anywhere ingame. It may have been planned for a cutscene but the developers never ended up using it; Corrin uses a dragon form portrait in some of the game's downloadable content. The graphic is based off of Tiki's default dragon form, a variant for her Divine Dragon costume version of her dragon form does not appear to exist.
Portrait velezark unused fewa.png A work-in-progress version of Velezark's portrait. It says "諾々調整中" Adjustment under review and "" Temporary. The portrait does not have the gradient fade other large portraits have and has slightly different lighting.


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