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List of items in Fire Emblem Awakening

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This page lists all of the items in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Item Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Vulnerary Is 3ds01 vulnerary.png 3 300 Restores 10 HP to its user.
Concoction Is 3ds01 concoction.png 3 600 Restores 20 HP to its user.
Elixir Is 3ds01 elixir.png 3 900 Fully restores its user's HP.
Sweet Tincture Is 3ds01 sweet tincture.png 3 150 Restores 5 HP to its user.
Sells for 1/4 of its worth.
Pure Water Is 3ds01 pure water.png 3 600 Grants +5 resistance on the turn used. Decreases this boost by 1 for each turn afterward.
Defense Tonic Is 3ds01 defense tonic.png 1 150 +2 defense for the duration of one chapter when used.
Resistance Tonic Is 3ds01 resistance tonic.png 1 150 +2 resistance for the duration of one chapter when used.
Skill Tonic Is 3ds01 skill tonic.png 1 150 +2 skill for the duration of one chapter when used.
Strength Tonic Is 3ds01 strength tonic.png 1 150 +2 strength for the duration of one chapter when used.
Magic Tonic Is 3ds01 magic tonic.png 1 150 +2 magic for the duration of one chapter when used.
Speed Tonic Is 3ds01 speed tonic.png 1 150 +2 speed for the duration of one chapter when used.
Luck Tonic Is 3ds01 luck tonic.png 1 150 +2 luck for the duration of one chapter when used.
HP Tonic Is 3ds01 hp tonic.png 1 150 +5 maximum HP for the duration of one chapter or skirmish when used.
Kris's Confect Is 3ds01 kris's confect.png 5 1,000 +5 maximum HP and +2 defense and resistance for the duration of the chapter or skirmish in which it is used.
Sells for 1/4 of its worth.
Gaius's Confect Is 3ds01 gaius's confect.png 5 2,000 +2 strength, skill and speed for the duration of the chapter or skirmish in which it is used.
Sells for 1/4 of its worth.
Tiki's Tear Is 3ds01 tiki's tear.png 1 1,000 +5 maximum HP and +2 all other stats for the duration of the chapter or skirmish in which it is used.
Sells for 1/4 of its worth.
Door Key Is 3ds01 door key.png 1 300 Used to open a single door.
Chest Key Is 3ds01 chest key.png 1 300 Used to open a single chest.
Master Key Is 3ds01 master key.png 1 500 Opens any door or treasure chest.
Dracoshield Is 3ds01 dracoshield.png 1 2,500 Permanently increases defense by 2 points when used.
Talisman Is 3ds01 talisman.png 1 2,500 Permanently increases resistance by 2 points when used.
Boots Is 3ds01 boots.png 1 2,500 Permanently increases movement by 2 points when used.
Cannot be used on the same character more than once.
Secret Book Is 3ds01 secret book.png 1 2,500 Permanently increases skill by 2 points when used.
Energy Drop Is 3ds01 energy drop.png 1 2,500 Permanently increases strength or by 2 points when used.
Spirit Dust Is 3ds01 spirit dust.png 1 2,500 Permanently increases magic by 2 points when used.
Speedwing Is 3ds01 speedwing.png 1 2,500 Permanently increases speed by 2 points when used.
Goddess Icon Is 3ds01 goddess icon.png 1 2,500 Permanently increases luck by 2 points when used.
Seraph Robe Is 3ds01 seraph robe.png 1 2,500 Permanently increases maximum HP by 5 points when used.
Arms Scroll Is 3ds01 arms scroll.png 1 2,500 Raises the user's weapon levels in all weapon types available to their current class by one tier each.
Naga's Tear Is 3ds01 naga's tear.png 1 5,000 Permanently increases maximum HP by 5 points and all other stats by 2 points each when used.
Seed of Trust Is 3ds01 seed of trust.png 1 1,000 Can only be used when paired up and both units of the pair are capable of supporting.
Slightly boosts support between the user and their partner.
Sells for 1/4 of its worth.
Master Seal Is 3ds01 master seal.png 1 2,500 Initiates class change for every base class when at Level 10 or higher.
Second Seal Is 3ds01 second seal.png 1 2,500 Initiates reclassing for the unit using it, dependent on their current level and class-tier status.
Dread Scroll Is 3ds01 dread scroll.png 1 0 Initiates reclass for the user (if level 10 base or in an advanced class), promoting them to Dread Fighter. Male units only.
Wedding Bouquet Is 3ds01 wedding bouquet.png 1 0 Initiates reclass for the user (if level 10 base or in an advanced class), promoting them to Bride. Female units only.
(Bullion (S))
Is 3ds01 bullion small.png -- 2,000 Sells for 1,000 gold.
(Bullion (M))
Is 3ds01 bullion medium.png -- 10,000 Sells for 5,000 gold.
(Bullion (L))
Is 3ds01 bullion large.png -- 20,000 Sells for 10,000 gold.
Silver Card Is 3ds01 silver card.png -- 0 Drops shop prices by half for all units.
Supreme Emblem Is 3ds01 supreme emblem.png -- -- Sells for 99,999 gold.
Reeking Box Is 3ds01 reeking box.png 1 500 Summons Risen onto the player's location. Sells for 1/4 of its worth.
Rift Door Is 3ds01 rift door.png 1 1,000 Summons a merchant onto the player's location. Sells for 1/4 of its worth.
All Stats +2 Is 3ds01 all stats +2 book.png 1 -- Teaches the skill All Stats +2 to a single unit.
Iote's Shield Is 3ds01 iote's shield book.png 1 -- Teaches the skill Iote's Shield to a single unit.
Limit Breaker Is 3ds01 limit breaker book.png 1 -- Teaches the skill Limit Breaker to a single unit.
Paragon Is 3ds01 paragon book.png 1 -- Teaches the skill Paragon to a single unit.



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