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Plegia Castle







Plegia (pronounced /⁠ˈplɛd͡ʒiə⁠/[key][1];Japanese: ペレジア Perezia) is a kingdom located in the south-west of the continent of Ylisse. It borders the Halidom of Ylisse to the east, and Regna Ferox to the north.


In the distant past, the territory now comprising Plegia was part of Dolhr, Macedon, Altea, Gra, and Grust. The ruler of Plegia is the King, who, at the beginning of the events of Fire Emblem Awakening, is Gangrel.

Plegia is controlled by the Grimleal, a cult that worships the Fell Dragon Grima, as the Fell Dragon, in opposition to Naga, who is worshipped by the people of the other nations of Ylisse and Valm. The Grimleal seek to resurrect the Fell Dragon, via a vessel whose body is capable of accepting Grima's power. Despite the Grimleal controlling the country, ordinary citizens do not worship Grima, living in fear of Grima and his Grimleal followers.[2]

Prior to the events of Awakening, the previous Exalt of Ylisse—the father of Emmeryn, Chrom, and Lissa—waged war on the Grimleal in Plegia. The war ended with his death, and damaged the relationship between Plegia and Ylisse, and the Ylissean royalty and their subjects, that Emmeryn had sought to repair. However, Gangrel sought only conquest, a desire that led both him and Emmeryn to their downfalls.

Characters from Plegia

Character Description Appears in
Small portrait gangrel fe13.png
The cruel and merciless king of Plegia who seeks to conquer the continent. Awakening
Small portrait validar fe13.png
The leader of the Grimleal who wishes to mastermind Grima's resurrection. Awakening
Small portrait aversa fe13.png
A high-ranking member of the Grimleal who has led countless men to their ruin. Awakening
Small portrait tharja fe13.png
A gloomy dark mage with an unhealthy obsession with Robin. Awakening
Small portrait henry fe13.png
An optimistic dark mage who is obsessed with blood and death. Awakening
Small portrait garrick fe13.png
A Plegian thug sent to to provoke Ylisse into war with acts of banditry. Awakening
Small portrait orton fe13.png
A merciless Plegian commander sent by Gangrel to massacre Ylisseans. Awakening
Small portrait chalard fe13.png
A priest with fanatical reverence for Grima. Awakening
Small portrait chalard fe13.png
A worshipper of Grima who captures young maidens as sacrifices. Awakening
Small portrait mustafa fe13.png
A Plegian forced to fight due to Gangrel's blackmail. Awakening
Small portrait vasto fe13.png
A deceptive and cruel Plegian wyvern rider sent to kill Chrom. Awakening
Small portrait campari fe13.png
A bitter Plegian general left to stall Chrom during Emmeryn's execution. Awakening
Small portrait robin m fe13.png
Grima's intended vessel, who refuses their birthright in order to help lead Chrom and the Shepherds to victory. Awakening

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


A suffix forming nouns denoting a kind of paralysis, as in hemiplegia or paraplegia. From Greek πληγή plēgḗ "blow" or "stroke"—from πλήσσειν plḗssein "to strike"—and the suffix "-ia", which is used in the formation of certain nouns.



Officially romanized as Perezia.



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



Used in Heroes.[3]

  • 펠레지아
  • 페레지아
  • Used for profile cards in Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
  • Used in Before Awakening.
Traditional Chinese


Perezia; used in Heroes.[4]



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