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Rosanne (Japanese: ロザンヌ Rosanne) is a small duchy in Valm, appearing in Fire Emblem Awakening. It was formerly ruled by Virion, before being conquered by Walhart and annexed into the Valmese Empire.


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Rosanne is described as a fertile territory in Valm. The duchy was ruled by Duke Virion until the Valmese army, led by Walhart, took it by force and left it in a state of disarray. Virion, in an attempt to barter with Walhart for the safety of his subjects, planned to offer himself to the Valmese Empire as a bargaining chip. His subjects, having the deepest respect for their duke, refused to allow Virion to do this and vowed to give their lives in his defense. Realizing that their fealty would get them killed, Virion had fled to Ylisse. His gambit was meant to both secure aid in fighting Walhart and remove his subjects' belief in him, preventing more of Roseanne's people from giving up their lives in his name.

During the Epilogue, it is revealed that both Virion and Cherche returned to Rosanne after Grima's defeat in order to help repair the damages done by Walhart and his army. Virion was ostracized by the people of Rosanne and branded as a coward for his apparent desertion of his lands, though he gave the rest of his life purely to aiding his people.

Notable locations within Rosanne

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Due to the fact that Rosanne itself is never visited throughout the course of Awakening's story, little is known of Rosanne itself. However, during Cherche's supports with Vaike, she mentions that she met Minerva when she wandered into Wyvern Valley, while her supports with Donnel confirm that she was only nine when this occurred. As such, Rosanne is likely within walking distance from Wyvern Valley if a child was able to walk into it.

The only other known location in Rosanne is Virion's own castle, which he mentions in his support conversations with Maribelle.

Characters from Rosanne

Character Description Appears in
Portrait virion fe13.png
The duke of Rosanne, who fled to Ylisse when his territory was invaded by Walhart. Awakening
Portrait cherche fe13.png
A vassal of House Virion. Adores her wyvern, Minerva. Awakening

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


A feminine given name, a combination of Rose and Anne.[1]






As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



Used in Heroes.[2]

Traditional Chinese


Rosanne; used in Heroes.[3]



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  3. "治理瓦雷姆陸地羅杉奴地區的貴族。" — Help text description of Virion: Elite Archer, Fire Emblem Heroes
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