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Unwelcome Change

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Unwelcome Change


West of Ylisstol

New units

Sully, Virion


Risen Chief

You may call me Marth.
— The mysterious masked youth

Unwelcome Change is the first chapter in Fire Emblem Awakening. This chapter introduces the Risen as well as a mysterious masked youth. Completing this chapter will unlock the ability to view support conversations.

This chapter is the second of two chapters that appeared in the international demo version of Awakening.


Main article: Unwelcome Change/Script

The night after the events of the previous chapter, our heroes continue their trek to Ylisstol. Lissa complains about the darkness, and notices that bugs have come out. As Lissa continues complaining about the bugs, one enters her mouth, causing her to talk funny. Chrom asks Lissa to stop complaining, as hardship builds character, then asks her if she wants to help him gather firewood. Lissa, having apparently swallowed the bug and can once again talk normally, refuses Chrom's offer, saying she's built enough character for one day. Robin brings up the subject of food; he/she doesn't know about the others, but Robin himself/herself is starving. Frederick agress that some hunting and gathering is in order, and asks for volunteers to clear a campsite.

Once the campsite is built, the Shepherds have gathered around the campfire, with Chrom and Robin depicted eating. Chrom says it's been too long since he's had bear meat, before asking Lissa to dig in. Lissa refuses, then asks if the guys couldn't spear an animal normal people eat for once--wondering who eats bear, and that they're meddling with the food chain. Lissa asks Robin if he/she agrees with her--as Robin eats the bear meat; Lissa wonders that a person would enjoy just about anything after having not eaten for days. Chrom asks Lissa to eat, saying meat is meat; Lissa exclaims that the bear meat smells like old boots--then takes back the comment, saying that boots smell better. Frederick revals that every experience makes them stronger, even those they don't enjoy. Lissa then asks why Frederick isn't eating, to which Frederick reveals he wasn't hungry after having had a large lunch; Lissa's comment afterward casts doubt on Frederick's claim.

Some time later, all but Chrom are sleeping; Chrom notices something odd and stands up, waking up Lissa in the process. Lissa asks Chrom what is wrong; Chrom reveals he didn't mean to wake Lissa, but tells her something is amiss--to which Lissa asks Chrom to define "something". Unsure as to the definition of "something", Chrom says he'll have a look around; Lissa says Chrom won't do it alone, she's coming with, to which Chrom accepts.

After some time walking, Lissa notices that the surroundings are dark and quiet, asking where the birds went. Chrom notices something is wrong at that spot, after which a tremor hits the area, shaking the surroundings and prompting reactions from both Lissa and Chrom. Chrom wonders what's going on, and asks Lissa to stay close.

(Cutscene: "Cataclysm") As the shaking continues, Chrom asks Lissa to flee the area; he then pushes her into a running start. The ground cracks and starts to move around, after which fire starts to appear on the scene. Chrom catches up to Lissa and asks her to come his way. As fire continues to bombard the scene, Lissa gets tripped up; fire is then seen in the sky. After a short while, after Chrom and Lissa stop while exhausted, Lissa notices something forming up in the sky. A portal forms in the sky, transforming it into a darker color; it then opens and lets out some undead beings. The undead beings, upon landing, notice Chrom and Lissa; Chrom draws his sword and asks Lissa to stand back. As the undead beings attack, Chrom takes to the offensive, landing his sword against one. The undead being hit by Chrom's sword turns his head, then counterattacks, with Chrom blocking just in time. After some dueling, Chrom knocks down the undead being, then jumps into the air and drives his sword into the being, which then dissolves into dark ether. Lissa screams, as another of the beings approaches her; as the being is about to strike Lissa with an axe, the portal glows again, this time producing a mysterious masked youth. The youth comes to Lissa's side, produces a sword, and swings it at the being; the masked youth asks for help as Chrom nears. Chrom accepts, then charges onto the scene with sword in hand. Chrom and the youth swing their swords in tandem, killing the undead being. Chrom notices the masked youth's entrance and asks for the youth's name, a request that goes unanswered at this time.

Frederick and Robin arrive on the scene, with Frederick asking Chrom and Lissa if they are hurt. Lissa notices Frederick and Robin having arrived, as Robin surveys the scene and analyzes the undead beings in the area, asking if they're commonplace in the area. Chrom states that the beings aren't from Ylisse. Once Frederick notices nobody's injured, Lissa asks him to thank the masked man who rescued her--if it wasn't for him, something would have happened to Lissa, but Lissa notices the masked man is gone before she can complete her sentence. Frederick states they can worry about the masked man later, once the undead beings have been killed. Frederick asks the group to keep their eyes open, as they know nothing about the enemy, to which Chrom confirms.

As the battle begins, Robin notices the forts, to which Frederick states they are abandoned and Robin confirms that shelter should be taken in them whenever possible, as they can offer distinct advantages in battle. The player gains control at this point, and can discover that the undead beings are known as Risen, and that their leader is known as a Risen Chief.

After one full turn of combat, another knight, this one a woman named Sully, arrives on the scene, calling out to Chrom that she's coming. Sully regrets having left the group behind, then calls out to the Risen, asking which one wants to try her lance on for size first. She even states the perfect spot, right up their--to which she can't finish, as an archer arrives on the scene. The archer, named Virion, asks Sully to keep still, to which Virion begins to flirt with her. Sully wonders just who Virion is; as Virion continues to flirt, he tries to introduce himself--to which Sully interrupts to call him an insulting nickname, and stating that there's no time for idle conversation. Sully tries to leave the scene, but is drawn back when he asks Sully to introduce herself--which she does. Virion continues flirting, and then asks Sully to marry him. Sully sees Virion's flirting and question as a joke, and says that her boot through his face is the punchline. Virion tells Sully to not be pressured into answering his proposal right away--not even being able to finish, as Sully angrily gives her "answer" in the form of kicking Virion. Unfazed, Virion asks Sully to at least let him accompany her, continuing to flirt. Sully accepts this idea, as it would at least silence Virion--then asks Virion to stop staring at her strangely.

Once the Risen in the area are defeated, the masked man will have returned to the scene, Frederick revealing he took care of the rest. Lissa, saying she never thanked him for before, does so here, saying he was very brave, with Chrom thanking him for saving Lissa's life. Chrom introduces himself to the masked man, then asks the same out of the masked man. The masked man asks that they call him "Marth"; Chrom recognizes the name as the heroic hero-king of a past era. Chrom then says "Marth" certainly fights like a hero, then asks him where he learned swordplay. "Marth" says he's not here to talk about him, then reveals that the world teeters on the brink of a horrible calamity--what just transpired was merely a prelude, and tells the Shepherds that they have been warned. Lissa is unable to figure out what "Marth" just said; as "Marth" leaves, Robin says he's not much for conversation, with Frederick stating his skills lie elsewhere, confident they'll hear his name again. Frederick shows concerns for the capital, and says they should hurry back. At this point, the international demo version of the game ends, and the player can save their game in the full version.

The following morning, the Shepherds reach Ylisstol, the capital of Ylisse. Robin gazes over the city, having never seen so many people at once. Frederick is relieved Ylisstol was spared the calamity that took place west of the city the previous night; seeing no evidence of the earthquakes, Frederick deduces that the chaos was limited to the forest. Lissa exclaims relief at Ylisstol being spared. An old villager cries out that the exalt is in their presence.

A short time later, Robin asks if the exalt is the ruler of Ylisse, to which Frederick confirms and introduces her as Lady Emmeryn. Robin asks if it is safe for her to walk among commoners in such a fashion; Frederick reveals that the exalt is a symbol of peace and Ylisse's most prized quality. Frederick then reveals that a fell dragon tried to destroy the world at the dawn of the current age in history; the first exalt teamed up with the divine dragon and felled the beast, and as a result, Emmeryn reminds the people of the peace fought for then. Chrom states that the people need Emmeryn with Plegia poking at their borders; Emmeryn is a calming presence when some might otherwise call for war. Robin believes the Ylissean people to be lucky to have her.

Lissa then reveals that Emmeryn is the best big sister anyone could ask for--revealing her and Chrom to be Emmeryn's younger siblings. This surprises Robin, who deduces that Chrom and Lissa are a prince and princess of the Ylissean realm; it is Frederick who reveals this point to confirm this deduction, Frederick also surprised to know Robin knew Chrom's name but not his status as a Ylissean prince. Robin appears aghast at what he/she believes to be a lie about the group being known as Shepherds; Chrom reveals that the group are indeed Shepherds in a manner of speaking, and that they have a lot of sheep. Robin asks Chrom to forgive his/her dreadful manners, but Chrom states that he was never much for formalities. At this point, Robin deduces that Chrom and Lissa being royalty explains Frederick's tolerance for teasing; Frederick considers it sacrifices made for the good of the realm. Chrom notices that Emmeryn is returning to the palace, and asks Robin if he/she would like to meet her.

At the palace, the group arrives to meet up with Emmeryn, another knight by her side. Emmeryn welcomes her siblings home, and also greets Frederick, then asks how they fared. Chrom reveals that there shouldn't be any bandit problems for awhile, and then reveals the people to be safe when Emmeryn asks about them; Chrom states that the borders should still be watched, as the brigands crossed over from Plegia. Emmeryn's knight, who we find out is named Phila, asks Chrom to forgive her, that her pegasus knights should have intercepted them; Chrom states Phila did nothing wrong, that her place was with Emmeryn. Lissa reveals that they had plenty of help; Emmeryn notices Robin, whom Chrom introduces to her and reveals that he's formally decided to allow Robin into the Shepherds. Emmeryn reveals that Ylisse owes Robin a debt of gratitude, but Robin thinks otherwise. Frederick brings up Robin's amnesia to Emmeryn, but only goes as far to think it a claim, not an outright fact; Frederick refuses to rule out the possibility of Robin being a brigand or even a Plegian spy. Chrom silences Frederick, and Emmeryn asks Chrom if he has Robin's trust, as Chrom allowed Robin into the castle. Chrom reveals he does trust Robin, as he/she risked his/her life for Ylissean people. Emmeryn reveals that she also trusts Robin, but also thanks Frederick for his prudence, as Chrom and Lissa are blessed to have so tireless a guardian; Frederick states that such gratitude is occasionally expressed. Frederick then asks Phila if she has heard of the Risen encounter of the previous night; Phila reveals that Risen have been seen all over Ylisse. Emmeryn reveals that she is about to hold a council, and asks Chrom if he could join them, to which Chrom accepts. Lissa asks Robin to follow her, as there's a place she wants to show him/her.


A chaotic night in the woods brings tremors and terrors, but a swordsman named Marth comes to the rescue. Back in Ylisstol, Robin meets Emmeryn.

Chapter data

Normal Hard/Lunatic

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy Player Enemy
Defeat: Chrom or Robin die. 4+2 7
File:Cm fe13 1.png

The chapter's map is 16 columns by 16 rows.

Character data

New Units
Small portrait sully fe13.png
Automatically from turn 2
Small portrait virion fe13.png
Automatically from turn 2
Returning Characters

Small portrait chrom l fe13.pngSmall portrait avatar m-default fe13.pngSmall portrait lissa fe13.pngSmall portrait frederick fe13.png

Item data

There are no items obtained in this chapter.

Shop data

After clearing chapter 3, the shop at this location will become available.

Armory contents

Normal stock Possible merchant items

Item Price
Is 3ds01 heal.png Heal 600
Is 3ds01 vulnerary.png Vulnerary 300

Event tiles

  • Column 10, row 5: Two spaces above the northern fort.
  • Column 12, row 10: On the southern fort.

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic(+)

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds01 fighter risen enemy.gif
Risen Fighter 1 3 Bronze Axe --
Ma 3ds01 mercenary risen enemy.gif
Risen Mercenary 1 2 Bronze Sword --
Ma 3ds01 archer risen enemy.gif
Risen Archer 1 1 Bronze Bow --
Ma 3ds01 fighter risen enemy.gif
Risen Chief Fighter 3 1 Hand Axe He and all other enemies immediately begin moving unprovoked.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

Boss data

Main article: Risen Chief

Normal Hard Lunatic

Small portrait risen chief fe13.png
Level 3
Movement 5
Max HP 24 Speed 6
Strength 9 Luck 5
Magic 0 Defense 4
Skill 8 Resistance 0
Inventory Skills
Is 3ds01 hand axe.png Hand Axe --
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes D
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

Start by having Frederick pair up with Chrom and Lissa pair up with Robin. Move Frederick to the north fort and move Robin out of danger. On the enemy phase, the Fighter will suicidally attack Frederick and the Mercenary will wound himself.

Enter Sully and Virion. Sully is a speedy Cavalier who is somewhat frail. Virion is an Archer with questionable bases but good potential if he gets his hands on a Longbow. On turn 2, bring Chrom in front and have him kill the Mercenary if he's still alive. Pair Virion up with Sully and move her two spaces south into the forest so she will fight the Mercenary. Keep Robin on the outskirts of the danger zone. On the enemy phase, the Fighters and Archer will attack Chrom, who should survive thanks to Frederick and the terrain advantages. If Frederick gets a couple of Dual Strikes, so much the better. Depending on how the RNG plays, the Mercenary may attack Chrom or Sully.

If the Mercenary attacks Chrom, on turn 3, move Sully three spaces west and one north and switch to Virion, such that he is standing inside a forest inside the boss' range. Have Chrom kill the Mercenary. Move Robin so that she is inside the Archer's attack range, but not the Fighter's. On the enemy phase, if you luck out, Chrom will kill all of the remaining Fighters. Have Frederick and Robin kill the Archer and carefully bait out and kill the boss.

If the Mercenary attacks Sully, on turn 3, have Sully flee north and Lissa heal her. Have Chrom kill a weakened Fighter if one is still alive. The Archer will attack Chrom and the boss and Mercenary will approach. Have Virion step inside the boss' range and wound the Mercenary, and have Robin kill him. You can then have Frederick and Robin kill the Archer, and then bait and kill the boss.


  • This chapter is one of two in the vanilla Awakening game, and one of four in total, to include generic Risen that do not refer to the Risen as such in dialogue, the others being paralogue 16, EXPonential Growth, and Harvest Scramble. In the case of this chapter, this is due to the name "Risen" not being formally coined among the game's characters until the next chapter.
  • There is an error present in the animated cutscene during this chapter. Right after Marth calls to Chrom for help, Falchion's hilt can be seen behind Chrom's left shoulder despite it currently being held in his right hand.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Unwelcome Change
Japanese 砕かれた日常 Normality Shattered
French Ombres dans la nuit Shadows in the night


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