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Second Seal

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Second Seal

Is 3ds01 second seal.png
Icon of a Second Seal from Awakening.

Changes a base class at LV 10 (or any level advanced class) to a new class.



First game

Fire Emblem Awakening

The Second Seal (Japanese: チェンジプルフ Change Proof) is a class change item which debuted in Fire Emblem Awakening. It is the central source of the Awakening reclassing system: when used, it allows a character in a base class who have reached level 10, or any character in an advanced class, to change into a different class (or, if they are at their maximum level, the same class again).


Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Awakening Is 3ds01 second seal.png 1 2500 Initiates reclassing for the unit using it, dependent on their current level and class-tier status (see below table).

Functionality by level

Functionality by level
Unit status Available class pool
Base class, levels 1–9
Special class, levels 1–9
Cannot be used
Base class, levels 10–19
Special class, levels 10–29
Any base class choice for the unit not currently in use
Base class, level 20
Advanced class, levels 1–9
Any base class choice available to the unit
Advanced class, levels 10–19 Any class choice for the unit not currently in use
Advanced class, level 20
Special class, level 30
Any class choice available to the unit


Dropped by Chapter 12, enemy Bow KnightParalogue 5, enemy GeckoParalogue 9, enemy Great Knight
Treasure Chapter 8, villageChapter 15, villageChapter 18, chestChapter 20, chestParalogue 12, chestParalogue 16, chest
Armory The Mila TreeGreat GateMercenary FortressManor of Lost Souls
SouthtownWest of YlisstolThe NorthroadThe LongfortArena FeroxBorder PassYlisstolBreakneck PassBorder SandsPlegia Castle CourtyardThe MidmireThe FarfortThe Twins' TurfPeaceful Village
Renown bonus 100 Renown points; only one copy can be obtained through this means per save file.

Flavor text

Game Text
Awakening Changes a base class at LV 10 (or any level
advanced class) to a new class.


  • A Dread Fighter or a Bride at level 30 can choose to use a Second Seal to class change into the same class again instead of having to use another copy of their unique reclassing items (the Dread Scroll and Wedding Bouquet respectively).
  • The Second Seal is known internally as セカンドプルフ Second Proof, which differs from its actual Japanese name of チェンジプルフ Change Proof. This may have been a contributing factor to the Second Seal's localized name.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Second Seal




Change Proof


Segundo sello

Second seal



Derived from the Latin scholaris, "scholar"; a counterpart to the Master Seal's French name, Magister, from Latin for "teacher".



Second seal


Sigillo speciale

Special seal



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