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Unwelcome Change/Script

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Lissa: I told you—it's getting dark already! ...Ech! And now the bugs are out! Noisy, disgusting bugs that buzz around and crawl all over and bite you when—Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!
Chrom: Aw, come on now, Lissa. Hardship builds character. Want to help me gather firewood?
Lissa: Tpht! Tpht! Yeeeeeuck! ...I think I swallowed it… I'll pass on finding firewood, thanks. I think I've built QUITE enough character for one day!
Robin: We should probably think about food. I don't know about you, but I'm starving.
Frederick: Yes, I should think a little hunting and gathering is in order. Now, who wants to clear a campsite?

(scene change; the group has built a fire and Chrom and Robin are eating dinner)

Chrom: Mmm... It's been too long since I last had bear meat. Delicious! ...What's wrong, Lissa? Dig in.
Lissa: Pass! ...Gods, couldn't you spear us an animal normal people eat for once? I mean, come on! Who eats bear?! You're meddling with the food chain. Right, Robin? ...Uh, Robin?
Robin: *Munch, munch, slurp*
Lissa: *Sigh* I suppose a person would enjoy just about anything after not eating for days…
Chrom: Just eat it, Lissa. Meat is meat.
Lissa: Since when does meat smell like old boots?! Wait, I take that back—boots smell better!
Frederick: Every experience makes us stronger, milady. Even those we don't enjoy.
Lissa: Really? Then why don't I see YOU eating, Frederick?
Frederick: Me? Oh, well... I'm not hungry. I...I had a large lunch! Yes, quite.
Lissa: Yeah right, Frederick!

(scene change; everyone is asleep)

Chrom: (suddenly wakes up) ...Huh?
Lissa: *Yawn* What's wrong, Big Brother?
Chrom: Sorry, I didn't meant to wake you, but... Something is amiss…
Lissa: Define "something."
Chrom: I'm not sure... I think I'll have a look around.
Lissa: Not alone, you won't! I'm coming too.
Chrom: Heh. Thanks, Lissa.

(scene change; Chrom and Lissa are deeper in the forest)

Lissa: It sure is dark. ...And quiet. Where did the birds go?
Chrom: Something is wrong here…(screen shakes)
Lissa: Aaah! Chrom!
Chrom: Gods, what—Agh! What is this madness?! Lissa, stay close!

(Cutscene: "Cataclysm")
(an earthquake fells several trees)
Chrom: Lissa, run.
Lissa: Huh?
Chrom: I mean it! Go! (as Lissa runs to safety, Chrom catches up with her; the ground on where they were splits as lava floods the area and incoming fireballs burn more trees) Hey! This way! (Chrom jumps into a gap, with Lissa following suit)
(the two pause to catch for breath)
Lissa: Chrom, what IS that?! (a portal appears overhead; two masked humanoids emerge from it and drop to the ground)
Chrom: Lissa. You'd better stand back. (draws Falchion; one of the mysterious figures charges at Chrom, who retaliates, but the figure recovers, turns his head fully, and attacks again; Chrom blocks an attack from the second figure, leaps up, and kills him. The figure evaporates in smoke upon being killed) (the remaining figure makes a move on Lissa) Lissa! (just as the figure is about to kill Lissa, Masked Marth appears from the portal and blocks the figure's attack with his sword, while struggling to maintain the block; Chrom is surprised at the turn of events)
Marth: Help!
Chrom: ...Right! (he and Marth kill the figure simultaneously, who vanishes in smoke; Marth sheathes his sword) Quite an entrance. What's your name?

(cutscene ends)

Frederick: Milord! Milady! Are you hurt?
Lissa: Frederick! Robin!
Robin: Are such horrific creatures commonplace in these lands?
Chrom: They're not from Ylisse, I promise you that.
Frederick: No one is injured, then? Thank the gods…
Lissa: Thank the masked man who saved me! If it wasn't for him, I'd be...Hey, where did he go?
Frederick: We can worry about him later, AFTER we put the blade. Eyes open, now. We know nothing about this enemy.
Chrom: Right.


(Turn 1 player phase)

Robin: Hmm? Are those…
Frederick: Abandoned forts, yes.
Robin: Then we should take shelter in them whenever possible. No doubt they will offer distinct advantages in battle.

(Turn 2 player phase: Sully arrives)

Sully: Captain Chrom! Wait! I'm coming! ...Agh, I knew I shouldn'ta left 'em. All right, you ash-faced freaks! Which one of ya wants to try my lance on for size first? I know just the spot for it: shoved right up your— (Virion appears)
Virion: Hold, milady!
Sully: Muh?
Virion: Life may be long, but attraction is fleeting! Would you leave me in your sweet dust? Leave war to the warriors, dear bird! A beauty such as you need wage only love.
Sully: ...The hell are you?!
Virion: Ha! Is the lady intrigued? Of course you are—it's only natural. I am myth and legend! I am he who strides large across history's greatest stage! The man who puts the "arch" in "archer"! My name, dear lady, is Vi—
Sully: Sorry, Ruffles—no time for this. Onward!
Virion: Virion! ...Er, my name. It's Virion. W-wait! Where are you going? Pray, at least tell me your name!
Sully: I'm Sully. ...And I'm a Shepherd.
Virion: "Sully"! How divine! A starkly beautiful name, as befits its owner, truly. Will you marry me, my dearest Sully?
Sully: Will I what now? Oh wait, I get it…This is a joke. And when I put my boot through your face—that's the punch line.
Virion: I realize my manly figure and noble bearing can be overwhelming. 'Tis common! So please, don't feel pressured to answer right a—
Sully: How's THIS for an answer?! (screen shakes as Sully kicks Virion)
Virion: OOF! G-goodness, but those shapely legs certainly can kick, can't they… P-please, milady! Allow me to accompany you, at least! Mine is a cold, empty world without you. I shall be your most willing servant, and you, in turn, will give my life purpose…
Sully: *Sigh* Fine... Anything to shut you up. ...What? Stop staring at me like that!

(when selecting Virion)

Virion: Goddesses and gentlemen, might I have your attention? I, as it happens, am an archer! ...The archest of archers, in fact. As such, I attack most effectively from a distance. So kindly keep me one step away from peril, if you would!

(when attacking the Risen Chief)

Risen Chief: Ryaaargh!

(when the Risen Chief is defeated)

Risen Chief: Nnh...aaagh...


Frederick: It seems all the creatures are vanquished. This young man took care of the others.
???: ......
Lissa: Um, I never got to thank you...for before. So...thank you. You were very brave.
Chrom: You saved my sister's life. My name is Chrom. Might I ask yours?
Marth: You may call me Marth.
Chrom: Marth? After the heroic king of old? You certainly fight like a hero. Where did you learn your way with a sword?
Marth: I'm not here to talk about me. This world teeters at the brink of a horrible calamity. What you saw tonight was but a prelude. You have been warned. (leaves)
Lissa: Huh? What's teetering where now? Hey, wait!
Robin: Not much for conversation, is he?
Frederick: It appears his skills lie elsewhere. I wager we'll hear his name again...But for now I'm more concerned about the capital. We should make haste.