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Short Axe

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Short Axe

FEPR Short Axe concept.png
Concept art of the Short Axe from Tellius Recollection: Volume 1.

An average throwing axe used for indirect attacks.



First game

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

The Short Axe (Japanese: ショートアクス Short Axe) is a throwing axe introduced in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. It is a mid-level, steel-equivalent throwing axe, falling between the Hand Axe and Tomahawk in terms of power and weapon level, and like these two it is able to attack at both close and distant range.


Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Path of Radiance Is gcn short axe.png GCNRankAxe.gif C 10 13 65 0 1-2 15 1,500 2 --
Radiant Dawn Is wii short axe.png WiiRankAxe.png B 12 13 60 0 1-2 15 1,500 3 --
Awakening Is 3ds01 short axe.png Axes C 7 -- 65 0 1-2 25 1,750 2 --
Three Houses Is ns01 axe.png Axes C 8 12 65 0 1-2 25 1,750 ? --

Forged stats

Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Three Houses Is ns01 axe+.png Axes C 9 12 65 0 1-2 35 2,624 ? --


Path of Radiance

Inventory Largo
Steal Chapter 24, enemy RikardChapter 26, enemy Paladin (×4)
Treasure Chapter 10, chest

Radiant Dawn

Inventory Titania
Dropped by Part 2: Prologue, enemy Zeffren
Disarm and/or steal* Part 3: Chapter 2, enemy IstvanChapter 5, enemy LombrosoChapter 7, enemy Axe General (×2 in Normal and Hard) • Chapter 8, enemy Axe GeneralChapter 10, enemy Axe General (×2) • Endgame, enemy Warrior (×2 in Normal and Hard), enemy Axe Paladin (×6) (Normal/Hard only)
Part 4: Prologue, enemy Axe General (×2 in Normal and Hard), enemy Axe Paladin (×1)/(×2) • Chapter 1, enemy Axe General (×4/×2) • Chapter 2, enemy Axe General (Easy only)Chapter 3, enemy Axe General, enemy DragonmasterChapter 4, enemy Axe General (×2 in Easy) • Endgame-1, enemy Axe General (Easy only)Endgame-2, enemy Axe General, enemy Warrior (×3)/(×10)
Bargains Part 3: Chapter 6Chapter 13


Inventory Flavia
Dropped by Chapter 14, enemy Great Knight
Armory Garden of Giants
Carrion IsleThe SearoadThe Mila TreeThe Twin's Hideout

Three Houses

This list may be incomplete.

Short Axe

Treasure Legend of the Lake, chest
Forging Hand Axe (2 Wootz Steels, 700G, C+ Professor Level)
Armory Available at the Marketplace starting Chapter 8 (Limit:2)

Short Axe+

Forging Short Axe (4 Wootz Steels, 1,050G, C+ Professor Level)

Flavor text

Game Text
Path of Radiance An axe of especially light construction.
It can be thrown at distant enemies.
Radiant Dawn A more powerful throwing axe. It can be used
for direct and indirect combat.
Awakening An average throwing axe used
for indirect attacks.
Three Houses
(Short Axe)
The light construction of this ranged axe makes it
easy to throw at foes from afar.
Three Houses
(Short Axe+)
A reinforced short axe used for close combat
and ranged attacks.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Short Axe In and of itself, the word "short" holds no common meaning with a distinct association with the form of the Short Axe. However, in the context of the Fire Emblem series it matches the Short Spear, an equivalent mid-level ranged lance.
Japanese ショートアクス Romanized as SHORTAXE in its internal file name in Radiant Dawn.
Spanish • Antiespadas
• Hacha corta
• Anti-swords. The weapon is known by this name in the Spanish version of Path of Radiance due to an error, as this is actually the Spanish name of the Swordreaver. The error was probably caused by the axe's file name in that game, "SWORDBASTER", which is the Japanese name of the Swordreaver.
• Short axe. The weapon is known by this correct name from Radiant Dawn onward. Abbreviated to H. corta in Radiant Dawn for space reasons.
French Hache courte Short axe. Abbreviated to Hac. courte in Path of Radiance for space reasons.
German Kurzaxt Short axe
Italian Ascia leggera Lightweight axe. Abbreviated to As. leggera in Path of Radiance for space reasons.
Korean 쇼트 액스 Short axe
Simplified Chinese 短斧 Short axe
Traditional Chinese 短斧 Short axe



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