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Detached Princess/Script

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Veronica: Now, which of my precious Heroes will I play with next? Ah, Ephraim and Eirika... Always so close. How lucky for you. I suppose you think that your family bonds can survive anything. Let's put that to the test. As you know, I possess you fully by contract, and so...
Ephraim: We refuse, whatever it is.
Veronica: How cute. My little toy is throwing a tantrum! But you know you're powerless to defy me. If you don't do what I ask of you, I'll force you to put Eirika to death.
Ephraim: ...
Veronica: But if you obey my next order like a good toy soldier, I'll set you and your sister free.
Ephraim: Very well. What is it that you demand, to test our family bonds?
Veronica: Love is small and frail. Prove me wrong. Show me that your love is bold and unbreakable. Then I'll release you two from my contract.
Ephraim: Simple enough.
Eirika: B-Brother? What are you planning to...
Veronica: Oh, you two. Just go figure it out. Now, as for my other toys here... Hmm? It seems that someone's come to interrupt us. Go take care of that, will you?


Veronica: Why can't I ever get what I want? All of you, fall back and escape through that gateway! There's no need to fight for me until the bitter end. Then I'd be all alone again...

(scene changes to Veronica's castle)
Veronica: It's all so lost on me... sisters and brothers... families... All of it's so...
???: Hello, Veronica.
Veronica: Oh, welcome back. Where did you disappear to?
???: I'm looking for something. And I'm afraid that I've got to be leaving again soon.
Veronica: Oh, you! How tedious. Well, as long as I have you, how about we have a tea party? I've got a fresh pot right here.
???: A cup of tea would be nice. Please, just one though.
Veronica: Here you go. Is it good? Too hot? Too weak?
???: It's perfect. Thank you, Veronica. Now, may I ask, have you recently...
Veronica: Have I what?
???: Have you felt odd lately? Like you were being controlled... by someone else?
Veronica: Odd? What do you mean, odd? I don't know. I don't think so?
???: Hmm. Good.
Veronica: Though now that you mention it, I do sometimes hear a voice.
???: A voice, you say?
Veronica: Mmm-hmm. It says... kill. And then I want to.
???: ...
Veronica: Now, won't you stay for another cup of tea? Pretty please?