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The Blazing Blade

Cornwell (Japanese: コンウォル Conwol) was one of the fourteen territories of Lycia, mentioned in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. It was dissolved two years prior to the events of The Blazing Blade, and its two known living members, Raymond—known by the alias "Raven"—and Priscilla, join Eliwood's army during the game's events.


House Cornwell is one of the marches of Lycia; when exactly it was founded and where its territory was located is not specified. The most recent marquess of Cornwell prior to its dissolution had two children: a son, Raymond; and a daughter, Priscilla. When she was six years old,[1] Priscilla was adopted by House Caerleon of Etruria.[2] While in power, Marquess Cornwell adopted the debts of many associates, but in doing so diminished the fortune of House Cornwell;[3] to gain the funds to repay his own debts, Marquess Cornwell stole gold from the Lycian Alliance.[4] Marquess Cornwell's theft was eventually discovered, and, two years prior to the events of The Blazing Blade,[5] House Cornwell was stripped of its peerage.[4] No longer nobility, Marquess Cornwell and his wife committed suicide.[6] Raymond—under the alias "Raven"—and his servant Lucius enlisted as mercenaries to the Caelin army.[5]

At the start of The Blazing Blade, Priscilla is unaware of her parents' ultimate fate, believing them to be missing;[7] this may indicate that the Cornwells' suicide was not public knowledge. Lucius and Raven believe there to be another party in the downfall of the Cornwells.[8]

Characters from Cornwell

Character Description Appears in
Portrait raven fe07.png
Son of Lord Cornwell. The Blazing Blade
Portrait priscilla fe07.png
Daughter of Lord Cornwell; adopted by Count Caerleon of Etruria when she was six years old. The Blazing Blade
Portrait lucius fe07.png
Servant to Lord Raymond of House Cornwell. The Blazing Blade

Etymology and other languages

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Conwol. Likely a modification of Cornwall (Japanese: コーンウォール Kōnwōru), a county in South West England.

  • Cormwell
  • Cornwell
  • Used in The Blazing Blade, and in Heroes—used in the European localization prior to the Legendary Ninian update (September 29, 2022) and in the American localization prior to the "Rearmed Robin & More" update (October 17, 2022).
  • Used in Heroes[9]—in the European localization after the Legendary Ninian update and in the American localization after the "Rearmed Robin & More" update.












Traditional Chinese




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