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Castle Caelin




Duchy; part of the Lycian League



I hail from the Caelin canton, home to men of passion and fire!
— Sain

Caelin (Japanese: キアラン Ciaran) was a duchy of the Lycian League, situated at least partially on the south coast[1] and bordered by Laus to the west, Khathelet and Tuscana to the north, Tania to the east, and Santaruz to the south.[2][3] Among its holdings was Badon, a port city on the coast.

For a period of at least twenty years through to the year 980, Caelin was governed by Marquess Hausen. With his daughter Madelyn's eloping and abandonment of Caelin, the heir apparent was thought to be his younger brother Lundgren, until news came that Madelyn and Hassar had an eighteen-year-old daughter, Lyndis. This news of his line to the throne being potentially obstructed caused Lundgren to dispatch assassins, later Caelin knights to obstruct Lyndis and the two knights escorting her to Caelin, Sain and Kent, and to start poisoning Hausen to hasten his death and Lundgren's ascension to the throne. Lyn and her growing band defeated all of the opponents set after her by Lundgren and, at Caelin itself, killed him and saved Hausen.

From there, Lyndis stayed to live in Caelin with her grandfather, assuming many of the responsibilities over the affairs of the duchy while Hausen recovered from the severe effects upon his health caused by the poison. One year later, the Laus army led by its Marquess Darin, fleeing Laus itself while his son Erik stayed behind to fend off Eliwood and Hector, came to Caelin and conquered it in a surprise assault, occupying the castle. Lyndis and four of her knights were instructed to flee the castle by Hausen, who stayed behind and was cornered by Darin. Hausen's attempts to reason with Darin earned him a knife to the stomach from Ephidel, who then convinced Darin to also abandon Caelin and leave his army behind. The Laus occupation, now led by General Bernard, was defeated and the territory freed. The Ostian spy Leila arranged for Hausen to be healed, and when Lyndis's group defeated the Laus occupation and freed Caelin, she advised that they falsify reports that Hausen had died in order to ensure his temporary protection.

Some time after the defeat of Nergal in the year 981, Lord Hausen died. Lyndis ceded the Caelin territory to Ostia and departed for either Pherae, Ostia, or Sacae depending on whom she paired up with, and so Caelin ceased to exist as an individual entity. Kent, a Caelin knight, was appointed the steward of the land formerly comprising the Caelin territory, assuming that he did not instead join Lyndis in Sacae, or Fiora or Farina in Ilia.

Characters from Caelin

Character Description Appears in
Portrait hausen fe07.png
The marquess of Caelin. The Blazing Blade
Portrait lundgren fe07.png
The envious younger brother of Hausen. The Blazing Blade
Madelyn Hausen's daughter. Eloped with Hassar of the Lorca. None
Portrait lyn fe07.png
Daughter of Hassar and Madelyn, and heir to Caelin. The Blazing Blade
Portrait kent fe07.png
A knight of Caelin. The Blazing Blade
Portrait sain fe07.png
A knight of Caelin. The Blazing Blade
Portrait wil fe07.png
A Pheraen mercenary who joined the Caelin knights. The Blazing Blade
Portrait florina fe07.png
An Ilian mercenary who joined the Caelin knights. The Blazing Blade
Portrait wallace fe07.png
A retired commander of the Caelin knights. The Blazing Blade
Portrait renault fe07.png
A troubled bishop. Once served the Caelin knights as a mercenary. The Blazing Blade
Portrait bool fe07.png
An assassin dispatched by Lundgren to Araphen. The Blazing Blade
Portrait yogi fe07.png
A Caelin knight who allied with Lundgren. The Blazing Blade
Portrait eagler fe07.png
Caelin's knight commander, forced to ally with Lundgren. The Blazing Blade
Portrait reissmann fe07.png
The chancellor of Caelin. The Blazing Blade

Notable locations in Caelin



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Badon (Japanese: バドン Badon) is an important port city located on Caelin's south coast. Its local inn is favoured by many pirate groups and is frequented by them, among them Fargus and his crew.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Caelin was one of four brothers named by Bede as active in the early Anglo-Saxon Church. He was a chaplain at the court of Ethelwald, a nephew of King Oswiu of Northumbria.



Officially romanized as Ciaran.



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



Mentioned in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Ciaran; mentioned in Heroes.



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