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Black Fang

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Black Fang

FERK Black Fang wallpaper.png
Official image featuring prominent members of the Black Fang.


Brendan Reed


Hundreds of members


A castle in the mountains of Bern
The Dread Isle

Group type

Mercenary/assassin guild


To protect the innocent and kill the corrupt in power
To serve Nergal


The Blazing Blade

The masses saw them as chivalrous, defenders of the common man. Their activities found wide support.
— Leila

The Black Fang (Japanese: 黒い牙 Black Fang) was a guild of assassins and mercenaries, operating throughout Elibe and based in Bern.


The Black Fang was founded in the year 970 by Brendan Reed for the purpose of targeting the powerful who exploited the weak. In these days, the Fang was a small, close-knit and chivalrous group, beloved by the people of Bern. This period in the Fang's history would later be called the "old Fang" by some of its nostagic survivors. Its four strongest members were the Four Fangs, a renowned body in their own right; among their number were Brendan's two sons, Linus and Lloyd.

The Fang's goals changed for the worse after nine years, when Brendan remarried to Sonia, also adopting Sonia's "daughter" Nino. The guild's heart and goals slowly twisted, as under Sonia's direction they became the servants of Nergal. Under Sonia's manipulations, their ranks were bolstered with morphs, they enlisted increasingly cruel and despicable people – including some who they themselves once imprisoned – and they began accepting any job or target so long as they were paid. Brendan was secretly suspicious of Sonia and her actions, and ordered a covert investigation. During this time, the Fang was also infiltrated by Leila, an Ostian spy, who was eventually found out and murdered on the orders of Ephidel.

Under Ephidel's direction, the Fang helped contribute to the unrest in Lycia, launching an assassination attempt on Hector of Ostia, taking control of Santaruz after its Marquess Helman was fatally wounded by Ephidel, and attempting to ambush Eliwood, Hector and Lyn in their dealings in Badon. Following the trio's visit to Valor, during which they were joined by former Fang Legault, Nergal ensured through Sonia that hunting the trio and their group was the top priority of the Fang. During this time, they also accepted a contract from King Desmond of Bern to steal the Fire Emblem and ensure it was not present for Prince Zephiel's coming-of-age ceremony, and to later assassinate Zephiel himself; in the assassination attempt, both Jaffar of the Four Fangs and Nino failed to follow through and defected to Eliwood's group, averting further attempts by Ursula to complete the job. Afterward, Sonia killed Brendan himself for witnessing her talking to Limstella and attempted to kill Jan and Nino for the same, but was interrupted by the arrival of Eliwood's group and was killed. The last of the Fang was deployed to the Shrine of Seals in one final attempt to defeat Eliwood, and with their defeat there, the Black Fang was no more.


Portrait brendan fe07.png Portrait sonia fe07.png Portrait jan fe07.png Portrait legault fe07.png Portrait lloyd fe07.png Portrait linus fe07.png
Brendan Reed Sonia Jan Legault Lloyd Reed Linus Reed
Portrait nino fe07.png Portrait ursula fe07.png Portrait jaffar fe07.png Portrait uhai fe07.png Portrait teodor fe07.png Portrait jerme fe07.png
Nino Ursula Jaffar Uhai Teodor Jerme
Portrait kenneth fe07.png Portrait aion fe07.png Portrait pascal fe07.png Portrait heintz fe07.png Portrait beyard fe07.png Portrait wire fe07.png
Kenneth Aion Pascal Heintz Beyard Wire
Portrait boies fe07.png Portrait damian fe07.png Portrait zoldam fe07.png Portrait cameron fe07.png Portrait oleg fe07.png Portrait vaida fe07.png
Boies Damian Zoldam Cameron Oleg Vaida
Portrait maxime fe07.png Portrait igor fe07.png Portrait leila fe07.png --
Maxime Igor Leila Aesha

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Black Fang




Black Fang


Colmillo Negro

Black Fang; often abbreviated as Colmillo N.


Black Fang



Black Fang



Black Fang



Presa Negra

Black Fang; mentioned in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Black fang



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