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Castle Ostia





Is it true we're battling Castle Ostia? What could that fool of a marquess be thinking? Laus has no chance of defeating Lycia's most powerful territory!
— A resident of Laus

Ostia (Japanese: オスティア Ostia) is a state of the Lycian League; it is the westernmost of the Lycian territories, close to the border of Etruria to the west, and bordered to the south and east by the territories of Thria and Worde.[1] As the largest and most powerful of the states of Lycia, Ostia and its marquess are the traditional leaders of the Lycian League as a whole.

Known rulers of Ostia are Roland, after The Scouring; Uther, during The Blazing Blade; Hector, after The Blazing Blade, and Lilina, after the events of The Binding Blade.


In the era of The Scouring, Ostia was a humble village and the birthplace and home of the warrior Roland, who went on to become one of the Eight Legends and the wielder of the Blazing Blade Durandal. At the Scouring's conclusion, Roland returned to Ostia and used Durandal's power to restore life to the ravaged land.[2] From the town, Roland founded the modern state of Ostia and Lycia as a whole, reigning as the first Marquess Ostia.

Throughout the intervening years, Ostia remained the powerhouse of the Lycian League, economically and politically, and its marquesses consistently ruled as the leader of the Lycian League for a thousand years. Its military, the largest in Lycia, came to be primarily comprised of heavily armored knights, for which it became famous. Between its military might and its own structure, Castle Ostia has long held a reptuation as an impregnable fortress.[3] Ostia also became renowned as a center of education among the Lycian states, with the nobility of Lycia's other houses frequently coming to Ostia to study in their youth.[4][5]

During the year 981, in the midst of the mysterious disappearance of Lord Elbert of Pherae, Ostia's Lord Uther refused to directly involve Ostia in the search for Elbert or in the subsequent conflict with Nergal, instead leaving the task to his younger brother Hector, a friend of Elbert's son Eliwood; Uther died of illness late in the conflict, and following it rule of Ostia was succeeded by Hector. At some point later, following the death of Lord Hausen of Caelin, Hausen's granddaughter Lyndis abdicated from Caelin's rule and ceded the territory to Ostia, and Caelin was assimilated into Ostia's territorial holdings and placed under the administration of the Caelin knight Kent.

In the onset of the Disturbance of Bern in 999, Lord Hector was killed by the Bern army at Araphen, destabilizing the Lycian League. Two Ostian knights—Legance and Debias—initiated a rebellion and, with the support of the vast majority of Ostia's army, seized control of Ostia, took Hector's daughter Lilina as a hostage, and declared an alliance with Bern. A small number of Ostian knights mercenaries loyal to Hector continued to resist the Ostian rebellion with little success. However, the Lycian League army—lead by Roy of Pherae following Hector's demise—travelled to Ostia and defeated the coup. Following the battle, after driving off an attempt by Bern's General Narcian to capture Ostia, the city and Lycia as a whole was placed under the protection of General Cecilia of Etruria.

Following Hector's death, Pherae becomes the dominant Lycian power.[6]

The fate of Ostia depends on Lilina's survival in the war. If Lilina survived the war, she assumes the throne of Ostia and unites Lycia in a single kingdom.[7] However, if Lilina was killed in battle, Pherae remains the greatest power of Lycia and therefore, Roy becomes the new marquess and leader of the entire Lycian League.[citation needed]

Notable locations in Ostia

The Durandal cave

Castle Ostia

The capital of the Ostian territory, Castle Ostia is renowned as an impregnable fortress, a reputation proven wrong twice: first in 980 when Nergal warped a morph army in to kill Eliwood, Hector and Lyn, and again in 999 when Roy led the Lycian League's army on an assault of the castle to reclaim it from the traitors Legance and Debias. Surrounding the castle is a major city and hub of commerce.

Durandal cave

At some point after the Scouring, Roland erected a small shrine deep within a cave at the foot of a volcano in Ostia's outskirts, and enshrined Durandal within it. The cave's lava pools and fiery terrain provided natural defenses against invaders, in addition to the magical seal placed upon it by Bramimond and the lingering spirits of Roland's former Scouring allies, led by Georg.

In the year 980, under Athos's direction and following Bramimond undoing the seal, Eliwood fought Georg's spirits to obtain Durandal for use against Nergal, after which Durandal was left unguarded. Twenty years later, a bandit group led by Henning occupied the cave as a hideout, and was driven out by Roy and Lilina in their quest to obtain Durandal for use against Bern's army.

Characters from Ostia

Character Description Appears in
Portrait roland fe07.png
One of the Eight Legends. Hailing from the then-village of Ostia, he went on to found Lycia. The Blazing Blade
Portrait uther fe07.png
The marquess of Ostia as of the year 980. The Blazing Blade
Portrait hector fe06.png
Uther's brother, and successor as Marquess Ostia until his death in the Disturbance of Bern. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait lilina fe06.png
Hector's daughter. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait oswin fe07.png
A knight of Ostia, assigned as the young Hector's aide. The Blazing Blade
Portrait matthew fe07.png
A spy in Ostia's service. The Blazing Blade
Portrait leila fe07.png
A spy in Ostia's service. The Blazing Blade
Portrait serra fe07.png
An Elimine Church cleric in Ostia's service. The Blazing Blade
Portrait bors fe06.png
A knight of Ostia. The Binding Blade
Portrait barthe fe06.png
A knight of Ostia. The Binding Blade
Portrait gwendolyn fe06.png
A knight of Ostia. The Binding Blade
Portrait astolfo fe06.png
A spy in Ostia's service. The Binding Blade
Portrait debias fe06.png
A former lieutenant of the Ostia knights, who assisted a coup against Lilina. The Binding Blade
Portrait legance fe06.png
A former general of the Ostia knights, who led a coup against Lilina. The Binding Blade
Portrait georg fe07.png
The spirit of one of Roland's warriors, guarding the Durandal cave. The Blazing Blade


Ostia is the subject of a small few chapters of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and The Blazing Blade. In The Binding Blade, Chapter 7 depicts Roy's battle in the city of Ostia to recapture it from Debias, Chapter 8 has Roy invade Castle Ostia itself to defeat Legance and rescue Lilina, and Chapter 8x has Roy challenge bandits in the Durandal cave to obtain Durandal for himself. In The Blazing Blade, Chapter 11 of Hector's Tale has Hector confront a small Black Fang squad while trying to sneak out of Castle Ostia's back door, Chapter 28 of Eliwood's Tale has Eliwood challenge phantom soldiers in the Durandal cave to obtain Durandal, Chapter 29E/31H has Eliwood, Hector and Lyn work to defend Ostia from a morph invasion sent by Nergal, and Chapter 29xE/31xH gives the three lords a relaxed opportunity to stock up on supplies before the final confrontation with Nergal.


  • Ostia is the only region that is seen to go through a longest state of anarchy than others in all Elibe, as upon Hector's death, Ostia has no ruler until Lilina takes this position after the events in The Binding Blade. (Bearing in mind that Eliwood is only a provisional marquess of Lycia being from Pherae).

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


From Ostia, a neighborhood of Rome, the capital city of Italy. The neighborhood was constructed near the remnants of Ostia Antica, a major ancient Roman port city.



A minor variation to differentiate it from the real Ostia, a location in proximity to European audiences. This name is used only in The Blazing Blade; the PAL English versions of Awakening and Heroes both use "Ostia".



Officially romanized as Ostia.
















Traditional Chinese


Ostia; from 奧斯提亞的勇將, the Chinese translation of Hector: General of Ostia's epithet in Heroes.



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