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In Search of Truth

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In Search of Truth

Cm fe07 13.png


Castle Santaruz and its surroundings

New units

(Eliwood's Tale) Guy, Matthew, Serra



Ha! The cub thinks he’s a wolf! Does your bite match your bark? Tell you what: If you make it to the castle alive, we’ll find out, eh? Geh heh heh hehhh!
— Boies to Hector and Eliwood

In Search of Truth (Japanese: 真実を求めて Seeking the Truth) is the thirteenth chapter in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. In order to unlock Chapter 13x, the player must visit the northern village in this chapter.


Main article: In Search of Truth/Script

Helman has received news of the fight between Zagan and Eliwood. Although Helman agreed to Epidel’s plan, it is clear that Ephidel sent in the bandits with the intention to kill Eliwood. For Helman, this is the last straw. He chastises Ephidel for not being forthcoming with his true intentions and begins to make preparations to receive Eliwood’s party and explain everything. Ephidel calmly attempts to dissuade Helman from betraying the Black Fang. When Helman refuses to listen Ephidel announces that he has no use for the Marquess anymore and stabs him, leaving him to bleed out on the floor of his castle. Meanwhile, Eliwood and Hector approach Castle Santaruz only to be stopped by Boies who, with the intention of delaying them from saving Helman[1], challenges them to make it to the castle alive and summons his underlings.

After Eliwood and Hector defeat Boise, they enter the castle and find Helman on the floor, slowly dying from the wound Ephidel inflicted upon him. In his final moments, Helman apologizes to Eliwood for the trouble he has caused and tells him that Darin, the marquess of Laus, knows all and to beware of the Black Fang. Eliwood and Hector decide to heed Helman’s final words and continue on towards Laus to seek answers from its marquess.

Beginning log

Eliwood's tale: “Eliwood enters Santaruz, only to be attacked by a strange group. In a desperate moment, he is rescued by a childhood friend, Marquess Ostia's younger brother, Hector. The assailants' leader reveals that an unknown party seeks Eliwood's head...Eliwood cannot help but think this is related to his father's disappearance. In search of more traces of his father's footsteps, Eliwood sets out for the castle of Lord Helman, the marquess of Santaruz.”

Hector's tale: “Hector rescues Eliwood, and the two friends are reunited. The paladin Marcus reveals news: Someone has called for Eliwood's death. Pherae's problems must be connected to the attempt on Eliwood's life. Searching for more clues, Hector and friends depart for the castle of Marquess Santaruz.”

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize gate Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Eliwood or Hector dies 10+1 {{{partner}}} 0 11+8 {{{third}}}

Character data

Eliwood's tale Hector's tale

New Units
Automatically from the start
Automatically from the start
Talk with Matthew
Returning Characters


Item data

Name Obtainment Method
  Mine Visit southern village
  Torch Visit northern village
  Vulnerary Steal from Archer
  Vulnerary Steal from Soldier

Shop data

Shop data

Armory Vendor

Name Cost
Iron Sword 460
Javelin 400
Hand Axe 300
Iron Bow 540

Enemy data

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Bandit Archer 2 2   Iron Bow --
Bandit Archer 3 1   Iron Bow  Vulnerary --
Bandit Archer 4 1   Steel Bow --
Bandit Brigand 1 1   Iron Axe --
Bandit Mercenary 2 1   Iron Sword --
Guy Myrmidon 3 1   Killing Edge  Vulnerary --
Bandit Soldier 2 3   Iron Lance --
Bandit Soldier 2 1   Iron Lance  Vulnerary --
Boies Knight 13 1   Steel Lance Does not move; stands on a gate, the chapter's seize point.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Bandit Archer 2 2   Iron Bow --
Bandit Brigand 2 2   Hand Axe --
Bandit Soldier 2 2   Iron Lance --
Bandit Soldier 6 1   Iron Lance --

Boss data

Main article: Boies

Chapter 13, Normal/Eliwood Hard Chapter 13, Hector Hard

Level 13
Affinity --
Max HP 27 Luck 1
Strength 12 Defense 13
Skill 8 Resistance 7
Speed 4 Constitution 13
Movement 4 Aid 12
  Steel Lance
Weapon Levels
  --   D   --   --
  --   --   --   --


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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

In Search of Truth




Seeking the Truth


En busca de la verdad

In Search of the Truth


En quête de la vérité

In Search of Truth


Suche nach Wahrheit

Search for Truth


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  1. "You’ve beaten me…but you’re too late to save him… Too…too bad, eh, laddie? Geha ha…geha!" — Boies upon being defeated, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
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