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A Grim Reunion

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A Grim Reunion

Cm fe07 9.png


Border of Khathelet and Caelin


Fog of war

Required units


New units




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Vortex of Strategy

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The Distant Plains

I've been a knight for 30 years, and here is one thing I learned. A person with eyes as bright and true as yours is no deceiver.
— Wallace to Lyn

A Grim Reunion (Japanese: 悲しき再会 Sad Reunion) is a chapter Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade; it is the ninth chapter in Lyn's Tale.


Main article: A Grim Reunion/Script

Having been branded as an imposter to the throne by Lundgren, Lyn turns to Eliwood to ensure that the other Lycian nobles remain neutral in Caelin's ongoing inheritance dispute; he succeeds, but is unable to assist Lyn any further. After Eliwood departs, Lyn notices that a fog is rolling in, threatening to delay their arrival to Castle Caelin. Kent informs Lyn that the best way to proceed is through the estate of his and Sain's former captain, Eagler, who follows Lundgren's orders. Before the group can begin the battle, they are approached by Wallace, who has come out of retirement on the commands of Lundgren; he was sent to capture Lyn, but upon meeting Lyn himself, he chooses to ignore Lundgren's orders and join Lyn's group.

After Eagler is defeated, he admits as he dies that he knew Lundgren has been poisoning the marquess and urges Lyn's group to save Caelin. Eagler's last words leave Sain and Kent to speculate that Lundgren was threatening someone close to Eagler, forcing him to obey Lundgren's orders. Lyn swears vengeance on Lundgren for all the suffering he has caused and continues on to Castle Caelin. Meanwhile, Lundgren, desperate to ascend to Caelin's throne before Lyn arrives, attempts to weaken his brother's hold on life by falsely reporting that Lyn has died. Hausen believes his words and begins to despair, as Lundgren belittles and berates him.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize the gate Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Lyn dies 1–10+1 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 5+18
Cm fe07 9.png

Character data

New units
Portrait wallace fe07.png
Iron Lance
Iron Axe
Knight Crest
Automatically from turn 1
Required characters
Lyn ​
Available characters
Kent ​Sain ​Florina ​Wil ​Dorcas ​Erk ​Serra ​Rath ​Matthew ​Nils ​Lucius ​

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is gba torch.png Torch Visit village

Enemy data

Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range, representing stats that vary due to random growths. The figures to the left and right of the ~ are the stat's minimum and maximum possible values respectively.
Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str/Mag Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Wlv Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma gba paladin enemy.gif Eagler Paladin 1 1 30 10 6 7 2 10 5 12 8 Javelin Hand Axe
Does not move; stands on a gate, the chapter's seize point.
Ma gba soldier enemy.gif Caelin Soldier 3 2 21~22 3~5 0~1 1~2 0 0~1 0~1 6 5 Iron Lance
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba myrmidon enemy.gif Caelin Myrmidon 2 1 16~17 3~4 9~10 9~10 0 2~3 0~1 8 5 Iron Sword
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba mercenary enemy.gif Caelin Mercenary 3 1 19~20 3~4 8~9 8~9 0 4~5 0~1 9 5 Iron Sword
Moves to attack units in range.
Name Class Lv # HP Str/Mag Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Wlv Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma gba brigand enemy.gif Caelin Brigand 1 7 20 4 1 5 0 3 0 12 5 Iron Axe
Ma gba soldier enemy.gif Caelin Soldier 2 4 20~21 3~4 0~1 1~2 0 0~1 0~1 6 5 Iron Lance
Ma gba brigand enemy.gif Caelin Brigand 2 2 20~21 4~5 1~2 5~6 0 3~4 0~1 12 5 Iron Axe
Ma gba archer enemy.gif Caelin Archer 1 2 18 3 3 3 0 3 0 7 5 Iron Bow
Ma gba cavalier enemy.gif Caelin Cavalier 1 3 20 5 2 5 0 6 0 9 7 Iron Lance


Reinforcements spawn at the beginning of the enemy phase rather than the end.

  • Turns 1–4
    • 1 level 1 Brigand from the southwest fort
    • 1 Soldier from the northwest fort
  • Turns 1–2
    • 1 level 2 Brigand from the south-middle fort
    • 1 Archer from the northeast fort
  • Turns 1–3
    • 1 level 1 Brigand from the center-west fort
    • 1 Cavalier from the center-east fort

Boss data

Main article: Eagler
Portrait eagler fe07.png
Ma gba paladin enemy.gif Paladin
Level 1
Affinity --
Max HP 30 Luck 2
Strength 10 Defense 10
Skill 6 Resistance 5
Speed 7 Constitution 12
Movement 8 Aid 13
Hand Axe
Weapon Levels
Swords A Lances A Axes E Bows --
Anima magic -- Light magic -- Dark magic -- Staves --


This chapter has no augury. Hannah will offer her services beginning in Chapter 14.
This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

On Normal Mode, the player is forced to promote Wallace into a General before they can make any moves. On Hard Mode, Wallace will still come with a Knight's Crest, however the player will be allowed to use the item on whichever unit they choose. Since Kent and Sain join Eliwood and Hector in their stories far earlier than Wallace, it is recommended that you promote one of the cavaliers instead. This action does result in Wallace rejoining Eliwood and Hector as an unpromoted Knight in Chapter 23E/24H, though Wallace is a rather-lacking unit when he rejoins regardless of whether he is promoted or not. Make sure to promote one of the characters with the Knight Crest as it disappears at the end of Lyn's Tale and taking on Lundgren without a promoted unit will be somewhat difficult.

Visit the village to grab the torch on the first turn, preferably with a mounted unit so that they can use Canto to move back towards the group. When you use a torch, make sure Matthew is the one to use it. Thieves have the largest range of vision in the game and a torch will add four tiles to the thief's base range of ten. The fog will show up on turn 3 so note the enemy's current positions and the locations of the forts.

Reinforcements will begin to show up on turn 1 and will continue to do so for two more turns. All reinforcements on this map are ambush reinforcements, meaning they will move and attack your units the same turn they appear. If you place a unit near a fort, make sure they can handle the units that will come from them. When facing the Brigands, let them come off the mountain terrain so that they are easier to kill.

The goal of this chapter is to seize the throne with Lyn. Keep this goal in mind as you move your units. Rescue drop Lyn closer when you have the chance or use Nils to move your boss killers closer to Eagler. Despite having nothing but 1-2 range weapons, Eagler cannot one-shot or double any of your magical units and Lucius should be able to double him if you have given him a few levels. If you decide to attack him with Erk or Lucius, make sure to rescue them out of the way so Eagler does not kill them on the following enemy phase. Alternatively, you could weaken Eagler with a lance-user or place a lance-user in his attack range. This will prompt him to switch to his Hand Axe on the enemy phase, enabling Lyn to deal a significant amount of damage or easily secure the kill with the Mani Katti on the next turn.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

A Grim Reunion




Sad Reunion


Una reunión sombría

A dark reunion


Réunion Brumeuse

Foggy Reunion


Bittere Zusammenkunft

Bitter Gathering


Incontro infausto

Unhappy encounter


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