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This page is about the character from Elibe. For the Hoshidan Samurai, see Hana.


Portrait hannah fe07.png
Hannah's portrait from The Blazing Blade.





Starting class



I can see other things... useful things. I can tell you what weapons to take into battle, as well as who should wield them. Things of that nature.
— Hannah

Hannah (Japanese: ハンナ Hannah) is a minor NPC appearing in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. She is one of the characters that runs the augury function in the preparations menu.

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade


Hannah's primary gameplay role is as one of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade's two augury characters. Hannah also alerts the player when the weather is about to change during certain battles.[1] Hannah takes the mantle for the initial half of the game on Normal Mode, though she leaves after Chapter 22E/23H and is replaced by Nils. (How she manages to leave the party if and while the party is trapped in Kishuna's dungeon in Nabata is not explained.) Hannah charges a small fee for her services while Nils does his predictions for free. Hannah's advice, including tips on how to recruit certain characters, is of the most use to new players.

Hannah, or at the very least, a character using her portrait, first appears in the village in Chapter 13, giving whoever visits a mine, one of her new inventions.[2]

Hannah reappears in Chapter 14 (Normal mode only) and directly approaches Eliwood, claiming to seek the boy in search of his father.[3] Hector is annoyed by her presence, but Eliwood allows her to speak regardless.[4] Eliwood immediately asks if her powers of prophecy can tell him the location of his father, but she states they cannot. Instead, she claims she can provide advice and predictions for upcoming battles. Hector is still incredulous, but Eliwood allows Hannah to accompany them in hopes of any small thing that will aid him in finding his missing father.[5]

Hannah eventually leaves the party of her own volition, due to the numerous stressful situations she has had to endure. Her ultimate fate is not elaborated, as she does not have any character endings.

Price data

Prices of auguries by chapter
Ma gba shaman female playable.gif Chapter name Price
Chapter 14 False Friends 50
Chapter 15H Talons Alight 50
Chapter 15E/16H Noble Lady of Caelin 50
Chapter 16E/17H Whereabouts Unknown 50
Chapter 16xE/17xH The Port of Badon 50
Chapter 17E/18H Pirate Ship 50
Chapter 18E/19H The Dread Isle 80
Chapter 18xE/19xH Imprisoner of Magic 60
Chapter 19x2H A Glimpse in Time 60
Chapter 19E/20H Dragon's Gate 60
Chapter 20E/21H New Resolve 60
Chapter 21E/22H Kinship's Bond 60
Chapter 22E/23H Living Legend 60


Hannah is not afraid to voice her complaints of her dangerous working conditions. Her true reasons for accompanying Eliwood are unknown, it is possible she simply wanted a source of income, as she charges for her services, though it is never explicitly stated. Regardless of her reasons, she eventually leaves the group on her own when she deems things have become too dangerous and she has endured enough of the hardships of travel already.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


From the Hebrew name חַנָּה (Channah) meaning "favour, grace", derived from the root חָנַן (chanan).[6]



Hanna or Hannah



As above.



As above.



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