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Portrait desmond fe07.png
Desmond's portrait in The Blazing Blade.






Hellene (estranged wife)
Unnamed mistress
Zephiel (son, with Hellene)
Guinivere (daughter, with his mistress)


King of Bern


I cannot say that I command the love of my subjects... Zephiel and I are opposites in every way. It is hard to believe that he is my son.
— Desmond

Desmond (Japanese: デズモンド Desmond) was the King of Bern as of the year 980. His envious and abusive treatment of his son, Zephiel, played a crucial role in shaping the future king's world view and convincing him to engage the rest of Elibe in a genocidal war, years after Desmond's demise.


A jealous father

Desmond was married to his first wife, Hellene of Etruria, as part of an arranged marriage aimed to achieve a political gain. However, he was already in love with a different woman and held no affection for Hellene, and when the marriage eventually yielded a son, Prince Zephiel, he took out his resentment on Zephiel.[1] His marriage to Hellene soon came to an end with a separation, exiling both her and Zephiel to live apart from him in a private, well-attended manse, while he engaged in a relationship with the woman he actually loved; this relationship yielded a daughter, Guinivere, upon whom Desmond doted heavily.[2]

As his children grew, Desmond forbade Zephiel and Hellene from visiting Bern Keep itself; this never stopped Zephiel himself, whose bond with Guinivere was deep. Indeed, the young Guinivere came to vastly prefer Zephiel's company to her father's, and the people of Bern soon came to revere Zephiel as the nation's future. Desmond grew increasingly frustrated and jealous with this and sought to undermine Zephiel's claim to the throne by any means necessary. In the lead-up to Zephiel's coming-of-age ceremony, he hired the Black Fang to steal the Fire Emblem and thus necessitating that the ceremony be cancelled entirely, denying Zephiel the ability to be named heir; he also commissioned them to directly assassinate Zephiel soon after. Both of these efforts were foiled by the efforts of Eliwood, Hector and Lyn, as they sought Hellene's aid to gain access to the Shrine of Seals. The Black Fang's failure to hold onto the Fire Emblem and to kill Zephiel so angered Desmond that he severed all ties to the Black Fang.[3]

At some point, Desmond told Guinivere about the true purpose of the Fire Emblem, to unlock the Binding Blade from its resting place in the Shrine of Seals.[4]


As the years passed afterward, Zephiel's popularity with the people of Bern grew even higher, even as Desmond sought to suppress his claim to the throne. At some point, he announced directly to Zephiel that the next king of Bern would be Guinivere's future husband, a condemnation which Zephiel claimed to not mind. Even so, the public pressure upon Desmond to properly recognize Zephiel ultimately caused him to lose his patience and attempt to have Zephiel killed again. He held a banquet and gave Zephiel a poisoned drink during it, rendering Zephiel gravely ill and nearly killing him.[5]

Although Zephiel barely survived this attempt on his life with the assistance of Murdock, Desmond made no further known attempts to kill his son, although according to Guinivere, it is rumored that he sought to have Hellene, Murdock and anyone else associated with Zephiel assassinated instead.[6] In response, Zephiel faked his own death to protect others and had a funeral staged. During the funeral, when Desmond came to observe his son's corpse, Zephiel rose from the casket and, sword in hand, killed Desmond.[7] Zephiel then succeeded Desmond as the King of Bern, but despite his father's life coming to an end, the rest of Zephiel's own life was haunted and shaped by Desmond's abuse, twisting him into being deeply misanthropic.

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade


Desmond is dead by the time the events of The Binding Blade occur, but he is mentioned by Guinivere when she tells Saul about the Fire Emblem[4], and later when she relates the story of Zephiel's descent into misanthropy to Roy.

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade


Desmond appears in cutscenes in both versions of chapter 23 (24 Hector) as well as chapter 24 (26 Hector).


A stark contrast to his gifted son, Desmond was, by both his own admission and in the view of everyone around him, a plain man of average skill and intellect. He earned very little love or sympathy from the people of Bern during his rule, who instead rallied around Zephiel.[8] He never held any actual love for Hellene in their arranged marriage, which combined with Zephiel's drastic superiority to render Desmond extremely bitter and jealous toward his son. He came to view Zephiel as nothing but a threat, not only to his rule of Bern, but even to his relationship with Guinivere; Zephiel's love of playing with Guinivere and giving him gifts, and Guinivere's fondness for her half-brother, were interpreted by Desmond as Zephiel attempting to steal his daughter.[9]

Desmond was a harsh and unforgiving man who let his personal grudges rule his life, instantly having his servants kill a fox gifted to Guinivere by Zephiel despite Guinivere's wish for him to take care of it.[10] When confronting Zephiel or Hellene, he was exceptionally rude and blunt, feigning a thin pretense of concern amidst his constant verbal abuse of the two; he was also extremely paranoid of the two and of anyone loyal to them, interpreting virtually any gesture they made as a clear sign of traitorous, throne-stealing intent.[11] Even amidst his terrible treatment of Zephiel and Hellene, he still claimed that their life in the manse was treating them well and ensuring them comfortable lives.[2] However, even his blind hatred of the two did not prevent him from seeing practical value in certain scenarios, as despite Murdock's famous loyalty to Zephiel, he was reluctant to let a soldier of his skill be killed in an assassination attempt against Zephiel,[12] although he would later plan to have Murdock killed anyway following his second attempt on Zephiel's life.[6]

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  • Although his life and treatment of Zephiel is discussed extensively, Desmond is not mentioned by name at all in the Japanese script of The Binding Blade, and it was Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade which first named him "Desmond". The gringe fan translation of The Binding Blade would later add several references to Desmond by name to further tie the two games together.

Etymology and other languages

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From an Irish surname which was derived from Deasmhumhain meaning "South Munster", originally indicating a person who came from that region in Ireland.[13]



















Traditional Chinese





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    Desmond: I...excelled at neither books nor blades.
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