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List of version differences/Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

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This page details the changes made to the gameplay and writing of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade during its localization from Japanese to US English, and later from US English to the five European languages: EU English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Name changes

Main article: Name chart/Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

Japanese to US changes


  • New Latin-alphabet fonts were implemented for both gameplay and dialogue, replacing the fixed-width ones already present in the Japanese version; however, the old font's capital A, B, C, D, E, and S were retained and continue to be used to mark weapon levels and support levels. This also had the side effect of fixing their alignment, as the Japanese Latin fonts capital letters were lower down than lowercase, though this was only ever seen in the Sound Room of the Japanese version or if Mark or Link Arena teams were named using Latin letters.
Japanese US
Ss fe07 fonts ntsc-j.png Ss fe07 fonts ntsc-u.png
Mark was named Mark (in Latin letters) in the Japanese screenshot, and Mark in the US screenshot.
  • The allowed length of Mark's and Link Arena team names was expanded from five characters to nine.
  • The speed of the text being displayed was changed for international releases, with text speed being slowed down overall. Like many other small adjustments this adjustment is not retained in the localized release of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.[1]
  • In the Japanese version, a unit's affinity icon has kanji next to it clarifying what type of affinity that unit has, (dark, fire, ice, anima, etc, which can be expressed in one or two Japanese characters) this is presumably not present in any localization due to there not being enough space to name the affinities in text in other languages. This leaves only icons for affinity and not any text explicitly clarifying the type of affinity the unit has outside of the icon itself.

Gameplay changes

  • The ability to assign Mark a blood type was cut, since blood type is significantly less important in western culture than it is in Japan. Its effect on determining Mark's affinity was removed and affinity is now decided only by birth month.
Japanese US
Ss fe07 tactician creation jp.png Ss fe07 tactician creation.png
Mark was named ユリア Yuria in the Japanese screenshot, and Julia in the US screenshot.
  • The terrain bonuses granted by gates and thrones were reduced.
  • The bonus damage multiplier applied to weapon might was reduced in most cases.
Version Japanese US
Gate/throne stats Def: +3 / Avo: +30 Def: +2 / Avo: +20
Bonus damage multiplier Most effective weapons*: ×3
Anti-dragon weapons*: ×2
All effective weapons: ×2
  • In the Japanese version, Lyn as a Blade Lord will erroneously use her normal battle sprites and animations when wielding the Sol Katti, due to the animations being assigned to Durandal. The localization corrected this error.

Chapter and boss changes

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  • In Chapter 27E/29H, the bosses Lloyd and Linus both wield Runeswords in the Japanese version. The localization changed this to give them Light Brands, although Nils's augury for the chapter ("I sense a dire foe in the battle ahead. The weapon he wields is cursed. A sword that steals life energies and feeds them to its wielder.") was not changed to reflect this.
  • In the Final Chapter, two doors open at the end of every second turn in the Japanese version, and both Uhai and Kenneth's rooms are open at the start of the chapter. The localization changed this to open one door at the end of every turn and to have only Uhai's room open at the start. This was changed so that the player encounters fewer bosses at once.
  • Many bosses had their stats slightly lowered (-1 Strength, -2 Skill, -3 Speed, -1 Defense, -1 Resistance; Georg and Kaim did not have their Resistance lowered).
Base stats
Character Lv HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov Con Weapon Level
(Ch 23E/24H)
12 41 19 −1 21 −2 22 −3 16 9 −1 16 −1 6 9 Swords A
(Ch 23E/24H)
12 45 22 −1 20 −2 15 −3 14 15 −1 13 −1 6 14 Swords A, Axes A
Pascal 14 48 18 −1 15 −2 13 −3 11 14 −1 9 −1 8 12 Swords D, Lances B, Axes E
Kenneth 13 41 20 −1 18 −2 16 −3 6 10 −1 22 −1 6 10 Light magic A, Staves A
Jerme 13 46 19 −1 20 −2 20 −3 10 11 −1 15 −1 6 6 Swords A
Maxime 11 40 15 −1 14 −2 16 −3 5 10 −1 16 −1 8 11 Swords D, Lances A, Axes E
Sonia 17 44 20 −1 20 −2 21 −3 0 20 −1 24 −1 6 7 Anima magic A, Staves A
(Ch 27E/29H)
18 52 21 −1 25 −2 24 −3 16 16 −1 20 −1 6 9 Swords S
(Ch 27E/29H)
18 58 25 −1 22 −2 18 −3 14 20 −1 16 −1 6 14 Swords S, Axes A
Georg 15 60 28 −1 19 −2 16 −3 0 19 −1 21 6 15 Axes S
Kaim 16 50 21 −1 20 −2 18 −3 0 16 −1 22 6 13 Swords S, Axes A
Denning 19 51 19 −1 20 −2 21 −3 0 15 −1 23 −1 6 8 Bows A
Limstella 20 68 25 −1 22 −2 20 −3 0 25 −1 28 −1 6 7 Anima magic S, Staves S
20 53 20 −1 30 −2 26 −3 0 20 −1 17 −1 6 6 Swords S
20 52 22 −1 28 −2 30 −3 0 19 −1 22 −1 6 9 Swords S
20 60 25 −1 25 −2 22 −3 0 22 −1 20 −1 6 14 Swords S, Axes A
20 65 30 −1 22 −2 20 −3 0 20 −1 18 −1 6 15 Axes S, Bows S
20 55 23 −1 28 −2 28 −3 0 19 −1 19 −1 8 11 Swords A, Bows S
20 48 25 −1 24 −2 25 −3 0 17 −1 26 −1 8 7 Anima magic S, Staves A
20 56 24 −1 21 −2 21 −3 0 15 −1 30 −1 6 10 Light magic S, Staves A
20 62 24 −1 20 −2 18 −3 0 30 −1 16 −1 5 15 Lances S, Axes A
18 38 16 −1 10 −2 10 −3 2 8 −1 2 −1 6 15 Axes S, Bows A
The table lists the character’s base stats in the Japanese version − the adjustment made in the English version.

Dialogue changes

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  • Lyn's age was increased by editing one line from Sain in Chapter 1, going from 15 years old in the Japanese script to 18 years old in localized scripts. Similarly, her mother Madelyn is said to have abandoned Caelin 19 years prior to the game's events in the localizations, instead of just 16 years prior as in Japanese. However, Wallace and Kent's C-rank support conversation was not edited to reflect this, and still claims that Madelyn and Hassar eloped 17 years prior to Eliwood/Hector's tale; the correct figure according to the localization should be 20 years prior.
  • All references to the character Aenir were the subject of multiple translation errors in the US version. The first of these occurred in the Hector-exclusive side quest Chapter 19x pt 2, where a man says:
Daddy has to go to Aenir…I’m going to get Mommy
— Nergal
The line refers to Aenir as if it were a location, when Aenir is actually a person.[2]
The second error occurred in the Final Chapter, in the special Nergal death quote which appears only if all Kishuna side quests were completed:
[...] More power... I must be...stronger... I... Why? Why did I... want power? ......Quintessence?
— Nergal
In the Japanese version Nergal refers to Aenir instead of quintessence. The words are similar in the Japanese version, as quintessence is called "Aegir".[3]

The Binding Blade data transfer

The connection loading screen for The Binding Blade data transfer in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem.

Being that Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade was never localized, the ability to transfer save data from that game into Fire Emblem was removed. The bonuses given by the data transfer were changed as a result:

  • Transferring data from The Binding Blade allows the player to skip Lyn's tale on their first playthrough of the game and start from Eliwood's tale instead. This feature was cut entirely in localization.
  • Two extended epilogue scenes were originally unlocked by either linking with The Binding Blade, or by clearing Fire Emblem a certain number of times.
    • A cleared Binding Blade save file which achieved the bad ending (where the game ended at Chapter 22) unlocks the first scene with Eliwood, Hector, Roy, and Lilina. This ending can alternatively be obtained by clearing the game nine times.
    • A cleared Binding Blade save file which achieved either of the good endings (where the game ended at the Final Chapter) unlocks the second scene, where Zephiel is confronted by Jahn about awakening the demon dragon. This ending can alternatively be obtained by clearing the game eleven times.
Both scenes are in the epilogue by default in the US version and do not require unlocking.

US to European changes

Unless otherwise stated, all changes made between the Japanese and US releases are retained in the European versions, excluding names.


The game's dialogue font was changed for European editions, with the new font being similar but significantly shorter than the font used in US; this edited font was later used in all localizations of The Sacred Stones. All other fonts in the game, including the one used in gameplay menus, are unchanged.

US European
Ss fe07 font change ntsc-u.png Ss fe07 font change pal.png


  • The game's support viewer calls affinities by the abbreviation "ATL" in the Japanese and NTSC-U versions. The PAL version corrected the abbreviation to "AFFIN".
  • The banner accompanying a level-up when battle animations are turned on was changed for the European versions, presumably for space reasons due to the need to add more banners for the other localizations. While both the Japanese and US releases have a large banner with a sparkling animation, the European versions reuse the smaller, static graphic displayed when battle animations are turned off, coincidentally matching the style used by The Binding Blade. This change was not retained for The Sacred Stones, where the European localizations made their own versions of the full-size Japanese/English graphic for animations-on mode.
Japanese US European
Ss fe07 level up ntsc-j.png Ss fe07 level up ntsc-u.png Ss fe07 level up pal.png
  • The CGs used during the extended epilogue are inaccessible in the European versions of the game, since it was cut entirely. The only way they can appear in a European game is through emulation; if a US or Japanese save file which has viewed the extended epilogue is imported, or hacking, they will be viewable in the Sound Room. This affects six CGs:
    • Young Roy and Lilina running off to play
    • Bern Keep at night
    • Two images of adult Zephiel sitting on his throne, one of which has Jahn present
    • Two close-up images of Zephiel's face, one of which has him with a maniacal expression
  • All CG images in the European versions feature a colored border four pixels wide, which is absent in the other versions. The images themselves are re-aligned four pixels up and left, in order to accommodate the border without reducing the images' quality; the images are otherwise unchanged.
Japanese/US European
Cg fe07 01.png Cg fe07 01 pal.png

Dialogue changes

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  • The English mode of both European releases adds an unusual error in the world map sequence for Chapter 16xE/17xH, where for half of a sentence the script suddenly lapses into Italian, replacing the clause Heading for the southern coast of Caelin with In rotta per la costa a sud di Caelin. This appears to be a massive typographical error with the script itself, rather than a matter of mixed-up text pointers, since this even occurs in the "AE7X" European release which does not include an Italian localization at all.
  • Several items had their help description text strings revised to fix errors made by the US release.
Item US European
Wind Sword
A magic sword capable of
striking at a distance.
A long-range magic sword.
Dragon Axe
An axe designed to strike
down wyverns.
A wyvern-slaying axe.
Can strike consecutively.
For experienced units only.


Since no distribution events were ever run for European releases, the following items became completely inaccessible in gameplay. All of them can still be accessed through cheat devices and still function properly.

Items unavailable in EU
Item Type
Is gba dragon axe.png Dragon axe Axe
Is gba wind sword.png Wind sword Sword
Is gba emblem seal.png Emblem seal Item
Is gba emblem blade.png Emblem blade Sword
Is gba emblem axe.png Emblem axe Axe
Is gba emblem lance.png Emblem lance Lance
Is gba emblem bow.png Emblem bow Bow


Three songs are inaccessible in the European release due to their methods of acquisition not being accommodated for. The first of these three is part of the extended epilogue, while the latter two were obtained through special events or a disk that came with Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, neither of which have European counterparts. The only way they can appear in a European game is through emulation; if a US or Japanese save file which has obtained the songs is imported, they will be available in the Sound Room, or hacking. The affected songs are:

Extended epilogue

The game's extended epilogue was cut entirely.


  1. "Out of curiosity, I decided to check FE7J and it uses 08/04/01/00 just like FE6/FE8. So, the slowing down of text speed was a localization change." — Gryz, Text Speed Option,, Published: September 27th, 2015, Retrieved: October 3rd, 2015
  2. "In Chapter 19x pt 2 there is a flashback scene featuring a man and two children, who look suspiciously like younger versions of Nergal, Nils and Ninian. The man says “Daddy has to go to Aenir…I’m going to get Mommy”. This line was mistranslated and is supposed to read “Daddy has to go and get Aenir… Mommy”. In other words, Aenir is not the name of a place, but their mother." — VincentASM, Issues,, Retrieved: May 5th, 2015
  3. "Related to the above, if Chapter 19x pt 2 was visited, Nergal says “Why did I… want power? ……Quintessence? …Don’t…under…stand…” when he dies. Sounds innocent enough for Nergal, until you realise Quintessence was mistranslated and in its place should have been Aenir’s name instead- Quintessence was called Aegir in the Japanese version, so it’s not surprising they got the two mixed up." — VincentASM, Issues,, Retrieved: May 5th, 2015
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