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Arcadia (location)

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Cg fe07 25.png
Athos describing his studies with Nergal in Arcadia.

One day, as I charted the mysteries of Nabata, I came across the most amazing village... It was unbelievable, but in that place, humans and dragons lived together in cooperation.
— Athos

Arcadia (Japanese: 理想郷 Utopia), also known as the village of dragons[1] is a hidden mixed human-dragon settlement in the Nabata desert of the Missur Peninsula.


Main article: Timeline of Elibe

Arcadia was founded by dragons and humans that did not wish to partake in the Scouring. To avoid the war, a hidden village deep in the desert was created and hidden by sandstorms. It successfully remained a secret to the majority of the outside world for a millennia after the scouring.

Some 500 years after the Scouring,[2] Nergal and Athos came across the village in their wanderings of the Nabata wastelands. Welcomed by the villagers, they settled in the village to study the ancient dragon knowledge held within.[3] Eventually, Nergal's studies take a turn down a darker path and he and Athos have a moral quarrel, resulting in a fight between the two. Nergal, gravely injured by Athos, abandons the village and returns to his work in secret, never sullying Arcadia with his presence again.[4]

When Nergal finally left hiding, about another 500 years after the fight with Athos, Hawkeye, the guardian of the time, assisted Eliwood's group and Athos with the task of defeating Nergal.

During the Disturbance of Bern the village was discovered and attacked by Bern, to which the Lycian Alliance aided in defending the village. After the successful repulsion, Igrene, the current guardian of the time, offered to travel with the Lycian Alliance to defend the village and learn more about the outside world. The young Divine Dragon Fae also followed the group and left the village in secret.

After the war Roy took Idunn to Arcadia in hope she could recover from her spiritually shattered condition. At the conclusion of The Binding Blade the dragon elder expresses concern for her recovery. Outside the village, Fae is playing with Idunn, who laughs when a fruit falls and hits Fae. Fae, excited by Idunn's emotional progress, as this is the first emotional thing Idunn has done since arriving, runs into the village to tell the elder of this.

Characters from Arcadia

Character Description Appears in
Portrait villager 01 fe06.png
Elder of Arcadia*
The elder of Arcadia. Was once a dragon. The Binding Blade
Portrait athos fe07.png
The Archsage of Arcadia and the wielder of Forblaze, the Infernal Truth. The Blazing Blade
Portrait fae fe06.png
A young pureblooded Divine Dragon living in Arcadia. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait sophia fe06.png
A half-dragon seer living in Arcadia and a friend of Fae. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait hawkeye fe07.png
The guardian of Arcadia as of the year 980 and Igrene's father. The Blazing Blade
Portrait igrene fe06.png
The guardian of Arcadia as of the year 1000 and Hawkeye's daughter. The Binding Blade
Portrait idunn 02 fe06.png
A Demon Dragon who eventually moves to Arcadia following the Disturbance of Bern. The Binding Blade
Portrait nergal fe07.png
A former resident of Arcadia who was exiled due to his immoral research on Morphs. The Blazing Blade


  • In Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, there is a song called The Heritors of Arcadia. However, this location does not relate to it in any way, and the name "Arcadia" is not shared between the two in Japanese releases.
  • The origin of the village is explained differently between games. In The Binding Blade, Sophia explains that the village was founded in an unspecified location and was moved to an oasis in the desert on advice of Athos to hide away from the rest of Elibe. In The Blazing Blade however, Athos himself explains that the Village was founded in the desert and upon him discovering it, he used his magic to help the villagers by creating an oasis.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Arcadia refers to an ideal of union with nature, and originates from the name of a Greek province bearing the name.[5] It is also referred to by its Japanese name, Utopia, in Hawkeye's support conversation with Ninian.[1]


















Mentioned in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Utopia; mentioned in Heroes.



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    Lyn: So what happened?
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