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Footsteps of Fate

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Footsteps of Fate

Cm fe07 1.png


Plains outside of Bulgar

New units

Sain, Kent



And now for these knights of Lycia. You were going to share your story with me?
— Lyn to Kent and Sain.

Footsteps of Fate (Japanese: 運命の足音 Footsteps of Fate) is the first chapter in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. In this chapter, Lyn learns of her heritage and the player learns about the Weapon Triangle, and terrain advantages.


Kent and Sain formally introduce themselves to Lyn and the Tactician.

While Lyn and the Tactician stop by Bulgar to stock up for their journey, Lyn is suddenly called out to by a knight in green armor. The knight shamelessly flirts with Lyn, irking her and prompting her to reject the knight’s advances so that she can finish her business. Once Lyn has left, a knight by the name of Kent reprimands the knight in green armor, who is called Sain. Kent reminds Sain that they are in Sacae on a mission for Caelin. Soon after, Lyn passes the knights again. Upon seeing Lyn, Kent asks if they have met before, which Lyn takes as an attempt at flirting. Lyn abruptly leaves, claiming there are no decent men amongst Lycia’s knights. Kent explains to Sain that he said that because he suspects Lyn might be the woman they set out to retrieve. They then begin to pursue Lyn.

Outside of bulgar, Lyn and the Tactician are being chased by bandits. The leader, Zugu, asks Lyn if her name is Lyndis. Lyn responds to the name with confusion and demands to know who her opponents are, though she receives no response. Lyn comments that there are too many enemies for her to handle alone; fortunately, Sain and Kent ride in to assist her. Lyn is hesitant to accept their aid after suffering through their attempts to flirting with her, but Lyn recognizes that she has no other choice.

Once the group has routed the bandits, Sain and Kent relay the details of their mission to Lyn. The knights were tasked to find the daughter of Lady Madelyn of Caelin who eloped with a nomad of Sacae nineteen years ago. Marquess Hausen initially disowned Madelyn for her actions, but after receiving a letter from Madelyn detailing her life and her daughter, who bears the name of his deceased wife, Lyndis, Hausen wanted to meet his daughter’s family at least once, hence why Kent and Sain are in Sacae. Kent confirms that Lyn is indeed Madelyn’s daughter as they bear the same eyes and Lyn was always called “Lyndis” in private with her parents.

Lyn is initially overjoyed to still have some family alive but soon remembers that Zugu called her Lyndis too. Kent then informs Lyn that the bandits were most likely sent by Lundgren - the next in line to inherit the title of Marquess Caelin - to kill her and prevent her from challenging his right to the throne. Despite Lyn’s assertions that she has no interest in becoming Marchioness of Caelin, Sain speculates that Lundgren will not believe such assertions and will continue to make attempts on her life. Lyn, not wanting to reject an opportunity to meet the last of her living family, decides to make for Caelin with Kent, Sain, and the Tactician accompanying her.

Beginning log

The apprentice tactician Mark and the young swordfighter Lyn. A strange pair on an even stranger journey. To prepare for the long road ahead, they go to Bulgar, the commercial center of Sacae. Unbeknownst to Lyn, she will discover something that will alter her life forever.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy Player Other Enemy
Defeat: Lyn dies 3 0 5
Cm fe07 1.png

Character data

New Units
Portrait sain fe07.png
Automatically from the start
Portrait kent fe07.png
Automatically from the start
Returning Characters

Small portrait lyn fe07.png

Enemy data

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma gba brigand enemy.gif
Bandit Brigand 1 2 Iron Axe --
Ma gba brigand enemy.gif
Bandit Brigand 2 2 { Iron Axe --
Ma gba brigand enemy.gif
Zugu Brigand 4 1 Iron Axe Does not move.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

Boss data

Main article: Zugu
Portrait zugu fe07.png
Ma gba brigand enemy.gif Brigand
Level 4
Affinity --
Max HP 23 Luck 1
Strength 6 Defense 4
Skill 2 Resistance 0
Speed 4 Constitution 11
Movement 5 Aid 10
Iron Axe
Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif -- GBARankLance.gif -- Axe D GBARankBow.gif --
GBARankAnima.gif -- GBARankLight.gif -- GBARankDark.gif -- GBARankStaff.gif --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

In normal mode, this chapter will be partially scripted - guiding the player through the first few turns while explaining more mechanics of the game. On the first turn, Sain will attack the nearest brigand with an iron lance, miss his attack, and then get hit. Then Sain will receive and iron sword, Kent will attack the brigand, the game will explain the weapon triangle, and Lyn will kill the brigand. On the second turn Sain will attack another brigand using an iron sword and miss again - the game will then explain how terrain affects combat and that units in a forest are harder to hit. Kent will then attack the brigand, leaving it wounded but alive, and Lyn will move forward on to a forest tile. On the third turn, the game will introduce the player to trading by having Sain move next to Lyn, trade a vulnerary, and consuming it to regain health points. After this point, the tutorial ends and the player is given control of the game.

This chapter is relatively simple to beat at this stage. Have Kent finish off the weakened brigand to the south and Lyn attack the brigand to the north - if Lyn gets hit, use a vulnerary next turn. For the few next turns, just keep moving your units east towards the enemy to finish them off. Depending on your random-number generation Lyn can kill the boss by herself, but if you want to be safe then attack with Lyn and either Kent or Sain.

In hard mode, this chapter is no longer scripted and Sain will not receive an iron sword. The level is still simple enough to beat, but you will primarily be using Kent and Lyn to attack. There will be the same number of enemy units, but the chapter may take longer to beat.


In other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Footsteps of Fate --
Japanese 運命の足音 Footsteps of Fate
Spanish Pasos del destino Steps of destiny
French L'empreinte du destin The imprint of destiny
German Spuren des Schicksals Trails of Fate



Images from the Fire Emblem 0205 and 0219 prototypes.
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