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A Strange Land/Conversations

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Ike: ...
Unknown: Ah, Ike! Grab that boy!
Ike: What's going on?
Sothe: Mm!
Nasir: No more running for you.
Sothe: ...
Ike: Nasir, who is this?
Sothe: A stowaway. I gather he boarded the ship at Toha.
Ike: What are you doing here? Why did you sneak aboard the ship?
Sothe: ...
Ike: You won't talk? In that case...
Sothe: Hm? Ow...ooouuuch!
Nasir: Ike, there's no need to be so rough!
Ike: I'm not going to waste my time playing games with this urchin. You want me to let you go? Open your mouth and start talking.
Sothe: Owowow! Quit it! I'll talk!! ...That hurt! I thought you were gonna break my face...
Ike: Well? What's your name? What are you doing here?
Sothe: I'm...Sothe. I'm... I'm a thief, but... I didn't come onboard this ship to steal anything.
Ike: ...
Sothe: Stop scowling at me like that! You're making me uncomfortable.
Nasir: It's not just you. Ike always looks like that. Don't mind him; just keep talking.
Sothe: I'm...looking for someone. I heard this ship was sailing for Begnion, so I decided to climb aboard.
Nasir: This person you're after is in Begnion?
Sothe: I don't know. The trail went cold in Toha, and...I couldn't think of anywhere else to go from there.
Ike: Is it family?
Sothe: Huh?
Ike: The person you're looking for.
Sothe: Yeah. I mean, we're not related by blood or anything, but...we're definitely family.
Ike: ...

(If choosing "Aid Sothe")
Ike: All right. Nasir, my mercenary company will look after this boy. He won't be a burden to you or your crew.
Nasir: If that's what you want to do, it's fine with me.
Sothe: Are you sure?
Ike: You're going to be put to work. I hope you're prepared.
Sothe: Sure, no problem! I'll... I'll do whatever you need!

(If choosing "Don't aid Sothe")


Ike: ... Volke?
Volke: Right here.
Ike: Gah! Where've you been? You disappeared the moment we got on this ship!
Volke: Don't worry about it. I'll be there when you need me.
Ike: It's not me; it's my sister. You've never once shown up for a meal, and she thinks you're dying of hunger.
Volke: Did we ever eat together while we were on land?
Ike: All right, listen. Land? Big. Ship? Small. I'ts not the same thing! I don't want Mist roaming the ship with a plate of food anymore. So please, eat one meal a day with us.
Volke: One hundred gold.
Ike: You're going to charge me? To make you eat? And that's more than you charge to pick a lock! Why?
Volke: I don't like large groups. Bye. Call me if you decide it's worth it.
Ike: Maybe I should just tell Mist he's dead...


Ike: Do you have a minute?
Zihark: Of course, Commander Ike.
Ike: You and I haven't had very many opportunities to talk, and I--
Zihark: You don't think you can trust me?
Ike: No, it's not that. I'm just curious--I was surprised to see anyone in Toha who chose to fight on the side of the laguz.
Zihark: I joined the Toha vigilantes solely for the purpose of saving laguz. I'm not from Crimea, but when I heard she had joined with Gallia, I envisioned my perfect world, one in which the laguz could live normal lives, free of oppression. However, when I came to Crimea, I found things were no different there than in any other beorc nation.
Ike: It was the same for me. I couldn't allow myself to ignore these problems any longer.
Zihark: I'm happy to hear it. Of all the beorc I've ever met, you're the only one who shares my conviction.
Ike: Zihark, is there...some other reason you defend the laguz?
Zihark: I don't follow you.
Ike: You see, I was born in Gallia, or so I've been told. I just wondered if you had a similar reason guiding you.
Zihark: ...Of course I have my reasons. Would you be upset if I didn't want to discuss them? My reasons are...extremely personal.
Ike: No, it's no problem. I wanted a better understanding of what kind of man you are, and I have that now.
Zihark: Can I ask what that is?
Ike: You are a good man. I'm glad to have you along.
Zihark: I'm glad to be here. I feel I'm finally able to do the kind of good I've longed to do for years.


Ilyana: Ooo...
Ike: You don't look so well. Are you all right?
Ilyana: I'm...seasick... When I was traveling with the merchants, we sometimes used...ships... Every time was the same... Urp... I'm...sorry.
Ike: Did you travel with Muston and the others for a long time?
Ilyana: About four years, all told. I had just left home, you see... I was all alone, and I couldn't find work. In my hometown, I had so many people I could depend on...but once I left, everything changed. If Muston's group hadn't found me by the side of the road, I'd probably be dead by now.
Ike: Hm... You seem to have led quite an adventutous life. It's a bit surprising.
Ilyana: I get that a lot.
Ike: I find it hard to imagine that you couldn't find work, though. Your magic skills are amazing.
Ilyana: Aren't they, though? Hee hee! I'm always happy when people notice... Whew... Wow! I feel so much better now. I'm actually starting to get hungry.
Ike: I'm glad to hear it. Just stay above deck, and when you start to feel sick, look off at the horizon, all right?