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Portrait hans fe14.png
Hans' portrait from Fire Emblem Fates.

A Nohrian soldier who is hungry for advancement and short on ethics.







Starting class


Voiced by

Hisanori Koyatsu[1]
(Japanese, Fates)
Travis Willingham[2]
(English, Fates)


Fire Emblem Fates

Listen up, cannon fodder! We have a direct order from King Garon. He says kill 'em all!
— Hans

Hans (Japanese: ガンズ Ganz) is a recurring boss character in Fire Emblem Fates; he is the tertiary antagonist in Birthright and Conquest and a minor antagonist in Revelation. He is a subordinate of King Garon who seeks nothing but bloodshed on the battlefield.


Fire Emblem Fates


Hans appears as one of Garon's subordinates and carries out his orders of murder without question. Prior to the events of Fates, Xander arrested Hans, but Garon released him for good behavior.[3] Hans accompanies Corrin on a mission to the Bottomless Canyon, ostensibly to scout out a fort on the border between Hoshido and Nohr; however, his true objective is to attack Hoshidan forces at the border and get Corrin captured so they can be unwittingly used to assassinate Mikoto. Hans successfully carries out his orders and knocks Gunter into the Canyon and presumably to his death before being driven off by Corrin.


Hans accompanies Camilla to Cheve to help her put down Scarlet's rebellion, but is driven off once again by Hoshidan forces led by Corrin. He appears one last time in charge of training Nohrian soldiers and kills Corrin's companion Lilith in an attack meant for them; an enraged Corrin kills Hans, putting an end to his shameless crimes.


Hans accompanies Corrin to Cheve to help them put down Scarlet's rebellion. After the battle, on Garon's orders, he mercilessly slaughters all of the Chevois civilians whether or not they had any part in the rebellion. Hans later gives a commendation for Corrin's actions, claiming they directly aided him in the massacre. Hans continues to serve as one of Garon's retainers and top generals, leading the invasion of Hoshido and murdering surrendering Hoshidan soldiers under the command of Sakura and Yukimura. Near the end of the conflict, Hans, along with Iago, attempts to kill Corrin for letting Hinoka escape alive. Xander and their siblings betray them and kills Hans, Iago and Garon's loyalists, ending their shameless crimes.


Hans briefly appears after the battle at Nestra and expresses his faith in Xander's loyalty to Iago. He makes another appearance at the Bottomless Canyon leading a Nohrian troop to kill Corrin before they can reach Valla, but he is defeated and killed by the combined might of Corrin and a Hoshidan squadron led by Ryoma.


Enemy - Prologue

Level 1
Movement 6
Max HP 23 Speed 8
Strength 12 Luck 1
Magic 0 Defense 3
Skill 4 Resistance 0
Inventory Skills
  Bronze Axe --
Weapon Levels
  --   --   D   --
  --   --   --   --

Neutral - Chapter 3

Level 2
Movement 6
Max HP 23+5 Speed 8
Strength 12 Luck 1
Magic 0 Defense 3
Skill 4 Resistance 0
Inventory Skills
  Iron Axe   HP +5
Weapon Levels
  --   --   D   --
  --   --   --   --

Enemy - Birthright Chapter 13

Normal Hard Lunatic

Level 2
Movement 6
Max HP 44 Speed 12
Strength 17 Luck 10
Magic 0 Defense 10
Skill 18 Resistance 4
Inventory Skills
  Silver Axe   Gamble
Weapon Levels
  --   --   B   --
  --   --   --   --

Enemy - Birthright Chapter 24

Normal Hard Lunatic

Level 13
Movement -
Max HP 69 Speed 24
Strength 26 Luck 1
Magic 0 Defense 15-4
Skill 23 Resistance 10-4
Inventory Skills
  Brave Axe
  Silver Star Axe
Weapon Levels
  --   --   A   --
  --   --   --   --

Enemy - Conquest Chapter 26

Normal Hard Lunatic

Level 19
Movement 6
Max HP 60 Speed 28
Strength 35 Luck 10
Magic 0 Defense 17
Skill 28 Resistance 8
Inventory Skills
  Aurgelmir    Armored Blow
Weapon Levels
  --   --   S   --
  --   --   --   --

Enemy - Revelation Chapter 16

Normal Hard Lunatic

Level 6
Movement -
Max HP 38+5 Speed 9
Strength 19 Luck 10
Magic 0 Defense 14
Skill 18 Resistance 9
Inventory Skills
  Steel Axe
  HP +5
Weapon Levels
  --   --   B   --
  --   --   --   --

Personality and character

Hans is defined by two core personality traits: his ambition and his violence. Hans wishes to become a rich and powerful noble of Nohr, and will do anything to achieve this aim. To this end, he follows Garon's orders without question. He is also extremely bloodthirsty; he often enjoys killing and violence against anyone who gets in his path, including Hoshidan soldiers, rebel Nohrian civilians, and even Corrin and their siblings. When Xander and the Nohrian royals betray Iago, Hans threatens to kill them, calling them "weak", showing he is loyal only to Garon, which leads to Hans getting his well deserved fate for his disgraceful crimes.


Battle quotes

Gyaaah! Die!
— Hans as an ally in Chapter 3.
I've always wanted a trophy... I think I'll keep your head in a jar.
— Hans, as an enemy in Birthright Chapter 13.
Let me relieve you of your head! Bwahaha!
— Hans, as the boss of Birthright Chapter 24.
Hans: Ah, I finally get a chance to finish the job. My axe is waiting...
Corrin: I'm going to burn you to the ground, Hans. When I'm through with you, your axe will be the only reminder you ever lived.

— Hans, when fighting Corrin in Birthright Chapter 24
I've waited a long time to wipe that smug look off your face. This is what you get for not bowing down to my might!
— Hans, as an enemy in Conquest Chapter 26.
Bwahahaha! I hope you're all prepared to die! Actually...I don't care if you're ready or not. The more of you I kill, the better the promotion I'll get as a reward. Earl Hans... No... Duke Hans... Yes, that has a nice ring to it.
— Hans, as the boss of Revelation Chapter 16.

Death/retreat quotes

Ugh, dammit...
— Hans' defeat voice clip.
Bwahaha! Looks like I've done enough damage for the time being. Time to lay low and see how this all plays out...
— Hans' defeat quote in Chapter 3.
Not again...
— Hans' defeat quote in Birthright Chapter 13. killed me! How can this be? URGHH...
— Hans' death quote in Birthright Chapter 24.
Defeated? How?! No... It can't be... I was to be rewarded with power! So much...power...
— Hans' death quote in Conquest Chapter 26.
Gah... To die to the...likes of you... I can't...stand it...
— Hans' death quote in Revelation Chapter 16.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Hans is currently featured on one card in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Hans
  The Kingdom's Mightiest Warrior, Hans



"Looks like I've done enough damage for the time being!"
Attack: 70 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Berserker Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
"I'll slaughter all who defy me!": [Activate] [Once per turn] [ ] Destroy an enemy besides the Main Character.
"Time to lay low...": [Trigger] At the end of your turn, destroy this unit.
Card #B10-084NArtist: Rika Suzuki
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Hans .


  • Despite being a Berserker, Hans uses the battle animations of the Fighter class.
  • His character model in Chapter 3 retains his Berserker battle model rather than a Fighter equivalent.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Hans Hans is a given name which originated as a shortened form of "Johannes", a name of Hebrew origin meaning "graced by God" or "God is gracious".
Japanese ガンズ Ganz; means "gift from God" in German, Scandinavian, and Dutch.
Spanish Hans As above
French Hans As above
German Hans As above
Italian Hans As above



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  3. "Xander: I'd be wary of that man if I were you, <Avatar>...
    Avatar: Why do you say that?
    Xander: He's a criminal. A murderer and scoundrel. I arrested him myself, years ago. Father seems to think he's rehabilitated, but I'm not so sure.
    " — Xander and Avatar, Fire Emblem Fates
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