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Side quest

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For the unrelated feature from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, see List of sidequests in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

A side quest (Japanese: 外伝 side-story) is a type of optional chapter which debuted in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Typically, a side quest must be unlocked by completing certain objectives in the preceding chapter, is marginally more difficult than normal chapters from around the same point in the game, contains recruitable playable characters not otherwise available in the game, or expands on the main plot of the game in different areas.

Side quests by game

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

Side quests in Thracia 776
Side quest Base chapter Requirements Reward
2x: The Pirate Isles 2: The Village of Iz Complete Chapter 2 with all villages intact Safy
4x: Hero on the Wind 4: The Dungeon Complete Chapter 4 with all Civilians successfully escaped Asbel
8x: Dagdar's Manor 8: Mount Violdrake • Complete Chapter 8 with the boss captured
Dagdar and Tanya are still alive and were not captured by the end of Chapter 3
Leg Ring
Wrath M
Nál Scroll
11x: Murder Holes 11: Fort Dandrum • Complete Chapter 11 within 30 turns
• Trigger Chapter 11's portcullis trap
Fred is still alive at the end of Chapter 11
12x: The Dandelion 12: The Bandits of Dacia Complete Chapter 12 within 19 turns Perne
• Promote Lara to Dancer
14x: Yearning to Breathe Free 14: The Onslaught By the end of Chapter 14, visit 3 or more of the villages in Tarrah (excluding Homer's village) Up to six S Drinks
21x: The Prison Camp 21: The War of Liberation At least one playable character was captured at any point before the end of Chapter 21 Re-recruit any captured allies
24x: The Loptrian Altar 24: The Baron in Black Sara is still alive by the end of Chapter 24
• Obtain the Kia

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

In The Binding Blade, each side quest rewards one of the legendary weapons of Elibe; the weapon obtained in the Chapter 20x variant the player did not visit is in the inventory of Yoder when he is recruited in Chapter 21. All side quests must be completed as part of the criteria to proceed to Chapter 23 and beyond to achieve the game's true ending; additionally, none of the legendary weapons, including the Binding Blade, may be broken at that point.

Side quests in The Binding Blade
Side quest Base chapter Requirements Reward
8x: The Blazing Blade 8: Reunion Lilina is still alive by the end of Chapter 8 Durandal
12x: The Thunder Axe 12: The True Enemy Elffin is still alive by the end of Chapter 12, if the player entered Chapters 10B and 11B
• Complete Chapter 12 within 20 turns
14x: The Infernal Truth 14: Arcadia Sophia is still alive by the end of Chapter 14
• Complete Chapter 14 within 25 turns
16x: The Glorious Ascension 16: Storming the Capital Douglas is still alive (as an enemy unit) by the end of Chapter 16 Aureola
20Ax: The Freezing Lance 20A: Ilia's Salvation Zelot and Juno are recruited and alive by the end of Chapter 20A
• Complete Chapter 20A within 25 turns
20Bx: The Bow of Swift Wind 20B: The Silver Wolf Sue, Sin, and Dayan are recruited and alive by the end of Chapter 20B
• Complete Chapter 20B within 25 turns
21x: The Elder Revelation 21: The Binding Blade Melady and Zeiss are recruited and alive by the end of Chapter 21
• Complete Chapter 21 within 30 turns

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

The Blazing Blade is the only game in which, if a side quest is unlocked, the player is given the option as to whether or not to proceed to it; in all other games, once a side quest is unlocked, the player is automatically sent to it.

Side quests in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Side quest Base chapter Requirements Reward
7x: The Black Shadow 7: Siblings Abroad Complete Chapter 7 within 15 turns --
13x: The Peddler Merlinus 13: In Search of Truth Visit the northwest village in Chapter 13 Merlinus*
16xE/17xH: The Port of Badon 16E/17H: Whereabouts Unknown At least one Caelin Soldier is still alive by the end of Chapter 16E/17H Canas
18xE/19xH: Imprisoner of Magic 18E/19H: The Dread Isle Complete Chapter 18E/19H within 15 turns --
19x pt 2: A Glimpse in Time 19xH: Imprisoner of Magic Nils is at least level 7 by the end of Chapter 10
Kishuna is defeated in Chapter 19xH
Hector's tale only
22xE/23xH: Genesis 22E/23H: Living Legend Hawkeye is recruited by being talked to and is still alive
• The party gained at least 700 total experience during Chapter 22E/23H
26xE/28xH: Night of Farewells 26E/28H: Battle before Dawn Nino is recruited and is still alive
• Nino talked to Jaffar during Chapter 26E/28H
• Jaffar is still alive (as a neutral unit) by the end of Chapter 26E/28H
Fell Contract
Thor's Ire
• Jaffar[Note 1]
29xE/31xH: Battle Preparations 29E/31H: Sands of Time Automatically available • Shopping
• 30,000G
32x: The Value of Life 32H: Victory or Death • Complete Chapter 32H within 20 turns
Hector's tale only
  1. The requirements to recruit Jaffar—talking with Nino and both surviving to the end of the chapter—are the same as the requirements to access the side quest; however, Jaffar is recruited regardless of if the side quest is accessed.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

The Sacred Stones only feature a single side quest. Unlike the other games, the side quest is mandatory and features a different set of playable characters. In addition, characters will retreat on defeat.

Side quests in The Sacred Stones
Side quest Base chapter Requirements
5x: Unbroken Heart 5: The Empire's Reach Mandatory

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragon's use of side quests is less conventional: here, side quests are accessed by having a low number of units currently in the player's army, and are intended primarily to assist those struggling with the game by providing new playable characters, in the event that the player has already sustained severe casualties or has failed to recruit units. The final side quest provides similar recourse in the event of failing to defeat Gharnef and obtain the Falchion, or in case Tiki died or was not recruited.

Side quests in Shadow Dragon
Side quest Base chapter Requirements Reward
6x: In War's Grip 6: Fire Emblem The player has 15 or fewer characters recruited and alive by the end of Chapter 6 Athena
12x: A Traitor's Worth 12: The Ageless Palace The player has 15 or fewer characters recruited and alive by the end of Chapter 12 Horace
17x: Helena Castle 17: Star and Savior The player has 15 or fewer characters recruited and alive by the end of Chapter 17 Etzel
20x: The Lair of Fire 20: Camus the Sable The player has 15 or fewer characters recruited and alive by the end of Chapter 20 Ymir
24x: The Alterspire 24: The Dragonkin Realm Tiki was not recruited or was killed by the end of Chapter 24
Falchion was not obtained or is not in any living unit's inventory

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

In New Mystery of the Emblem, there are two sets of criteria for unlocking side quests: turn number objectives and a set of unrelated alternate criteria. To enter a side quest, at least one of these criteria must be met (for example, to unlock Chapter 6x in Normal Mode, the player must complete Chapter 6 in 24 turns or less or recruit Rickard). It is possible to meet both criteria but it is not necessary; one will suffice to unlock side quests.

Side quests in New Mystery of the Emblem
Side quest Base chapter Requirements Reward
Normal Mode Hard Mode Maniac Mode Lunatic Mode Lunatic Rev.
3x: Shadows Behind the Scenes 3: Abducted Princess The player had no more than one ally defeat during the Prologue Wrys
24 28 35 38 43
6x: Mercenary Squad 6: The Nest of Evil Rickard was recruited and is still alive Caesar
20 24 28 32 36
10x: The Mask Laughs 10: Two Sorcerers At least three enemy Clerics survived Chapter 10 Horace
15 18 21 24 27
13x: Within the White Darkness 13: Frozen Land Neither enemy Thief escaped Chapter 13 Athena
20 24 28 32 36
16x: Reunion 16: Regaining the Capital Kris is promoted and at least level 5 Katarina
18 21 25 28 32
20x: Bottom of the Deep Abyss 20: Dark Emperor • The Binding Shield was obtained
• At least three of Roshea, Vyland, Sedgar, Wolf, and Midia were recruited and are still alive
24 28 33 38 43

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Side quest

This name is used in The Blazing Blade.



Colloquially known by this name among the fandom.



Side story; written in English as "Side story" in chapter splash screens in Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem.


Quête parallèle

Parallel Quest. Used in The Blazing Blade.



Quest. Used in The Blazing Blade.


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