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FESK Bloom 01.png
Artwork of Bloom from the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game.






Grannvalean (Friege)


Duke of Friege
King of North Thracia

Starting class



You filthy maggots, no one stands before the Empire and survives!
— Bloom

Bloom (Japanese: ブルーム Bloom) was the Duke of Grannvale's House Friege, and the son and successor of his father Reptor and inheritor of the holy tome Mjölnir. Appointed the "King of North Thracia" in the Grannvale Empire's occupation of the region, he ruled as the despotic governor of the Munster District territories and hunted the fugitive Prince Leif of Leonster.


Bloom succeeded the title of Duke of Friege following Reptor's death to the forces of both Sigurd and Aida in Grann 761; he was also appointed King of North Thracia following Grannvale's seizure of the territory. A few years into his reign, he learned of his "traitorous" sister Tailtiu/Ethnia's ongoing life in hiding in Silesse and travelled there, abducting Tailtiu/Ethnia and her infant daughter Tine/Linda while failing to find her son, Arthur/Amid.[1] He took Tailtiu/Ethnia prisoner, and while he was later attested by Tine/Linda as having been kind to her,[2] he did nothing to prevent his wife Hilda from viciously abusing the two, resulting in Tailtiu/Ethnia's eventual death; even so, in later years he would claim to have personally raised the daughter as his own child out of the goodness of his heart.[3]

By Grann 776, Bloom had set up in Ulster Castle as his headquarters in governing North Thracia, during which time the Friege occupation came into conflict with Leif, exiled Prince of Leonster, and his liberation army fighting back against the occupation of the Munster District. Following Leif's recapture of Leonster, he dispatched the vast bulk of his forces against him to attempt to reclaim Leonster, resulting in Leif's army suffering major losses and becoming surrounded in a siege. Leif received reinforcements from his cousin Seliph and his army from Isaach, and the two successfully drove back the Friege army and defeated Bloom at Ulster, claiming the castle for themselves. Bloom survived this encounter and fled to Connacht as a temporary base, then worked at raising a force to strike back and reclaim the two enemy-held castles; to bolster his forces, he hired Febail/Asaello as a mercenary and gave the Mjölnir to his daughter Ishtar for her use in the conflict. His efforts failed and Bloom was defeated again at Connacht, this time killed in battle; with him, so too died the occupation of the Munster District.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War


Bloom is the final boss of Chapter 7, fought at Ulster Castle, and the first boss of Chapter 8, fought at Connacht Castle.


See also: Beyond the Desert and The Wyvern Knights of Thracia

Chapter 7 Chapter 8

Portrait bloom fe04.png
Ma snes02 baron enemy.gif Baron
Level 25
Holy Blood SNESHolyBloodThrud.gif
Movement 5
Authority ★★★★
Max HP 65 Speed 14+10
Strength 21 Luck 3
Magic 16 Defense 21
Skill 13+20 Resistance 16
Inventory Skills
Silver BladeThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
5,000 Gold
Weapon Levels
Swords A Lances A Axes A Bows A Staves A
Fire magic A Thunder magic FE4RankWind.png A Light magic -- Dark magic --

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

Portrait bloom fe05.png

Bloom makes a brief cutscene appearance in Chapter 19, instructing the Friege army under Wolf to launch a siege of Leonster.


Bloom is acknowledged by Tine/Linda as having been a somewhat decent person, at least compared to Hilda;[2] however, he was nonetheless an authoritarian despot in his rule over North Thracia, and he never did anything to intercede in Hilda's abuse of Tailtiu/Ethnia. Like Ishtar, Bloom objected to the practice of child hunts; however, for political reasons he kept his objection silent, and his sole action in opposition - hesitating to authorize the siege of Tarrah - appears to have been motivated primarily by other members of the nobility voicing objection.[4] He was easily flustered and enraged when placed at anything resembling a disadvantage, readily venting his frustration at his subordinates.[5] He was not fond of the idea of losing any of his power in a crisis, and was initially reluctant to give the Mjölnir to Ishtar if it meant losing its power when he needed it.[6]


Battle quotes

Heheheh... As long as I have my Mjölnir, I'll never be scared of you little brats!
— Bloom, in Chapter 7 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Haha, you're Quan's son, right? So you're still alive. [...] Hmph, you idiot! You're the one who'll die!!
— Bloom, when fighting Leif, in Chapter 7 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
What?, you're... [...] Damn, you little brat! You think you can beat me!?
— Bloom, when fighting Arthur/Amid, in Chapter 7 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
It's you, Tine/Linda!? You're betraying me...?
— Bloom, when fighting Tine/Linda, in Chapter 7 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Damn... What happened out there!? You... I won't forgive you!
— Bloom, in Chapter 8 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Y, you're Sigurd's... You brat! I won't let you live! [...] D-damn it... You...! I'll take you with me!
— Bloom, when fighting Seliph, in Chapter 8 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Y-you're Febail/Asaello! You...! You're betraying me!! [...] Damn it! All of you...
— Bloom, when fighting Febail/Asaello, in Chapter 8 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Tine/Linda... you ingrate! [...] D-damn it...
— Bloom, when fighting Tine/Linda, in Chapter 8 of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Death quotes

Urgh... How...!? It's unavoidable... I'll have to retreat to Connacht. For the time being, at least...
— Bloom, in Chapter 7 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Gurg... What a pity...
— Bloom, in Chapter 8 of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game

Bloom was featured on one TCG card.

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game data for Bloom
TCG 2-060.jpg Class: Baron Level 1 Infantry Magic Attack
Energy: 6 Atk.: 3 / Counter: 2 WLv.: Fire magic A Thunder magicFE4RankWind.png A
Equip: Elthunder Skills: Heavy Steps (Lose energy for squares moved) • Pavise
Card #2-060Rarity: ★★ • Artist: Koya Katsuyoshi
Card scans and information translation provided by Aquantis.

Choose Your Legends placement history

Round Placement Character Votes
Portrait bloom fe04 cyl.png
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait bloom fe04 cyl.png
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait bloom fe04 cyl.png
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait bloom fe04 cyl.png
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait bloom fe04 cyl.png
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait bloom fe04 cyl.png
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait bloom fe04 cyl.png
Genealogy of the Holy War
Total results This character has 8 entries across all Choose Your Legends polls. 249


  • Bloom finished in last place of the 818 characters from across the Fire Emblem series featured in the second Choose Your Legends poll for Fire Emblem Heroes, with a total of 7 votes; he is tied for this placing with Garth. He also has the least combined votes of any character to appear in both polls, with a total of 25.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Mentioned in Heroes.[7]



Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776 fan translations.[which?]



Officially romanized as Bloom.
















Traditional Chinese




Sprite Gallery
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait bloom fe04.png Baron Ma snes02 baron enemy.gif
Bs fe04 enemy baron anima.png
Thracia 776
Portrait bloom fe05.png


  1. "Well, my mother fought with the liberation army. After the war we all fled to Silesse. But my mother and baby sister were taken from me, and this pendant is all I have left of her. I found out just recently that it was King Bloom who took them from me." — Arthur/Amid, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. 2.0 2.1 "But, you know... Uncle Bloom, Ishtar, and Ishtore weren't really that bad... I mean... they were nice to me and mum, at least." — Tine/Linda, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  3. "Hmph... And to think I raised you as my own when your mother passed away. Don't tell me you've forgotten all I've done for you!" — Bloom, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  4. "My father is hesitating because many important nobles are voicing their concern with the child hunting. My brother is also strongly against this act. Bishop Manfroy, please stop the child hunting. It is unbearable to separate young children from their parents. And sacrificing them to Loptous is not something that a humane person would do!" — Ishtar, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  5. "Bloom: Now what? Why can't you take that small castle? Are you putting in any effort out there!?
    General: Yes sir! However, we are having great difficulties breaking their line of defense.
    Bloom: I don't want to hear it! You capture Leonster Castle, and you do it now! Isaach's rebel army is going to be here before you know it!
    " — Bloom and a Friege general, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  6. "Ishtar: I see... I'll need Mjölnir then. I can take care of the enemy blindfolded with that in my possession.
    Bloom: You want th... the Mjölnir!? Hmph... Alright, take it. Just don't slip up!
    " — Ishtar and Bloom, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  7. "Wife of Bloom, leader of House Friege." — From Hilda: Queen of Friege's help text description, Fire Emblem Heroes
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