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Queen of Leonster


Thracia 776

Alfiona is a background character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She was the queen of Leonster prior its occupation, and was the wife of Calf, the mother of Quan, and the grandmother of Altena and Leif. Alfiona is only mentioned in the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Illustrated Works.


Alfiona married her husband Calf with whom had a son, Quan; Quan himself married Ethlyn of Chalphy, and had two children with her: their daughter Altena, and their son Leif. Alfiona was the queen of Leonster in Gran year 760, when Sigurd of Chalphy marched against Grannvale, and in 761 when Quan and the Lanceritter marched through the Aed Desert with Ethlyn and Altena to aid him. During their march, the Lanceritter were ambushed by Travant and the Thracian army in what would be the Aed Massacre, and were all killed but Altena, who was taken and adopted by Travant along with the Gáe Bolg. Taking advantage of the chaos in Leonster and Granvale, Travant invaded Munster; Calf responded to Munster's call for aid, and prepared what remained of Leonster's army to aid Munster,[1] while Alfiona remained in Leonster.[2]

When news of King Calf's death reached Leonster, Alfiona ordered General Dryas to flee Leonster with his men to aid Finn and Princess Lachesis of Nordion in their escape with Prince Leif; Alfiona remained in Leonster castle alongside soldiers to fight against the invading Thracian army, though they were ultimately defeated.[3] While Alfiona's status after the fall of Leonster is not confirmed, she is not mentioned in Genealogy of the Holy War or Thracia 776, possibly indicating that she died at some point between the fall of Leonster and the start of Thracia 776.

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